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    I have been reading posts on this board for a month, in fact, I have gone back 6 months because there is so much great information on here........First of all, my heart goes out to all of you, CFS and Fibromyalgia are very serious disorders, unfortunately we do not get any respect for the burden we have to carry with us........I am a 38 year old Chiropractor and a father of a great 10 year old girl, who is my whole world......I have had "energy problems" my entire life, and became 100% disabled only 4 years after graduating from Chiropractic College in 1994........My CFS was the "slow onset" nature and relapsing/remitting until about 1999, when it became permanent and destroyed my life........

    I wont bore anyone with my "ups and downs", but I have experienced almost everything that has been written about on this board, so I feel very "connected" to everyone here......I have tried every anti-depressent, pretty much any drug available for fatigue and so much more......Finally, last winter, I hit "bottom" and decided to research everything I could find on the internet and in the local libraries........This led me to some interesting information on the "raw diet" movement and fasting, for healing chronic illnesses.......I was very skeptical, mainly due to the fact that I had tried every diet out there, because of my lifelong digestive problems......

    Well, May 1st was my first day of the "rest of my life" and I dont mean that in a "joking" manner.......Within 2 weeks I felt like a new person and within 1 month I was able to stop taking my Paxil, Trazadone, and my blood pressure medication too.......although, I would not recommend that for everyone........My blood pressure was only mildly high and I was gaining alot of weight being on it.......Always check with your doctor before you discontinue your BP meds.....jmo.......Anyway, I have went from 320 (embarrassing) to 220 in 7 1/2 months.......Eating only raw foods and using my Juicer, which I highly recommend for anyone suffering from digestive problems or chronic illness.........The weight loss has been great, but more importantly, I dont have to sleep 16 hours a day and I can finally run errands and play with my daughter, for the first time in 6 years.......I am not back to work full-time, but I have been able to work part-time and I dont have the "post-exertional" fatigue that I used to get any time I tried to do anything........

    Now, I realize this diet seems very radical, but I assure you that if you can get through the first month, you will never go back to the way you eat......I promise......Moreover, you can even have 1 day of cheating if you need it, the main thing is to eat raw foods 75-90 percent of the time, especially if you have a chronic illness.......We do not have the ability to digest the "Standard American Diet" or SAD, because we have inferior digestive systems and not enough enzymes to break down the red meat, starches, sugar, and preservatives that most people can handle.........In addition, everyone on this board should own a "Juicer", it is absolutely the best way to get a maximum amount of nutrients, without having to digest the food......its already broken down for your system.........You will never have to worry about constipation again.........

    I am not here to preach, I have so much to learn myself and that includes going to the Cleveland FFC next month, so I can finally address some underlying infections in my body.......But, I must tell all of you, I have never felt better in my life, mentally........I urge everyone to research the raw food diet, fasting, juicing, and research on excitotoxins, including MSG and Aspartame.......If anyone would like some information, feel free to respond to my post, I will be on this board all winter........Once again, I am no expert, but I can steer you in the right direction and give you my opinion, which I will be happy to do.......I wish all of you the best and keep your chin up, there may not be a cure, but I believe we can successfully manage our illness, so we can lead a normal life........Let me know if I can help........
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    That is more info I could look into! I have been hearing the benifits of not eating processed foods, this sounds like it is on the same page.


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    I've been trying to eat more natural foods and stay away from processed foods. Ocassionally I slip up. I haven't tried a juicer yet.

    I have found I am very sensitive to MSG and I get migraines from it and FMS muscle tissue pain flares from it sometimes within 15 to 20 minutes.

    Do you know of any salad dressings that are MSG free that do not have vinegar?


  4. KingNeptune11

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    Jeanette, I have been told by some people that the Paul Newman Dressings are safe, but I have not personally checked this out myself......But I do recommend that brand, compared to others.......

