2 girls this is to close

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    hey is your hubby military? even so your so close its crazy for you not to take advantage of my connections of friends and lets see what help we can get you. i'm sure there is somthing we can work out and our hubbys would prob. enjoy each others co. mine loves fishing pool darts woodworking stainglass a liitle bit of everything they should have somthing in common and there is plenty of room in the house for the2 of you we have 4 bdrms and only 2 of us and i know carole would love to help you. ejay[its always fun to meet people we were in real estate for 17 years in our blood and my dad was military at one point]
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    Missed your post. You are SO sweet!!
    My hubby is actually in telecommunications. The co. is in transition and may require us to move to the Toronto area (we will see). I can't imagine uprooting the family (so many good memories). I have two little girls 10 and 5. They were born here. I am sure we would enjoy it out there as well. My husband is a workaholic but he recently discovered the joys of construction (we call him Bob the Builder).
    Your offer is very generous but I could not impose. I actually started massage therapy last week (was great). I think if we are staying put in good ole Quebec, I will try to somehow coax my dr to try the ABX protocol. If not, maybe I'll get lucky in TO.
    Thanks again, talk to you later