2 questions info on Lupus & painful hip Help!

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  1. Shelle16

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    Hey all I need a little info my neuro has ordered a test for Lupus did'nt really give a reason why can someone give me a few symptoms of Lupus and if you know if it is common with fibro suffers. And also does anyone have any suggestions for a very painful hip. its sore all the time and recently I have shooting pains ruining through it. I dropped 45 pounds this year and haven't had any trouble from left hip since but I think the right hip is worse. Would appreciate you info on this very much.

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  2. Princessraye

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    I used to have it bad. I found I was sleeping with on my side with one leg on top the other in the exact same position. When I changed position the pain left!
    The other thing to try if you sleep on your side is a pillow between your knees.
    I hope this helps.
  3. Applyn59

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    I think there are a few people on here with both FMS
    and Lupus. Some drs like to rule out lupus to make
    sure it is FMS, since FMS is basically diagnosis
    of exclusion.

    I have hip pain from FMS, but don't know if that is what
    you have. Have you mentioned this to your dr?
    I think you should.

    Have you tried ice on your hip or moist heating
    pad if it's 48hours past first sign of trouble.

  4. sharie

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    I suffer from both lupus and fibro. My dr had said that around 30% of people with lupus can develop fibro.
    I have had lupus for 16 years and fibro for probably around 1.
    With the lupus in the beginning, my joints were very swollen, hot and red. I had weight loss, hair loss, fatigue and rashes. Most of the typical signs for lupus. I don't know what your symptoms are other than the hip and weight loss. If you go onto the lupus foundation site you will get alot of very helpful info.

    good luck to you,
  5. MtnDews

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    Hang in there. You want your dr to make sure what is going on, so tests are a good thing. I've had problems with my hips as well. Bursitus (sp!) is an inflamation and it causes severe pain. Perhaps that is what you have going on too. Ask your dr to check it out. I've found than anti-inflamatories help. I also have padded my bed with lots of layers of foam, old comforters, etc. That has helped as had that large U shaped pillow and the old heating pad. Ice might work for you, but heat is best for me. Good luck.
  6. jka

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    i've had lupus for16 yrs.some of my symtoms were a rash across my nose and my cheeks,painful joints,very tired,headaches, .my daughter use to say i lokked like a 90 yr old when i walked.the sun really burns if i go out in it without protection.you can type in lupus and do a search .there are some really good sites.i have had fibro for6-7 yr. so my fibro came after the lupus.

    kathy c
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