    Personally, I dont trust "labels" and I recommend others to be skeptical of labeling of everything......There is so much "politics" behind our food supply, I have researched it ad-nauseum and its not pretty......I would recommend Olive Oil, lemon, crushed garlic, spices, mashed avocado and whatever you enjoy as flavor.......but make them yourself.....I eat 1 large salad every day, as an anchor to my raw food diet........hope this helps........

    You may want to "google" raw foods recipes and see what comes up.......Alissa Cohen and Shazzie have great raw food sites.......along with "Raw Food Talk".......
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a try.

    Many times I use salsa on my salads. Usually there isn't MSG listed on the label and I haven't had a reaction, but I'm tired of salsa.

  6. lease79

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    I've been juicing alot lately & eating alot of garlic, but I fall off the wagon easy from what I am pressuming is a herx reaction :(
    I get scared of feeling so bad, so I start eating the carbs that I am craving *sigh*.
    But at least it's a start, I'll get there eventually.
    ~*CONGRATULATIONS*~ on doing so wel for yourself ;)

  7. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    Thanks Lease, sounds like you are definitely trying.......keep up the good work.......

    What I have found is that we dont really crave the "carbs", we are actually craving "wheat" and the MSG that is in the carbs.......such as packaged pastas, pasta sauces, packaged rice dinners, ramen noodles, and other hidden MSG culprits.....The bad thing about MSG is that its an "excitotoxin", which bombards the frontal lobe of your brain, and causes lesions in the brain......Very scary stuff......

    If you want to heal Fibro or CFS, you have to eliminate MSG, aspartame, wheat, corn, dairy, sugar, flour, and meat (because of what is injected into our meat supply).......I know this sounds over-whelming, but it can be done..........It just takes a little effort and patience......Let me know if I can help.......
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    Thanks for your reply, I have really enjoyed reading your posts, you are a very intelligent person.......And I really dont disagree with your comments either, I am sure many people can eat meat, corn, wheat and other things and feel "fine".......I guess my "premise" is that do you want to feel "fine" or do you want to live at an optimal existence......I realize that I am splitting hairs and dont mean to offend you......But I am a firm believer that a diet high in meat, starches, wheat, corn, sugar, and flour will make you sick in the long run.......just my opinion........As far as MSG and aspartame, I have to totally disagree with you, it is not good for anyone, they are very dangerous excitotoxins that should not be in our food supply.......Nor should the chemicals and hormones that are pumped into our meat supply........I recommend reading "The Mad Cowboy", you will never eat meat again.....unless its organic and chemical free.........

    You are correct that there are no absolutes for everyone, but if you want to function at the highest level possible, it is so important to eat a predominately raw diet and avoid foods that are high in mycotoxins........Not to mention the effect that "opioids" in meat, dairy and starches have on our brains.......I realize not everyone would even care to get this in-depth when it comes to nutrition.......I was just hoping to motivate others to improve their diet.......Their is nothing better than a raw diet, and if you havent tried it for a few months, I dont think you can comprehend the difference on how much better you will feel.......It is truly a miracle........

    That being said, I really appreciate all of your posts Stormyskye, you have opened my eyes to many things over the past month of reading this board......In fact, I am going to the FFC clinic in Cleveland in January to address some chronic infections........and you are a big part of that......Thank you for all of your knowledge, even if we dont always agree, I really respect you.......John
  9. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    I must have mis-read your previous post, no offense intended......thanks for your comments.....

    In regards to the FFC, I do know that my Ex-mother-in-law has done very well in the 6 months she has been going, in fact she is back to work......I thought you were one of the "pro-FFC" people on this board, sorry my memory is not always great.....I know that I have EBV, mycoplasms, but not sure about Lymes or other viruses.......I also have a high heavy metal count, but I would have to dig out my paperwork to tell you which ones specifically........

