2 questions: gaui and 2 times w/SSD

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    Has ANYONE here gotten SS disability the second time? Are you over or under 50?

    Has guaifenisen helped anyone with chronic pain and CCFS without fibromyalgia?

    thanks for taking time to answer - my second heaing is April 4 and I'm having nightmares again. I've seen 2 lawyers about filing for bankruptcy but it doesn't look like it would help us much. BonBons
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    You are always so sweet to notice people not getting responses, I've noticed that. I guess the same old questions do get boring to some people, but I never found out anything about this one. So thanks! I do have an attorney for my second hearing - it just blows my mind that so much money is wasted when it could be used to help those in need. And although I love America; sometimes "she" is the stupidest entity on earth! I just got a quilted card from a friend that she made - what a picker-upper. BonBons (ps - I deleted several post myself when they weren't answered. It's like - HELLO! Can anyone hear me?? But 98% of the time I'm satisfied just reading the wealth of wisdom here. BonBons
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    I had to go to the federal hearing to get my SSD. I had worked more than 50 hrs. weekly for the previous 18 yrs., and I know that helped, because the Judge mentioned my work record as proving I was not a malingerer. I was one of the first people in the U.S. ever to get SSD for Fibro back in 1986, at age 35. Hang in there.
    I only started Guai recently, but have read the book thoroughly, and I can tell you that Dr. St. Amand believes that CFS and FMS are the same illness. He says the illness is FMS, and that people being dx'd with CFS really have FMS and a genetically high pain threshold, which is why they don't complain of the pain that people dx'd with FMS do. I know Mikie disagrees with this theory, and feels the Guai is only helping her Fibro. I guess the jury is out on this one, but Guai is cheap and side-effect free, so why not? Getting the Salycilates out of your life is hard at first, but gets easy once you are into it.
    Good luck,

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    Klutzo - thanks for the information - I may get it on depression, too, more than the Chronic Pain. Thans to everyone who answered. BonBons