1st neuro appt. tomorrow for spinal stenosis, etc.. Ideas?

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    Anyone familiar with the procedure? I am on medical LOA from my nursing job due to the MRI results showing severe spinal stenosis, numerous bulging discs, nerve impingement and joint arthropathy, as the cause of my buttock, back, leg pain.
    I have a neuro consult tomorrow a.m. and I am to take the MRI films with me. I don't know what he'll do and I just HATE seeing a new doc. I don't even know if I'll mention the FMS diagnosis and I'm "playing down" my distory of occasional depression since I take no meds. for this. I just don't want the guy to have a pre-conceived notion of what my problem is before he even examines me. I mean, why go into a long and extensive medical history when there are issues which do not pertain to this problem. All he is supposed to do is see the MRI to see if he has anything that can give me relief and if he agrees that I should not return to work. At this point, I am having good pain relief with the Oxy, Mobic, Ultram and Soma along with avoiding certain activities which have proven to exacerbate the pain. I agreed to the consult for work-related issues mainly.
    What do you guys think?????
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    I totally agree with Madwolf. Cannot see any reason to mention the depression or the fibro, that is not what you are there for. I also agree that a neurosurgeon would be your best bet.

    Best of luck to you! Please let us know how the appointment goes!

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    I've had a little experience with a neurosurgeon after 2 back surgeries. I agree, don't bring up the other stuff, he will probably not be concerned with it, and in my experience, and based on experiences of others I know personally, many neurosurgeons just don't believe that FMS is real. So, on the off chance that this one is a non-believer, you'd do yourself more harm than good by mentioning that.
    However, you will most certainly have to list any meds you are currently taking, so if you plan to list the oxy and other meds you are on, you should be prepared with an explanation because he is sure to ask you. Don't be surprised if he attempts to change your meds too.
    The only other thing I can tell you is not to let him talk down to you or around you or over you. They tend to do that. Think about what you are going to say before you let it jump out of your mouth. I've found that you need to be confident, specific, and at least appear to be unafraid when you're dealing with neuro's.
    He'll view your films and reports, probably ask you a lot of questions, test reflexes, mobility, balance, strength, sensations.....I'm sure I'll think of more stuff later, I'm just drawing on my past experiences with my neuro. If I think of anything that might be helpful, I'll post again.
    If not, GOOD LUCK tomorrow! Be sure and post about your appointment. I hope things go well for you.

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    I am seeing a neurologist, my choice, because I don't want someone to PUSH surgery on me right away. I want information foremost and then I can make an informed choice.
    The Oxy I am on is NOT for my FMS, I was on Vicodin, Soma and Mobic for that. The Oxy, Mobic and Soma are all now prescribed for the butt/back/leg/hip pain, so he won't suspect anything else. I will let him write any Rx and try to D/C any meds he wants to, but I just don't have to FOLLOW his orders! I'll just continue what my PCP has ordered if I don't like what this guy says. If I don't agree with him, I'll just go to a neurosurgeon and I don't think I'd *have* to say a thing about *this* guy, would I??
    I just KNOW that I need objective opinions as to what I have and what can be the best options for me at this time of my life. If surgery is warranted, then I'll consider it.
    BTW, how in this world can ANYONE make heads or tails out of these MRI films?????? I have them with me to take to this doctor and they look like ink blots to me!!!!! As a nurse, I thought I MIGHT be able to see *something* there, but all I can see are discs and a spine. It is very humbling to see that I am NOT all that!!!
    Love and respect and HUMILITY!!

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