2 more days and counting for thyroid test

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by biddys2007, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone: Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten all of you compassion and caring people. Just been a bad week,tired,HUNGRY and feeling depressed. Plus the weather here in Ky has been rainy and chilly,which hasn't helped the bones or my mood. A friend of mine from PA sent me a duck she crocheted to make me smile and a plaque that says"THERE WILL BE NO CRISIS THIS WEEK....MY SCHEDUELE IS FULL!!!! Sounds like mine. My daughter came over today and had lunch with me that was the highlight of the week. I also have some recipes picked out to get ready to send to anyone that wants them and do it next week one day. I go on Monday take a pill,wait 15 minutes and then go back at 2 in the afternoon to have the test and then go back the next a.m. not sure for what yet. Oh well at least it will be over and then I can wait another week for the results. Sounds like fun to me. Hubby is coming home tomorrow and I'am so glad,he will leave on Tuesday. Everyone take care and thanks for being my friends and being there for me. I really need a lot of both. Hope everyone is doing ok or at least fair. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love Biddy
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    are you talking about the radioactive diagnostic iodine pill?

    If so, I had this done several months ago. Are you on a very low iodine diet in preparation for the test? Did you have thyroid surgery for cancer?
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    Glad to hear from you! Hopefully the Thyroid Test turns out in your favor!

    What a pain to have to take a pill and wait to go in ,,,,etc!,,,,,,So glad to hear your Daughter was over to visit and have lunch!,,,,,I'm looking forward to your new recipies!,,,,,,

    It's only 18 degrees up here in Montana this am! BRRR!,,i have to hurry when i take the dog out to go potty!,,,lololol,,,,soon it will be that temp alot more! ,,,,

    It warms up to about 50 degrees durning the day and the sun is shining so can't be to dissapointed about it!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,talk to you later Dear!,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis