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    Social security has advised me to see an Othopedic dr.
    that they recommended.I have excessive lower back,hip,and leg pain.I was dx with an herniated disc, and my neuro surgeron recommended pain mgmt for me.I was in an auto accident.My knee is double the size of the other one,and I have a severe limp also.What are some of your experiences with Social Security Otho Dr'S. ? TKS....
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    I wish you well. I have fm, and was turned down once for disability. Then got an attorney.
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    I'd sure ask that doc to make a note of what you said in my record.... "it seems to go to an ortho from a neuro is not right".... I agree with you... I'm an RN and lemme tell you... I'd probably write this somewhere and ask them to include it in their report... what difference can it make??? show that you have some education>????? try it, what can it hurt!!! this is what I told em... "I've been searching for someone anyone that can help me... if you have a doc that can help me and get me well... I want to see them!! Send them quickly please".... try it, what can it hurt???????? think about it!!!! write the note... you are your best self defense, only YOU know how you feel!!!!
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    I saw the SS Dr Friday and he examined me and documented my medication, mri's,cat scan's etc.He didnt have much info from my dr's.He had my physical therapy report and he mentioned it was so neat, and asked if I wrote it..Unreal..lol..Anyway,after 5 1/2 mths im still on crutches and couldnt walk and told him about not sleeping and being depressed,do to excessive pain in my back/hip/leg/foot.He hit my knee with a mallet and the left 1 moved pretty good but the injured leg didn't.Over all, He was nice.Anyway the secy wanted me to go for an x-ray of my hip, which was 4 blocks away.I said I took 1, 2 mths ago for my back, and knee.They told me to go anyway.I called my ssdi contact and this woman was a tyrant.Saying on my ssdi application That I PUT down hip.I replied, I dont know how technical you get, but dont you need mrI's of all my tests.Not just for my hip.She said I didnt have to comply and said to me she doesnt have many records on me, and the hospital hasN'T reponded to her.I called the hospital and got my radiology, otho, otho rehab, vascular, and md records
    that Will be faxed to her # tomorrow.I have a pain mgmt appt 1st week in march and that dr will be added also.They will probably deny me this time and am rdy to battle them tooth and nail.
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    hey butch,i have had fibro for 8 years,i have been through doctors time after time..i still worked up until 18 monthes ago.at the end i was not even able to maintain a work schue.i was on family medical for the last year so it wouldn't be held on my work history,,i have had the same medical doctor for 8 years,,he is great!!but he also has sent me to other doctors,,to make this short,,i went through many therapy,,pool therapy,,chriopracters ,also went to pain clinic for 2 years for trigger point injections,i would take 18 inj.each month,,up and down my ribbs,neck,hip,lower back,,it helps for the moment but thats all,,oh i also gain 32 pds. besause it's steroids,,after 2 yrs they seen it was not working,,they were concerned my bones were getting to brittel and stopped,,then they were going to start spinal blocks .i have't started that yet..pain in your lower back ,hip,legs are coming from scatic nerve,,is it hard for you to sit on your buttocks ?that also comes from fm.your legs and hip is probably coming from lumbar sydrome,,,or bone spurs on your hips,,,i stay in pain all the time ,because if you have other pain it will keep your fm flared up all the time...but keep one thing in mind ,,thats why it's called pain clinic ,,they cause pain to cure pain,,,but it never worked for me,,when i filed for my social security,i had already been through every thing they had to offer me,,it was appoved the first time i filed..if any qestions,ask me,i'll be glad to help,,,sqaw
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    Hello there.Just came back from seeing the good doc, feel 2 times as bad as I did before I left home, I hope this means something good.Boy am I wiped out all the questions,and the pushing and bending.Next month I go see the psychiatrist now what do I expect? I THINK I WILL TAKE MEDS AND TAKE A NAP....I AM SO COLD FROM THE DOCTOR S OFFICE MOTHERJO
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    after you have been to your first physical,next you will see a psychiatrist,the reason you go there you need to express to the doctor how much your life has change ,how you can not do the things that your were always use to doing.how depressed you get when you are in pain,he ask me what would i do with with my extra time since i wasn't working any longer,,i told him i sit on my front porch and wait to die,,i was in so much pain at the time i was sitting in his office.i did go into a depression when i was not able to work any longer ,dr told me he felt like my problem was my pain and illness,but i have had fm for 8 years,,i worked up until 18 monthes ago,i had to learn to ajust,your physical and mental state of mind has alot to do with your social security,,just all because the fibro,,,
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    Tks for the info. I just got back from me new dr. today.
    I was suppose to see an paim mgmt dr next week. I was
    recommended to this dr from a friend, of a friend.I brought
    all medical records and the dr. reviewed them and wrote scripts for the duragesic pain patch,oxycontin, and ambien.
    I may finally get some relief now.I had to change my primary care physcian, he was tough with scheduling, and the waiting was brutal the 3 times I saw him. Also he didnt
    address my pain.Was on vicodin-per othopedic, but That didn't work. My neurosurgeon suggetsed I see
    the pain mgmt dr. but I dont believe I need to now, As this
    m.d. can treat my pain and offer physical therapy in the office also. I didn't realize the durgesic pain patches were so expensive either, But I CANT WAIT TO HAVE PAIN RELIEF AND A GOOD NITE'S SLEEP AGAIN.will keep you posted !
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    Document EVERYTHING! If you have insurance, go to as many doctors as you need. I ONLY got on SSI because I had super-carefully documented everything. When you fill out the forms put down how you are on your worst day.

    Tell your doctors when you want something to not be in your chart, because if there is ANYTHING that says you might be okay the SSI tyrant will ignore 99.9% of your documentation and focus on that one thing. As crappy as it sounds, you do have to `work' the system when you have a disability that isn't `conventional'.
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    the not sleeping is really important to emphasize. Also, having your doctor- a specialist -write a letter in your support is great! If you keep a diary of what you can and cannot do during certain bad days it really helps the doc. My letter cost $200-but it got my disability re-instated. Okay, now I'll go away even if I think of something else.

    I just love helping people through this bullshit though....maybe I could be called a `bureacracy bulldog'. Not very flattering though...hmmmmm