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    went to a Dr. H in Waupaca WI. He diagnosed me with Lyme, based on my Igenix IGG and IGm. He put me on Zithromax 250 mg for 3 days, then rotate with 2 days of diflucan. Is this normal? It seems kind of weird.

    plus I asked if I should be tested for coinfections and he said no, treatment would take care of them. But don't they require different treatment?
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    Glad you got to see a LLMD and got your diagnosis!!!

    Different LLMD's can do things differently. Sounds like he is pulsing your antibiotics, which some of them do.

    Just as with lyme testing, coinfection testing has it's limitations. It is not foolproof. LLMD's may treat them based on symptoms.

    Different coinfections do require different treatment. Here are the ILADS guidelines and Dr Burrascano's guidelines for you to read. It is important for you to become very familiar with the info in these 2 papers:



    Keep reading and asking questions!

    All the best to you!

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    Hi Lisaloo:

    Then treatment will take care of it. My LLMD has me rotating thru a series of Abx to see which ones bring out the most symptoms or reactions or herxing -- whatever you want to call it.


    I was on minocin for 7 months before figuring out it was Lyme;

    Then switched to Zithromax;

    Then went to Rifampin (Bart);

    Then went to Rifampin, Zith, and Malarone for 4 months (Borrelia, Babs & Bart);

    Then onto IM Claforan;

    Then Rifampin plus IM Claforan.

    Depending on your body's reaction, an experienced LLMD can tell what coinfections you picked up from the tick bite. Mine has me on Diflucan & Nystatin everyday that I'm on Abx.

    The testing for coinfections is worse than the testing for Lyme! If you are lucky to get an obvious positive then you know what you have. But that doesn't rule out not having the infection if you get a negative.

    I look at it this way -- if the tick was in the woods or hanging onto the back of a deer - travelling so to speak -- then said tick could have bit a skunk, squirrel, bird, duck, goose, shrew, white footed mouse, cat, dog, beaver, or whatever is in the woods -- if there is no test to detect these zoonosis then how do you know what you've picked up from the tick that bit you? I wouldn't count on the IDSA to figure it out for you.

    Some people get their coinfection testing from Fry labs in AZ. I tried that but ended up eating the bill. My insurance won't cover it as it's not FDA approved. Others get testing from Igenex.

    You should probably ask this question on Lymenet if you haven't already. Most of the knowledgeable Lyme people left this board when they stopped allowing us to post about Lyme on the main CFS and FM board. Kind of sad.

    Does your doc test for hypercoagulation? Is he going to run a CD57 count? Any hormone panels?


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    I did ask on LYmenet.org. Got some good q's.

    I did dnot get tested for hypergoagulation and he didn't mention a CD57 count or any hormone panels. He just seems very LYme based.

    P.S. We went to the dr's city the night before because I am not awake at 9 am usually, so we figured go up early, can sleep later.

    We hit a deer 10 minutes from the dr! Go figure!
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    Is he a LLMD? His treatment is sure different from my LLMD in Missouri, although he doesn't test for coinfections either unless pressed. Check around, IMO.