#2 Update about my sons BULLY.......

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    When i woke up this morning , i was soooo sick, i couldn't even hold the cup of water my Dh gave me in bed with my meds, i just knew ii wasn't going to make it into school. But after laying there for wahile i just said to myself
    I'm not letting them down, i'm gonna do SOMETHING at least!"

    Well i forced myself to finish typing a letter to the principal. It was a smart, mature, but something needs to be done letter". I was sick with worry after all, i always worry about my kids until i'm sick, & stressed out. My Dh couldn't take them to school this morning, but he got them ready for me & fed them while i was typing away.

    Yes!! I sent them on the bus, thank god nothing happened and nothing was said this morning. The principal recieved my letter from my sons teacher. He called both my son & this kid in his office. he gace them a talking too. The boy admited to hiting him, but said it wasn't that hard, keep in mind that boy has hit my son ON the head HARD twice already. The pricipal told that boy, how would YOU like it if a boy 2 years older than you hit you?? And that kid just laughed!

    I decided not to let my kids ride the bus home, i was feeling better so i wanted to drive up to pick them up, and get them a milkshake. By the time i got home, the principal, had left me a massage on my machine. It was a fine message. I thought good enough, now he & the bus driver knows.

    So it didn't turn out as bad as i thought. But i don't know yet if that boy will still be sitting with them, now that this kid knows I will turn his little butt in, maybe he'll try to be nice, and maybe he won't. But i assure my kids that the bus camera WILL be on at all times now, the school will cover their own butts, ya know.

    To all of you that told me to document everything, i am now. I made a copy of my own, and saved it to the computer, & i wil keep the recording on my phone. I don't want to be one of those moms that look for the tiniet things to raise heck about, but i will do what i gotta do. And thats another thing i wrote in the letter to the principal. I am sorry to hear about all these other horror stories with your kids!!! You are all good moms.

    If i can keep that principal on good & respectful standin with myself & my kids, then that benefits us, right?

    Not sure the story with the bus driver, we'll find that out tomorrow. That man is not friendly, he doesn't smile at all. He's quite old, not talkign retirement age, talking 13 + past that. I wish he'd be friendly though. Sometimes you gotta overlook them people.

    Thank you moms for your help.

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    I`m so glad to hear that the principal did something. I knew how frustrating it is to have your kids picked on. Mine were too. Our busdriver we have now is pretty good with keeping the kids in line. We had some that didn`t seem to notice anything that was going on. I don`t like when they have some really old ones. They are just not aware and sharp minded enough to handle a bus load of kids.

    You know what I did one time when this one older kid kept taking my son`s school bag? I wrote a note to the kid and asked that he please stop doing this or I was going to call his mom. The next time he took his backback, my son handed him my note. He got all red and looked scared and that was the end of that. He never did it again.

    I hope things keep getting better for your kids.
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    last week I was having trouble with a child younger thatn my son picking on him (keep in mind my son is mentally handicapped).

    The first time he was sitting in the front seat of the bus (the bully) and my son was getting off the bus and this kid tripped my son, his right leg was still on the top step and his other leg was on the ground (ouch).

    So my son started crying from straining his arms and legs.

    The next day as my son was getting off of the bus this kid began hitting him.

    The one god thing about all this is my husband is a school bus driver for the same district so the situation was resovled quickly, I don't know what all took place but I'll just say that the child is very nice to my son now.

    It is so hard when you want to protect them and you can't always do that.