2 years ago i saw the first plane hit

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    i saw it from my window i also lost friends that day and my job i watched the towers fall from my bedroom window i want to say a pray for all thoses people that i know went to jesus, and rember them in my heart god bless all ,val
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    it was a really beautiful morning in new york i had just dropped the kids off at school i was driving and looked at towers as ialway did when on metro ave and saw plane go into it all cars stopped dead in traffic the hole was so big was on vacation that week i worked in tt,anyway go home watch news at the same time we could see from my upstairs window went and got kids back out of school we watched the building just crumble the smell was horrible people i know that went to clean p found fingers pieces of people it really was awful i had to go for counseling also fema pays my rent because i lost my job red cross to it was so scary it smelled for months
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    I am the sister that Debbie was referring when she said that her sister called her. I was so stunned when I heard that the towers had been attacked. When I first heard this, they did not have all the facts and were speculating that the towers may have been bombed. It was awful to see this on tv, but for you to be there in the midst of this when it happened must have been horrible for you. I will be praying that God will send you peace and comfort during this time.
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    I will never forget it, its also my dads bday. I cried this morning watching everyone in New York City. The children reading names, how awful. I can't imagine what the people in your city went through that day, let alone in D.C. and in PA. I will never forget. I was reading the Bible at my kitchen table that morning when my mother called me and told me to turn on my tv, i was so in shock. I will NEVER EVER forget it. I sometimes think this nation has forgotten to soon what the axis of evil did to us that day. It will always be a sad day for me. God Bless and comfort each and everysoul that has lost a loved one on Sept. 11. mama
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    it was so quite in ny i cant explain, it was weird i cryed watching the names called it really is sad,val
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    going to be nice.
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    I had read about the light - one time - don't they show them every night?
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    just that night. hope u r doing well, val
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    I think of you a lot, Val - and pray for you and your family. If you ever wantto write to me my addy is w/ my bio.

    Love, granma
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    What a horrific day that was, especially people like you that saw it. It will be burned in our consciousness forever. Praying that you and your family can heal from this trauma. Also, saying more prayers for all the souls who lost their lives that day.

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    I know that a experience I had is not even close to watching them towers fall.

    Around 3 years ago, my home burned down. It is what I think was the "traumatic event" that triggered the FM. Along with moving into a apartment temporarily, three stories up, then becoming stressed and sick over the holidays.

    The smell afterwards. I will never forget it. I know -not similair at all what the smell was most likely like in NY.

    The cleaning up afterwards, sifting through what could be salvaged, which wasn't much. The smell stuck with me for weeks. The soot, the ashes, etc.. seemed engrained in my skin for weeks afterwards. The guilt was the worse. I had left something unattended cooking on the stove. Its what started the fire.

    Things have changed so much since that fire. Since the WTC towers collapsed too.

    I was on the way to classes, stopped off at a gas station to get some snacks to take with me when I heard the news. I turned around and went home to watch it on TV. My kids came home from school that day crying, and we cryed together. The loss of life that day so great. We went to prayer vigils for a few days afterwards. That helped alot. We did a human flag also.

    As time moves on, the pain inside eases some. But its not really ever forgotton is it? Sometimes painful times will always be a part of our memories, not as intense, but still there?

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    but u r right time passes andit feels like a dream i blocked out to many things that im facing now, god bless val