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    Hi all – well, I had my first peptide injection yesterday. Dr. Gruenn gave me one specific for chronic fatigue virus, that’s just what it was called. I had driven to Santa Monica the day before and stayed at a friend’s house overnight (over an hour drive), had to fast the next morning and then drive home from the appt before eating (have to wait an hour after the injection before eating), so did not eat until after 12:00, and was starting to get tired by then and by late afternoon was very tired, felt like I was crashing. This morning I feel better than I thought I would compared to how I felt last night, but am still crashed so will lie low today. I have no idea if the injection did or will do anything. I seemed to feel a slight tingling after they gave it to me, but I was also going on no food and no coffee, so can’t be sure what is what. I will just have to wait and see what, if anything, happens. My next appointment is in 4 weeks.

    It was an interesting appt w/Dr. Gruenn. They did the electrodermal testing and it showed my adrenals and thyroid are both a bit weak (no big surprise), I’m sensitive to wheat, dairy and soy (which I already knew), also showed a virus or viruses and heavy metals and some chemical contamination, and a little bit of yeast (which can be connected to heavy metals). He said he was surprised to see that my meridians were in good shape (I don’t know what this means!) but he said it showed I take good care of myself, so all my supplements and eating habits are paying off.

    Re thyroid: he’s increasing my naturethroid to 2-1/2 grains from 2 grains

    Re: adrenals: he’s increasing my pregnenolone from 50 mg. to 100 mg. a day (he had blood work done on my pregnenolone levels); also adding in 25 mg. of DHEA, which I’ve never taken. I’m also already taking a couple of tablets of Drenamin every day.

    He’s also increasing my vitamin D – my level is now at 50, and so am now to take 10,000 IU every other day, and 15,000 IU the other days.

    He also wants me to work on mild detoxing – I told him I have a horrible time with detoxing (e.g., far infrared sauna made me detox quite severely and that foot detox thing wiped me out for 3 days). He said sweating is important and I don’t sweat because I can’t exercise, so am going to look for a dry sauna at a gym, see if I can use for not too much money and see how it goes. Also he recommended Epsom salt baths with baking soda, so will try that too.

    He also gave me something called Lipowflow Forte EPL - essential phospholipids for the brain, I guess akin to phosphylated serine - will have to compare prices.

    And one last thing – he recommended I take acetyl-l-glutathione – it’s a new form of glutathione which is supposed to be highly bioavailable and absorbable, unlike plain old l-glutathione. I’m sure most of you know how much Richvank talks about low glutathione levels and CFS, and also how important it is for detoxing. I did do Rich’s methylation protocol for 3-1/2 years and it was difficult and made very little progress, so I assume my levels are still not very good, plus I have so much trouble detoxing. (I am doing Freddd of Phoenix Rising B12 protocol with better results re energy, but still don’t know about glutathione levels). It is possible that heavy metals are interfering with methylation, but it’s a catch-22 situation - heavy metals interfering with methylation and glutathione production, and unable to produce glutathione necessary for detoxing because of the heavy metals. Hence, acetyl-l-glutathione.

    The acetyl-l-glutathione was pricey - $100 (ouch!) For a one-month supply - the appt was already expensive due to the electrodermal testing, plus the injection ($330) plus paying cash for the doctor visit (which Medicare is supposed to reimburse 80% but they are being extremely slow), plus a couple of more supplements, so I said I couldn’t get the acetyl-l-glutathione right now. And thought about it last night and how important it is so looked it up on-line and found some for $60 + shipping, so ordered that today.

    If heavy metals are a serious problem for me, I have to do whatever I can for detoxing. I just wish everything didn’t cost a small fortune.

    Sorry this is so long, but that’s the story -

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    Thank you for sharing so many details. If you start all those meds/supplements at once how will you know what is doing what? Just wondering if you have a game plan? Like you I am sensitive to many things so try to only change one thing at a time but you have a full plate to juggle in a short time so wondering how you will manage that?

