1st herx and non LLMD.

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    I originally posted on the fibro board- like many others I am sure. I have been sick for a few years now. I recently got bloodtest to prove that I am indeed producing antibodies to Lyme, and a doctor willing to try me on Doxycycline...100mg 2x/day. I started treatment on May 17th and felt pretty sick when I started..mostly nauseated and tired, some flushing. Yesterday afternoon I started to hurt (more than usual). It started with a pain in my butt and ran down the back of my leg. It kept up all night along with the mother of all headaches. I have been having those a lot. Today, I woke up, and could barely walk, or turn my head because of the pain in my neck. All my joints are incredibly stiff. So, I called my doctor and will be seeing her in the AM. She is researching my "herx" with some of her colleages tonight and I am going to see her at 9am tomorrow. My question is this...because she obviously doesn't know...
    What usually happens next? What kind of pain relief can I expect? What has worked the best for you? I am still taking my fibromyalgia medications...Lyrica 150mg 3 or 4 times a day, Darvocet, Flexeril, and the Doxy.
    I tried searching some other posts but I am tired. :(
    I'd like to help my doctor help me, since I finally found one willing...
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    I bumped a post for you regarding dealing with herxes.

    I have been drinking water with a whole lemon squeezed in it. Also, epsom salt baths.

    I haven't tried this but I've heard it mentioned a lot:

    Take juice of 1 lemon, mix with 1 T of olive oil, fill glass with juice or water & lemon/oil mix, and drink.

    Hang in there!
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    It seem to vary all over the board unfortunately, there's no definitive way to feel other than most tend to get more achy and fatigued at the very least. it tends to be unique to you.

    That said, it sounds like sciatica, I think? It might be due to extra inflammation from herx I'd imagine. Sorry I can't be of more help, perhaps someone else has had the same thing happen...

    take care,

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    thanks guys.

    You may thinking of pet store girl (1). We actually work together. She was diagnosed before me, started treatment and seems much better although she has her days...I call her my patient advocate. She's the one who really pushed me for further testing and she was right!
    I am third person in our workplace to be diagnosed, 2nd to receive treatment, but have been sick since 2005.

    I see my doc this morning, I can't take the way I feel right now. I was mostly bed ridden yesterday and I have 4 kids. I need to function, plus it's really nice out.

    Thanks again.
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    On my last round of doxy my whole L side....neck, shoulder,back, knee, and even my foot were in so much pain I could barely stand it. I went to the chiro 3x a week, but nothing brought any relief.

    Good luck to you!