1st Pain Specialist appt. - need suggestions

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teawah, Mar 31, 2003.

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    I am finally going to a pain specialist but am very unsure what they will do to help me. Are they the ones who will do all the tests to see exactly what is going on inside of me? Will they just treat the pain or will they be interested in the whole picture?

    I go on Wednesday and I have to travel 31/2 hours to get there. I am so nervous and in pain with only 3 Davocet left from PCP and am afraid to ask for more. I could really use some suggestions and also some support.

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    Here is how my pain mgt. doc treated me. I took all my x-rays and lab tests to him...(did not have to many labs) Had a ton of x-rays. He looked at them and came in the room. I also had alot of notes on my symptoms and all the stuff happening to me. (So between now and then.... write , write and write some more on every little pain you have and when and how and why you have pain.)... Okay....Then he did a reflex test on me..knees and ankles and elbows. Then he sat down talked to me a bit..asked questions.... and wrote out a script. I told him what worked for me which was Lorcet 10. He said okay and wrote out 4 per day. Gave me 120 a month. I Could not believe it. I was so relieved...but when you start having break thru pain and need more or if they are not working....just call and see if they want you to make an appointment or what. Mine did and I got one more per day. Everything else they tried on me I had chemical reactions. So.... Okay so take your notes, labs..x-rays and everything you can prove your case that you need something stronger for pain. Don't sound anxious as they might read you wrong. Just be calm and in pain. Know what I mean? Usually they are nice, especially if you have a referral from your PCP. What is your pain? Is it FMS? Hope this helps...Love Pammy
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    I need more help!!!!!!!!
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    Dear Teawah,

    Thank God pain specialists treat pain. The big picture with FMS and CFS is that the causes are not yet known. My pain specialist treats my pain with medications, discusses my concerns with me. I choose about 4 or 5 things each month that concern me most and have them written down and ready. He looks at my records of how the medications worked that month and adjusts them accordingly.

    You should come in with a list of the medications you take (better yet, take them with you because he will need to know how much you take and how often). You should also think about where the pain is and what kind of pain you experience. Is it sharp, achy, pins and needles, numb, dull, constant, or intermittent?

    Since I went to see him with records of every test I had taken for the past 6 months (there were many of them), he already had a list of the ones he might have ordered. He then took a very detailed history and examined me physically. I did not get a diagnosis that day, nor did I get one the following month. Finally, on the third visit, he finally had seen enough evidence to diagnose me.

    These diseases are diagnosed not only with the fatigue and severity and patterns of pain, but with the duration of the pain. Therefore, if you haven't had the pain for at least a number of months, you won't get a diagnosis. In my case, by the time I was diagnosed, I had suffered with the pain and fatigue for 10 months. I couldn't get in to see my pain doctor for several months after my regular doctor had wanted me to see him because the pain doctor had many patients and was gone for much of the summer.

    I waited for this particular doctor because my regular doctor had recommended him so highly. In my case, it was worth the wait both before and after I saw the pain specialist because he has been so good to me and for me. When I need it, he gives me the time a good visit requires. In return, I am always ready with a well thought-out and neat list of medications, my pain diary, and list of top concerns. That way, I don't take too much of his time so I can expect a decent amount of his time when I need it.

    Good luck with your visit.

    Soft hugs,

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    Just so you're not surprised (like I was), on my first visit when I was filling out the paperwork, I had to sign a "contract". It basically stated that I would not get pain meds anywhere else when I was getting meds from this doc and would submit to random drug testing. I've heard from others who've had to do this and I think it may be pretty standard. Good luck!!
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    I also remember that I also had to fill out lots of paperwork and sign a contract that I could only get pain meds through this doctor and no one else and submit to random drug testing too. I forgot that...but since I dont do illegal drugs I just kind of blow that over..put it out of my mind. I hope your getting enough info. Its really a good thing to go to one of these doctors. You get help and thats what we all need. Hugs...Pammy