    I guess the research I have done leads me to believe that the only way to get rid of these infections, including mycoplasms, is to use anti-biotics.......I have read alot of Garth Nicholsons research and I tend to agree with him, more than other doctors, that until you address these mycoplasms, you will never get better.......or well enough to live a normal life.......I am no longer bed-ridden thanks to my raw diet and fasting methods, but I am not able to work full time either........I have had some raw food "experts" tell me that it will take 2-3 years on the raw diet to heal my illness, if its possible thru diet......I am only in my 8th month, and very impressed so far........

    But, I still realize that the Immune System can only heal to a certain extent, if its weakened by viruses and/or mycoplasms.......Alot of the mycoplasms that we are testing positive for are actually registered with the Department of Defense in the US, as military biological weapons......In fact, I have spoken with a Biochemist who is writing a book about the "cover-up" within our government and military, in regards to the use of these "experimental bio-weapons" that are being tested on the public and military.....(GWS)......But, I dont want to really get into that, its very controversial and I dont want to offend anyone here........

    Nevertheless, I am curious how you are doing???? How bad was your illness to begin with??? I was bedridden off and on for the past 10 years, probably 75% of the time.....and it was a slow onset illness for me.......I have friends who have recovered from CFS, but they had the sudden onset variety, which tends to show more success than slow onset.......What herbs do you take??? Are you able to work or live a normal life??? I would say that I am about 50% back to normal, but I really think I need more aggressive treatment to bring me back.......I will say that the FFC is costly, but no more costly than the $50,000 of medical bills that I have accrued in the past 10 years, and those medical doctors had no answers.......none........I have tried all kinds of supplements and herbs, but to no avail.....I am open to any of your suggestions, I respect your opinion alot.......

    In regards to my Ex-Mother-in-law, she is doing so much better, its night and day........And she could not even get around or work part time for at least 5 years.......She showed substantial improvement in 3-4 months, but as you said, I dont know where she will be in 2 years......But I will say that she has nothing but praise for the FFC clinics.......I guess I look at what its costing me not to work, versus the 2-3 thousand it may cost me to see if this will help........If I dont see results in a few months, I will just not continue, but I have a very good feeling about these clinics.......I have been trying to get my doctors to try long term antibiotics on me for 5 years, but they have no clue about CFS and nor do they care........In fact, I have had to self-diagnose myself and walk them through every step since I have been sick.....its very annoying......

    I will say this and I hope I dont offend anyone here......There is a "reason" why there is so little research and publicity given to Fibro and CFS, and it starts with our government, military and the CDC........There is a reason why they call it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not Myalgic Encaphalitis, and its not just a silly mistake.....I recommend everyone read Oslers Web, by Hillary Johnson, to understand the "politics" behind our illness.......I also recommend reading everything written by Garth Nicholson, PhD........I have several friends who came back from the Gulf War in '91 with Gulf War Syndrome, and they told me stories that would blow your mind about our government and military.......And guess what, our symptoms are exactly the same as GWS.......coincidence, I dont think so........Sorry if I sound like a conspiracy theorist, that is not my intention.......But by the same token, there is so much more to these chronic illnesses that people dont understand, due to the cover-up of our wonderful government.......Peace
  10. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    I will look at your previous post, thanks for the info......I know what you mean, I want to believe that my government is looking out for our best interests........but, I have done so much research, its hard not to see the reality.......

    Just curious, do you have an opinion on Garth Nicholson??? If its in the other post, just disregard this question.......Peace......
  11. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    I forgot that there is an Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico, I highly recommend these places......There is one in Atlanta and I believe one in Michigan, they teach you how to eat, grow your sprouts, make energy drinks and all kinds of great things......I think I will probably go to the one in Michigan this summer, just for new ideas.......People are also giving Raw Food seminars all over the US, in major cities, so you many want to check the Raw Food Websites.......

