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  1. Andrea4

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    I had a pelvic ultrasound today (i have a history of end) and my first mamogram that was a diagnostic for breast pain. They found a cluster in my right breast and i was told i need a biopsy and they'll do it this week. Then, my US results came back and my family practice doctor called and left me a message saying we need to discuss them.

    I am so terrified that i have cancer. I sit here and wonder....what if all my symptoms are actually from having undiagnosed cancer? i know i am freaking, but i cant help it.
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    When you have biopsy your doctor should always meet with you afterwards to discuss the results. Hopefully it's nothing.
    Many times they want to remove clusters as a preventative measure, he might want to suggest this.

    If bad would be worse, breast cancer is not a hard booger to beat with todays medecine, and the earlier the better.
    I know quite a few people including family members, who have had it, and got well and never had any problems afterwards.

    I wish I could help you feel better, the wait to find out is very difficult, hang in there!
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    Andrea my wife and I are both registered Nurses. You have to take 1 step at a time-it could be nothing but fibrocystic disease. My wife had a lump in rt. breasts & had to do a rt. breart biopsy after they had done a beedle biopsy to check the type of tissue. As I said she suffered frim lumps in her breasts until she started takibg glyconutrients, and hasn't had the lumpy breasts since. we found more information @ glyco.com/amazing, and glycoscience.com. Medicine is advancing daily. Our minds can run wild if we let them. I love the bible verses Isiah 41:10;13 Fear not for I am with you, do not anxiously look about you; I will help U, i will strengthen U, I will uphold U with My righteous rt. hand.I the lord your God will take U Abdrea by your rt. hand saying fear not I will help U.
  4. Andrea4

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    so my rt breast has the clusters...i have an appt with a breast doc on the 24th. Then there is the pelvic....apparently my left ovary is enlarged. I have an appt with an acutal gyn on the 23rd.

    How do I wait that long? I am terribly scared...trying not to jump to conclusions, but i sit here thinking damn i better update my will and start recording tapes for the kids to have after I am gone. morbid i know. my husband already told me that if its cancer and i need chemo, he is still going to have to travel. i am sitting here tryting to figure out how to care for 2 small kids alone espcially if i have to have chemo or something.
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    to what wamps said. I was going to post something similar. You would be "sqeezed in there somewhere even if they said they were booked up.

  6. suzetal

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    Had a cluster show up in mammogram. Was sent to a surgeon 2 days latter.

    I was so upset .Thinking the worst.had the same thoughts you did.

    When they called me in after the biopsy a few days latter all I could do was cry.

    Doctor gave me the good news no cancer.Asked if I needed more mammograms now.He said no just the normal one time a year .And that my breast was completely clean.

    Please keep us posted and my thoughts are with you.

  7. mlp1954

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    Hello, I too had the same thing happen, told I had the clusters in my left breast. I was so scared, figured I had cancer and it was all over. I did have a surgical biopsy, and it was calcium and I am fine. That was 5 years ago, and my mamms have been clear since. Good luck and try not to worry till you see the doctor. Take care...Pattie
  8. bunnyfluff

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    They say that if the lumps are causing you pain that it usually ISN'T cancer. FYI. So, try to relax on that. And, no, I really don't think that all of your symptoms are just caused from undiagnosed cancer. They would have found something in your bloodwork a long time ago if that were the case. Stop freaking out, you are just making your FMS worse for no reason. You will be fine, I'm sure of it :)
  9. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    you guys sure help me feel better. the doc did tell me the breast pain and the cluster are separate....one doesnt cause the other.

    how about the ovary? anyone had any enlarged ovary stuff?? this one throws me because i have a history of bad endo and they didnt see any...just a few cysts...and this enlarged ovary.
  10. msmac

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    Again, there is no substitute for patience, but having had endo, things like the enlarged ovary can be a part of that. Mine cause me great pain, epecially the right one. It seems that it was the only one working and it would enlarge and be sore, and the other did nothing. It was a benign problem, though painful.

    When I had the "cancer-looking" mass in breast, was taken to biopsy shortly thereafter, and it was benign. But had looked ominous, so I also had quite a scare and emotional time until the results were back. This was about 15 years ago, and all mammos since have also been clean.

    Sometimes you just gotta pray and put your faith to work, and just wait! We are all here for you!
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  11. Cromwell

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    had cluster showing in breast. They also then did ultra sound. Then she had the sterotopic????? scan. They decided to biopsy. She was scared out of her wits and it turned out to be Fibrocystic disease.

    I had a lumpectomy that showed a cluster some years ago that was totally benign and no doubt then due to consuming too much caffeine.

    I will pray for you on these tests and that all will be well, but do not worry right now. I now how stressful this is. You are seeing the doc next week?. PLEASE POST saying RESULTS so we do not miss this. I too think they may have had you back sooner for the breast if they were thinking cancer-our clinic they call you back that day or next. The gyne will maybe do an internal ultrasound. Sometimes it can be just a cyst in the ovary. Why did you have the abdon US in the first place? For pain?

    Love Anne C
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  12. mme_curie68

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    I have BOTH fibrocystic breasts AND a history of ovarian cysts. As the cysts are forming in the breast it is very painful, but my breast surgeon said the same thing - pain is good in this case - the cyst formation is an inflammatory process.

    I had breast pain for about 18 months with cyst formations in about three areas between the left and right breasts and then it went away. Put me on the frequent flyer list for mammograms though!

  13. jake123

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    Try cutting out caffiene entirely.The doctor may have you do another mammogram (Drat the **** thing) and if it is fibrocystic in nature, it will be smaller.
    My MIL had the worst kind of breast cancer. Had surgery. Did fine. Went to the casino within two weeks. Has never had anything else show up. Oh, she did do chemo. somewhere in there but she was great - never lost her appetite.
  14. Andrea4

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    I had already cut out caffiene when I got preg with my kids years and years ago. If I have any....it's very rare, like in an occassional piece of chocolate. I don't drink coffee, I drink decaf green tea and decaf black tea and water. Sometimes milk. I did add Vit E to my diet because I read that was supposed to help, but stopped it when I started a booster dose of pred for my breathing (which isnt helping, so now I need to go to my ashtma doc)

    I am flaring so bad.....I am weak all over and have tremors on both sides of my body now. i feel all swollen up....does that make sense? Gee, are we having fun yet????