    BTW, I started taking Jarrow's citioline choline (p. serine) a month or so ago as I have high cortisol preventing good sleep, etc. It has really helped me with that more than anything thus far. Been sick 10+ years. Immune deficiency biggest hurdle for me. Now my doc thinks I may have heavy metal interference too. Will get some testing soon as I get the kit (urine) in the mail but haven't read much positive about these tests. If you had heavy metal tests can you share what tests you used?

    Also I have a fir sauna I need to get back into the habit of using. I don't sweat either but for a time when I was disciplined using it I was beginning to sweat finally. It did make me feel better at that time. Also when I did Epsom salt baths many years ago it really helped my fussy liver a great deal and I always felt better after doing them. Less achy and all. I didn't use baking soda but that sounds good too. Look forward to hearing more about how this all goes for you.

    Praying good results from your injections. Sounds like you had a big day.

    Be kind to yourself. ;)
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    Well, actually, it sounds like a lot but a lot of it is just increased doses of things I'm already taking - e.g, a little more thyroid, more vitamin D, more pregnenelone. So maybe will get a little more energy from thyroid, but I don't expect any big changes from taking these things.

    The DHEA is new, but I don't expect to feel a lot taking that. I have taken Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) for high cortisol, it works extremely and fast to lower high cortisol. Now the stuff Dr. Gruenn gave me sounds more like your Jarrow product. I've taken phosphatidyl choline before, did not notice any difference, so I don't expect to feel much different from this either.

    Re heavy metals: I had a lot of amalgam fillings which were removed maybe 15 years ago, can't remember exactly, and I felt no different afterwards. However, I detox quite easily from a number of things - e.g., I can't handle FIR saunas - I detox too much with them. Chlorella and cayenne and apple cider vinegar all make me detox. It's a pain! So my tendency to detox so much and so badly makes me think (and Dr. Gruenn too) that I may have problems with heavy metals. Also, they did electrodermal testing at his office which indicated some heavy metals.

    Also, I did the hair test Andrew Cutler recommends - see http://home.earthlink.net/~moriam/HOW_TO_hair_test.html - if you scroll down, you'll see the hair test he recommends. Then there are special counting rules outlined somewhere. I bought his book which explains everything. I show some heavy metals but not a lot, but mercury is a little high. But to do Cutler's protocol, I'd have to have 3 crowns replaced as they cannot tell if there is any mercury under the crowns. so another $3,000 at least at $1,000 per crown.

    So I just don't know about this - am going to try what I outlined above, and give the peptide injections 3 tries, and if nothing, then will have to bite the very big bullet and replace crowns.

    I'm glad you did well with your fir sauna. I bought a cheap one, around $200 that looks like a weird space suit almost, but it does work, but it hits me too hard. My liver is good actually, I did a major liver detox several years ago and take milk thistle, so I don't know where I run into trouble detoxing - all I can think of is glutathione is low maybe.

    Thanks for your good thoughts -

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    Nice to hear from you! I was too tired to post yesterday. I think he is a great doctor, he is knowledgable and kind and listens, very rare. His staff are really nice too.

    Yes, I am resting. I don't have big hopes for the injections but will try about 3 (that's what Dr. Gruenn said too) and then if that's no go, I think will have to do a serious heavy metal detox which I explained above. Unfortunatley it will involve replacing 3 crowns, very expensive. c'est la vie --

    I am curious to see how I do with the acetyl-l-glutathione - that's what I'm most curious about and will post if I notice anything -

    Hope you are doing okay!

    Oh, and my cat had a treat for me when I got home. For several days before I left, she had been trying desperately to get underneath my bedside table but it has a low shelf and she could not get under it. But there was definitely something there, but I was too tired to move the table and investigate. Well, I got home yesterday and in my bedroom she had ripped a roll of Christmas wrapping paper off of the cardboard roll (my house is rather a mess anyways), and I went to pick it up and there in the folds of the paper was a large lizard - about 8 inches I think? and sort of fat, not one of those tiny ones you see. it had some blood by its tail, but otherwise looked okay, I didn't know how the heck to pick it up and finally realized to just carry the whole Christmas paper roll outside and deposit it somewhere safely, which I did. I know my mail lady saw me carrying the christmas paper and must have thought I flipped! My cat is an indoor cat but I've built a chain link enclosure outside my bedroom with a suncsreen top (aobut 8' x 10') and there's a cat condo in there, so she goes out the bedroom window and sits outside, but cannot roam themobile park where I live. I am sure she brought the lizard inside. She brought a bird in once and baby rabbit, which was a sad story. It was rather bizarre finding this large lizard in my bedroom! I'm just glad I did not find a bloody mess on my bed ..... cats!

