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    hi i take xazan and its the only thing i been taking, if i feel panic comming on , without panic feeling i dont get much pain, but when i have a weird pain i start getting nervous and panic, then my whole body tigtens up aand im worse so i take half xazaxin morn and half at nite i feel like im less anioux what is it about xazax thats calms the nervous feelin? it works but im confused thanks valerie
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    Xanax is an anti-anxiety med. But do be careful with it, it can be addictive and hard to get off of.

    I take a low dose .25 milligrams, once a day. If I feel a panic attack coming on, I will take 1/2 that amount. But this does not happen often to me anymore. I do not take them for pain.

    How strong of a Xanax tablet do you have? They come in .25 (1/4 milligrams) , .50 (1/2 milligram), 1 milligram, and 2 milligrams bars.

    It is not a good idea to take them when you feel pain, they are not a pain pill at all. They will calm your body,mind, and relax your muscles, that is why you think they are stopping the pain.

    What is happening, from what you wrote, is that you are afraid of the pain, so you are taking a Xanax to calm the fear. Not a good idea.

    Have you though of taking a magnesium supplement? magnesium heals the muscles in your body while you sleep. Most of us with Fibro had a deficiency in this mineral.

    Also, heat is good for FM pain too. Heating pads are great.

    Let me know how you are doing, and do not take too much of that Xanax.

    If you feel panicky, try deep breathing, breathe in through you nose to the stomach, and count to 7, then breathe out through your mouth to the count of 4, do this four or five times and you will be surprised how much this will help the panicky feeling go away.

    Take care, and don't be afraid of the pain, its bad but you can handle it, and there is help for it too.

    Shalom, Shirl