2 canes better than one

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jackie41, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Anyone else having a bit of trouble managing with a cane? I started out with a cane a few years ago when my legs first started getting stiff and weak. As my legs gradually got worse, I thought I would need a walker or even a wheelchair which seemed like a drastic change. I was only 27 at the time and felt old just using the cane. I was not about to get a walker. I found that just getting 2 canes made a big difference. After a while, I switched to the forearm canes and that made the biggest difference. I've really come to appreciate these canes in the last few months since I've become a full time user. Now that I can't walk any more without help, I appreciate how convenient, stable, lightweight and maneuverable these sticks are. If anyone else feels the need to get something more than a single cane, this might be your answer.

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    but for me the walker seems to do the better job.It's less pressure on my hips.I'm glad that you find something hat works for you.Linda
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    I use a cane when I have to walk outside, and if I have to do very far, I need a wheelchair ... due to my back problems.

    But, when I am in my house, I don't use either. I walk without the aid of anything--maybe putting my hand on a chair or wall, etc., for balance ocassionally.

    What I wanted to mention was .... if you don't "use it, you'll lose it"! If you don't use your legs and exercise them, your muscles with degenerate. It is important to try to use them, or do some phy. therapy--like GeorgiaC suggested--to keep your muscles healthy.

    I don't want to sound negative about your use of canes/crutches--absolutely not, because I am in terrible shape due to numerous back problems, and I am in horrific pain, and definitely use, and need, walking aids. I just know it's important for all of us who use walking aids to exercise our legs, too.

    Holiday Hugs,
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    I couldn't agree more about exercising the legs. When I first started using my crutches, my legs actually got more exercise when I used them because I could walk much farther.Even with crutches, you still have to use your leg muscles to walk since you can only put so much weight on the crutches. I used to put maybe 10% of my weight on the crutches, which isn't much since I only weigh about 120 lbs. In the last few months since I've become totally dependent on the crutches, I still probably only put 20-25% of my weight on them, so my legs are still getting exercise, since without the crutches, I would have to be in a wheel chair. I'm still quite active and go out with friends a lot so my legs are getting quite a bit of exercise. I suppose my leg muscles might get a little more exercise if I could walk without the crutches, but I can't do that anymore since a bad flare last August which left me unable to walk without them.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply.