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    Hi there. I have been reading this board for about a year now but never posted anything-- til now. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and CFS and arthritis 1 1/2 years ago. I never knew the body could take so much pain and torture. I have my 1st appointment with ssa for disability end of the month and would appreciate any help and info I can get. I am trying to get "my ducks in a row" so to speak. I'm afraid I'm in for a battle. It seems like most of us with this invisible illness have a tough time getting approved for disability Thanks in advance for any help you can guide me with. I am almost 58 y/o and I have worked the past 15 years as a Medical Assistant/Secretary for a surgeon. I loved my job , but can no longer do it. I had to quit. Thanks again to all of you. This is a great place to find alot of help and comfort. I'm glad I found it. Mevy
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    Read all the info. that Scot Davis has on this website. Great info. that all proved true to win my case. Get a lawyer after your first denial. Listen to Mr. davis's advise as to what info. to give on the forms you will get.

    You will not win on what you put on those forms, but you can loose with what you put down.

    Best advice is: Don't write a book, simple short answers. Answer as if you are having a bad day which you would always have if you were working everyday. Get a lawyer who deals with this asap.

    Good Luck! Deb
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    I lost 50,000 in benefits for these reasons- for not being prepared and educated- and for being in denial. I had no intention on ever filing for disability- even as I got sicker and sicker.

    Even if someone never intends on ever filing- prepare yourself and your medical records because you never know. It doesn't usually get easier as the years go by. Deb
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    good luck! it took me 2 years before i was approved, the first 2 times i was denied. you do need a lawyer. gather all the information you can. i had to go back to '94 just stick with it, most people give up, i think that's what they hope you will do.
    take care,