    I have been on a 100% Raw Diet for 8 months now, and I agree with you Dave, I have never felt so good in all my life......And I used to be a body-builder and a pretty darn good athlete growing up, until I came down with CFS.......Good luck with your game plan Dave, sounds like you know exactly what I am talking about.......Do you have a juicer???? I highly recommend getting a "Green-Star" if you can afford the $350........I am also buying a "Sprouter" this winter, which is the easiest way to grow sprouts for salads........They are less than $100........Ann Wigmore claimed that sprouts are the best thing to regenerate the nervous system and digestive system.......Let me know how your trip goes Dave......I find it very interesting.......John
  12. sandi24

    sandi24 New Member

    I bought a juicer last year but hated the taste of the veggies I 'juiced' and it was so messy with a hard clean up afterwards so I gave it to my son. I love vegetables and very often when I go to the vegetable market I buy loads and most of it rots away in my fridge as I just haven't the energy to figure out what to do with it all.

    I have heard this diet is good but it must really take stamina to keep it up. Please give me some ideas of what meals you create from raw veggies.. especially breakfast.. getting up to crunchy carrots is not appealing in the slightest! I suppose I could tolerate a V8 juice but is it really filling ? I am one of those people that start to feel ill if I don't eat regularly and properly.

    I will do a search and see what we can do just from raw foods.. It is confusing as many people recommend a high protein diet for FMS.

  13. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    Thanks for the info, I dont know if I have super-will power, but maybe its a combination of my desperation and the fact that it is so easy, if you get through the first 4-6 weeks......At least to me, its just been so simple, and it frees up so much time, now that I dont have to cook or clean up........ I do have family and friends that are just shocked that I can do this, but I really dont think I am more disciplined than others.......Of course, maybe I dont give myself enough credit either........

    I will say this Dave, once you get the MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Aspartame, and other additives out of your system, you just dont have the food cravings that you do now......At least that has been my experience.......Try and google info on "excitotoxins", it is very interesting stuff.......

    I am not too big on Rejuvilac, as I have to avoid wheat as well......In fact, I am in the small percentage of people who can not even tolerate wheatgrass, which is very healing to the immune system.......But I think sprouts are great for healing and I juice every day, along with my raw diet......I also "fast" every 2 or 3 months, but that is a whole other story.......Let me know how your trip goes........Peace........John
  14. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    I understand your pain, its hard to get up in the morning and eat carrots......which is why I usually juice my carrots......or shred them on my salads.......In fact, carrot juice is probably the best veggie to juice, its very sweet and nutritious.......Check out Shazzie's and Alissa Cohens website, they have great ideas for recipes......Also, Rawfoodtalk is a great site........I prefer keeping it simple, I eat alot of fruits, especially in the morning, for energy and to get my digestive system moving properly........I eat alot of melons, bananas, apples, oranges, mangos, anything that is juicy.......Pineapple is one of the best things you can eat for digestion, along with apples, because of the enzymes.......

    As far as "protein" is concerned, that is usually the first question I get from people.......We are so "over-loaded" with propaganda about protein, especially concerning meat and dairy........Unfortunately, its not the meat and milk I am worried about, in small quantities, its the chemicals in our meat, like growth hormone, antibiotics, and other chemicals that they dont want you to know about......I suggest reading the "Mad Cowboy", he was the guy who was in trouble with Oprah back in the 90's, for speaking out against the beef industry......If you read his book, you will never eat non-organic meat again.......

    Moreover, protein is just amino acids, and there is amino acids in veggies, fruits, and nuts.....Of course, the meat and dairy lobby and the FDA will not give you the truth, you have to find it on your own.....Its very political and lots of money is involved in promoting our sad "food pyramid".....which is why we are such an unhealthy nation.......sorry for rambling.........John
  15. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Hi John,

    Thanks for all your info. I love hearing from people who are doing things on their own to get better and I am glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    I suspect that different diets work for different people. The more raw food I eat, the worse of a problem I have with diarreha. Things have improved greatly in the last few years, but I still have to be careful. I am average to slightly underweight. You mention having a weight problem, so your system might be different than mine. I eat meat in moderation and feel better when I do. I only eat organic meat and eggs and totally agree with you about the additives and preservatives in food. That was the first thing I eliminated when I got sick and it made a big difference.

