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    Hi Friends,

    Hope all had a wonderful holiday. Its been rough for me, Xmas I was in bed not fun!!I used to love the holidays not since this monster has invaded my body. God The pain is unbearable . I am doing everything , the epson salt/peroxide baths until I look like a prune. I am on all the supplements ZMA high dose vitamins but I hear that most of you have flares . Is there anyone out there that suffers with this God awful throbbing ache in their muscles that never goes in a remission. How i wake up each am hoping that I will be pain free but I haven't had that since,about 2 months afterbecome stricken with this after I had what they thought was the flu. I remember 3 weeks back in 2001 where out of the blue I felt almost normal, I actually mowed our lawn, Today If i can do a load of wash that is a lot. I hear so many have the burning pain. Are there any of you experience the kind of extreme muscle ache that I have in my legs and arms every day with no respite. I say that someone posted about flu symptoms , I can also say that its def combined with chills andf swollen glands . I might dd the my glands are the only symptom that has improved ,it was so bad that i had to have a heating pad on my gland , the pain was so bad. Only every few months do my gland , right side in particular is extremely tender, i find if the PCP gives me an antibiotic it goes down . I just want to be able to get this pain under control as I want to go back to work but the way I am now there is no way i could handle the stress of a full time job. My nextmove is to make an appt with one of the drs here on the list what have I got to lose, I have only been to 10 drs already. So for me the muscle aches and pain are the most debilitating . Is there any one else that feels the same way or has the same symptoms. Well, sorry for ranting on and on oh, and yes I so very much am in need of sleep which is also an issue but its minor compared to this pain. I only hope that one day I can say that I have improved. Geez what I would give to have a day , week month w/o pain, it would be better than winning the lottery.

    Take care and love,

    happy New Year all
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    Hey, Deanna, I'm so sorry to hear your pain. I have, too, felt the throbbing, stabbing, burning, etc,etc, as have all of us. Each to different degrees. I want to recommend a wonderful book to you: "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome" (A Survival Manual)- by Devin Starlanyl, MD and Mary Ellen Copeland, MS, MA.
    It is called "The Big Blue Book". Do You have it? It describes symptoms(so we don't think we're crazy!), and it also teachs us how to COPE better. I also would suggest Relaxation Techniques- where you tense a part of your body, then totally relax it...starting with your hands...to your feet, with your eyes closed. There are tapes out there with a moderator talking you through it, with ocean sounds. See if you can find one. Have you ever been to a Pain Clinic? I went to one for 5 weeks, every day and it really helped me get limber. See if there is one in your area! I hope these suggestions help you...you'll be in my prayers! Think Calm. Fibromiester