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you for the warm greeting. :) Hope you are having a good day today.
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    I appreciate your reference to heavy metal testing and will review it. I hear you loud and clear about the crowns. I too had all my amalgam fillings replaced over time years ago but did not feel any benefit. Presently I also have several crowns but believe they were not lined with amalgam. But could be wrong. So expensive to replace so what choice do we have in the matter anyway.

    I am glad to hear you won't be making changes in meds/supplements that will upset the apple cart so to speak. I find if I increase anything or change something I get a reaction although at most times it is short lived fortunately these days. Over the years this has improved somewhat for me at least. If I had opportunity to do the injections I would need to insure nothing else changed so that I had a clear view of what the injection did or didn't do I think. But until I can find a doctor doing them in Seattle area I won't have a chance I think. Can't afford travel on SS check.

    Hoping all the best for you. Take good care. BTW, your cat story made me chuckle. I have two little dogs for company and entertainment. :)

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    Hi mary thanks for your update - very interesting. Just a quick question about your Vit D levels, is that 50 ng/ml as normal range is 35-70. I am in Canada and we use nmol/L and mine is 50 in winter (less sun in canada) and 80 in summer which works out to 20 ng/ml in winter and 32 ng/ml in summer which is much lower than yours of 50 (and your doctor feels you need to raise it ?). In canada our range is > 75 nmol/L (or 30 ng/ml) is sufficient, 25-75 is insufficent (or 10- 25 ng/ml) and < 25 (or < 10 ng/ml) is deficient.

    based on USA ranges I should be getting my level (avg of 63 nmol/L or 25ng/ml) to at least double - wow - but I have tried to take Vit D in past (even just 1,000 IU) and I find I dont tolerate that well - perhaps as I am low and it does help immune system fight bacterial infections which I believe I have (ie. Chlymidia Pnemonia).

    Anyway, was just curious if yours was 50 ng/ml? thanks
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    Like you, I can be very sensitive to certain supps and most meds, but the ones I'll be adding I don't think will affect me very much. The only one I think I might have a noticeable reaction to will be the acetyl-l-glutathione - if it causes a detox reaction, that I might have a lot of trouble with. But the whole point of the glutathione is to help with detoxing, so we'll see. I agree it is good to just start one thing at a time so you know what is doing what. It's probably good I'll have to wait several days for the a-l-g to arrive - that way I'll be able to tell if it's causing whatever reaction I have, if any.

    I was born in Seattle! (we moved to So. Cal. when I was ten) I'm really sorry there are no doctors there who do the injections. Hopefully that will change.

    Pets are great, aren't they - they really are company and entertainment -

    Best wishes,

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    I am sure it was 50 ng/ml. I didn't get a copy of the test (I should have!) but I think it's pretty standard here. I believe he wants my levels to be around 70 or so. They were at 40, and a few years ago I think were at 30, and I was sick a lot, and do get sick less now. I've been taking 5,000 IU for a couple of years and this doctor is raising the dose, for awhile at least.

    Your levels are much lower than mine, and yes, according to U.S. ranges, should be at least double. That's too bad you don't tolerate it. I have no problem with it, for which I am grateful.

    Do you herx on vitamin D? or does it make you feel sick?

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    Congrats on your first shot. Hopefully you will find it helpful! I am looking into acetyl-l-glutathione and can only find just acetyl-glutathione. Is that the same thing?
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    Hi - I'm sure they're the same thing. I probably got the name wrong - the important was "acetyl" in the name.