    Raw fruits, vegetables and sprouts can carry samonella and other bacteria. Some people can handle this, but I can not. Even spouts made at home can harbor harmful bacteria. I did some research on that a few years ago. I used to grow them, but stopped. It was especially nice to have those fresh srouts in my kitchen in winter and I do miss that. I will try to check out the currrent research on that.

    I eat as much raw as I can, but I also stir-fry veggies and make soup from organic chickens and veggies.

    The theory about the govt. covering something up has come up before. Who knows, but I hope it's not true.

    I hope you continue to feel better. I have been sick for about 18 yrs. and feel that the viral part of it all has finally cleared up. Still have some digestive and hormonal problems and like Stormy, I still catch colds and flu easy, but this year even that has gotten better.

    Those centers sound good and I like all the testing they do. I just worry about all the supplements and meds they give. I try to go the natural route, but when I do get sicker than usual I find that a simple 10 day course of amoxicillan followed by acidophilus and bifidus works for me.

    Thanks againfor sharing. That's what makes this board so great!
  16. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    I guess slowly would be an answer.Is this simular to a Dr.Malcumas eating all raw food diet.Do you have to have a certain juicer to juice the vegs? More info please.
    [email address removed as per rules]
  17. KingNeptune11

    KingNeptune11 New Member

    I really enjoyed your post and I agree with alot of what you said, unfortunately I cant agree with everything.......I honestly dont mean any disrespect, I just dont want bad information to influence others, which is why I must respond.......First of all, yes, there can be salmonella or bacteria on some raw fruits or sprouts, but there is more on meat and eggs, along with dairy.......In much higher concentrations too......Not only that, but you dont know the "condition" of the animal you are eating, whether it was sick or harbored viruses in their system.......This includes chickens and their eggs, even if they are organic........So, by saying you dont eat fruit, veggies or sprouts because of bacteria or salmonella is not a very good reason, in comparison to eating meat, dairy and eggs.....in my opinion and that of other nutritionists.........

    Secondly, I agree that everyone has a "specific and unique" metabolism, but we all have the same digestive organs and parts........I realize that you had diarrhea with raw foods, but so does 99% of everyone who converts to a raw diet, at least for the first 3-6 months, and then your system will acclimate and start to function properly.......If you take the time to research the experts in this field, David Wolfe, Stephan Arlin, Paul Bragg, George Malkmus, Gabriel Cousens and all the others, they will tell you the same thing......The body goes thru an "adjusting period" where it flushes out all the toxins you have built up by eating cooked food and the chemicals in our food......It does not mean that your body cant handle the raw food, it was simply your body trying to "detox"......which is normal........

    I also went through the same problems, as have most of the people I have converted to this diet, its nothing to be concerned about.......My diarrhea lasted almost 5 months, off and on, while I was cleaning out my digestive system, but it is now working like clockwork........In fact, my bowel movements and digestion is as good as when I was a child.......And I have suffered with digestion problems my whole life.........My bowel movements dont even have hardly any "odor" now, because I have cleaned out all of the bad bacteria in my intestines.........Now, I realize that you know your system much better than anyone else, but you have to be on this diet for 5 or 6 months before you will understand what I am saying.........

    So many people freak out when they have runny bowels or diarrhea, and they blame it on the raw food......But, its not the raw food, its the garbage that is in your system to begin with......The raw food is only working as a catalyst to clean your system out........If you read the experts in this field, they will tell you the same thing, in fact they warn people that their bowels will not normalize for 4-6 months......and to not worry.........I have worked with dozens of people and 3 or 4 clinics of fellow chiropractors, and they all have had the same experiences that you complain about.......its perfectly normal.........

