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    Hello to all! I've been reading this board but never posted yet. My name is Dena and I live in Ohio. I am 36, married with 3 kids (12, 10, 9). I've been having several problems throughout the last 20 years and after having every single diagnostic test under the sun done (or at least it seems like it), I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 months ago from my family doctor.

    Up until then, I really knew nothing about it. I've had severe IBS for what feels like my whole life. Over the years, I've developed chronic upper back/neck/shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, frequent headaches, TMJ symptoms, bladder problems, and trouble staying asleep among other things. My family doc prescribed Cymbalta. I took 30mg/day for about a month but stopped taking it because I was having overwhelming sugar cravings, and I had a loss of all feelings (happy OR sad..I was just kinda numb all the time).

    Someone told me about Dr. Pellegrino and that I was lucky because he is only 10 minutes away from me so I thought I'd give him a try. He gave me a pretty thorough exam and said I had 17/18 tender points. He said my nerves and joints are holding up well and that is good. He prescribed Ambien for sleep, Tramadol for pain, and Lidoderm patches (he gave me 3 free samples to try first to see if I like them before I fill them). He also sent me for these labs: VitB12, 25 (OH) Vit D, RBC magnesium level, insulin-like growth factor 1 level, lyme's aby, and epsein barr viral aby titers.

    He said to come back in a month for a re-check to see what is/isn't working and we could change some things around as needed. I really like him and felt like he was genuinly concerned with finding what would work for ME. He was very considerate with the fact that I don't like to take maintenance medicines if at all possible.

    Just wanted to introduce myself, give some background and see what you all thought about my first visit. Does this sound par-for-the-course so to speak? Thanks to all!

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    welcome to the board ! You will find some wonderful people here. Thank you for the re-cap of your appointment with Dr. Pellegrino. I have often wondered what an appointment would be like with him.

    I have read his book " Post-traumatic Fibromyalgia " and it is very good . I even thought of taking a trip to see Dr. Pellegrino , but I have found a doctor that I really like so I put it on a 'back burner'.

    It sounds like you have a really good start to finding help ,and a progressive doctor that really cares about you as an individual . That is wonderful ( and unfortunately rare ).

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    I also wanted to mention that he never once tried to get me to buy any of his supplements, books, anything. I actually wanted to buy one of his books and I forgot about it...haha. I'm going to see about getting it online (I'm sure it's cheaper that way?). I'm going to buy his book called "Fibromyalgia: Up Close & Personal" which was published in 2005. I think a couple of his are older and out of print but this one looks like one I'd like to have. Glad you hear you liked his book, I hope I do, too! :)
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    Hi Dena,

    Welcome to the boards and thanks for posting your experiences with Dr. Pellegrino. I am currently seeing Dr. Lerner in Michigan but have thought of Dr. Pellegrino as well since I live in Cincinnati. That's interesting that he tests for Epstein Barr, I was just diagnosed with it from Dr. Lerner. Many of us test high for it.

    From what I have heard, Dr. Pellegrino seem to be a great doctor. Please continue to post on your visits, I would love to know your thoughts as you get to know him.

    I think he's got you started in the right direction.

    Good Luck, I hope his treatment will help you!

  5. ellikers

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    Congrats! That sounds like a very efficient appointment with lots of compassion, support and understanding!

    The tests he suggested sound like a really good idea. I'm glad you're getting quality help!

    Keep us posted. :)

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