/ 2 years for treatment too long?

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    Hi, I'm new here. I have yet to be diagnosed with Lyme, but I'm nearly certain that after my appt on Thursday with a LLMD, he will confirm it.

    My symptoms started at the same time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroid disease, so the doctors and I assumed they were related. I've read everywhere that it's imperative to get treatment quickly to have good results: if I have lyme, then I will have had it for at least 2 years before any kind of antibiotic treatment. Has anyone had success with this kind of time span?

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    Of course it's best if you can catch it immediately; but not everyone gets a rash and/or catches it immediately.

    if you read different people's stories here, you will find them... minimonkey comes to mind as one who had a very quick response after many years of being ill. But usually the longer one has had it, the longer it takes to get better.

    But this area, of how long to give abx for 'chronic lyme', has become a very politically volatile controversy. The Infectious Disease Society’s (IDSA) new guidelines call for "absolute reliance upon either the presentation of an Erythema migrans rash or positive serologic blood tests to diagnose Lyme disease and recommend severely limited courses of antibiotic treatment when either a rash or a positive test are present."

    So somehow after 30 days at most of taking abx, if symptoms persist, it has mysteriously turned into an 'autoimmune disease' for which then they have nothing to offer.

    Yet even the CDC says a doctor should treat based on the clinical picture as NO test is 100% reliable either way. And if you read the research on how the Lyme spirochete can hide out in the body by taking different forms, plus a slow replication cycle, it doesn't make sense. The IDSA does not explain their scientific rationale.

    We figure from symptoms my son has had it at least 3 years prior to coming up positive on Western Blot according to CDC "standards". He has now been in treatment since May '05 with oral abx... some symptoms have resolved, but he still has a ways to go.

    Also go to ilads.org or LDA.org - they have a wealth of information.

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    A friend of mine had Lyme and a serious kidney infection.

    She took one of natures own natural antibiotics - Olive Leaf Extract in combination with with Echinacea, Black Elderberry and Myrrh.

    Within a week she improved dramatically...

    OLE will kill off anything viral, bacterial, paracitical or fungal - Great for flu, bronchitis, candida etc etc...

    Worth a try at low cost too.

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    extract does help me with colds and viral infections , but it HAS NOT made a dent in lyme disease for me or anyone I know .

    I think your chances of getting well are VERY good ! Two years is not such a lengthy time . It may take a year or so , but I do not think you will struggle forever like so many of us . I have had it ten years . I have been on ABX a year and expect I will fight it indefinitely .

    You are quite fortunate . Good Luck!