    I dont mean to offend you, I just want you to have all of the facts before you draw conclusions.......If you are having digestive problems still, that tells me that you need to clean your system out........I really hope you reconsider your "theories" and open your mind to the possibility that maybe you are not seeing the whole picture........I dont have any problem with eating small amounts of organic meat and eggs, especially if it makes you feel better.......in fact George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres in North Carolina allows his patients to eat 1 cooked meal per day.......Personally for me, I think meat and eggs are unnecessary, you can get your protein from non-animal sources, but everyone needs to decide that for themselves........

    All I ask is that you look into the raw food movement a little deeper, I think you may have drawn the wrong conclusions.....based on the research that is out there.....just my opinion.......Peace......John

    And just to let you know, I have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry with a minor in Physiology.......And I also have a Chiropractic degree, with a 2-year Post-Graduate Certification in Nutrition.......I am not trying to impress, I just dont want you to think I have read 1 or 2 books and now I think I am an expert........
  18. Prunella

    Prunella New Member


    No offense taken. I enjoy a healthy debate and and alway willing to learn from others.

    What I meant about the bacteria on raw fruits and veggies is that meat and eggs are cooked that kills most of the harmful bacteria. I get severe diarrhea sometimes from raw veggies and fruits. If I had diarrhea for five months or so, I would be afraid that I would lose too much weight and just be skin and bones.

    Does your juicer expell the pulp? I have one that does. I haven't used it in years. It was a big mess, I would like to consume the pulp, and also the carrot juice, for example, would make me naseous and sick. Carrots have a high sugar content, so it was like drinking a high sugar drink. Pulp would help with that, but I am not sure how much with all those carrots.

    We recieve a lot of science journals at our house and I have read several times that the vitamins in some vegetables, such as carrots, are more easily absosrbed when the veg. is slightly cooked.

    One more thought. I am very allergic to mold. Fruits and veggies can turn moldy very quickly and it is not always visible. I get terrible diarrhea from mold. Even veggies I grow myself can turn moldy very quickly after being picked,even when in the fridge. Anything from a store has to be older than that unless it is flash frozen. Cooking seems to help with that also.

    I am not against raw diets, in fact they sound ideal if you are using organic ingredients. I eat as many raw fruits and veggies as I can tolerate. I am just not sure it is the right diet for someone prone to diarrhea like I am.
  19. tansy

    tansy New Member

    who had serious health problems, swore by fermented cabbage. It is recommended as an adjunct to the specific carbohydrate diet. Some who cannot tolerate probiotics have found fermented cabbage is the answer for them, It's an old remedy popular in other cultures.

    love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 12/16/2005]
  20. tansy

    tansy New Member

    is an important one which I forgot to include in one of my posts. There is a high incidence of mould toxicity and sensitivity in these DDs.

    Yes light cooking does make some nutrients more bioavailable. The best sources of lycopene are in tomato products which have been cooked down.

    There are natural pesticides in some foods that's why they can cause problems even when grown organicially. My son was found to be reacting to a natural chemical in highly coloured fruit and veg, after a degree of avoidance and desensitisation, he was able to tolerate it agian. His reactions to some artifical colouring had already been obvious, it never occurred to me that in trying to ensure he had a healthy diet, I was making matters worse for him.

    Raw brocolli can be a problem in hypothyroid states, so it's better eaten lightly cooked. Raw food is unsuitable for some, and may always be so, my father is a classic example.

    Having lived in countries where foods can be a source of some nasty pathogens, where more toxic chemicals are used, and human excrement used as a fertiliser, the advice to only eat cooked food had credence. Likewise very thorough washing; potassium permanganate (sp?) was recommended too. I now use a product called Veggi wash for my non organic fruit and veg; it's not 100% effective but can reduce the levels of undesired extras in my food. Dr Joe Mercola recommends using distilled vinegar.

    What we all need to do is look at the theories, recognise what seems to have potential for each of us, then be prepared for some trial and error. Sometimes it's all about getting the balance right and being mindful that in order to function optimally our bodies need the right fuel.

    love, Tansy

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