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    What's so wonderful about CFIDS? Not much you probably think. But there's a lot of stuff going on in my life that I'd never even dreamed of Before CFIDS. Let me tell you about some of these dubious joys. (Then they will take me away under restraint).

    Good Thing Number 1: I have entered several contests and have a good chance of winning e.g. Cognitive Dysfunction Poster Child. (First prize is a 5-year membership in Medicine of the Month Club. I don't remember what second prize is, which increases my chance of winning.

    Good Thing Number 2: I have saved money on books. When my brain is "down" I am able to read the very same book I read last week without recalling the ending.

    Good Thing Number 3: I am a cheap date. I don't consume alcoholic beverages or eat fancy desserts (sugar being a no-no). Such a deal!

    Good Thing Number 4: I have found myself to be precocious. My parents are in their seventies and are just beginning to complain of symptoms I've had for years (in more advanced stages, no less): short term memory impairment, energy depletion, and difficulty getting around, to name a few.

    Good Thing Number 5: I can fool people. I can be sick without even looking sick. Ha Ha, joke's on them.

    Good Thing Number 6: When I have a relatively good day, it feels wonderful. "Normals" have to have a much more wonderful day to think it's wonderful.

    Good Thing Number 7: I've made new friends! I am on a first name basis with doctors, their staff, pharmacists and insurance company claims clerk.

    Good Thing Number 8: I have something legitimate to complain about. You know those people who "have it all" and complain anyway? I have no respect for them; I have a genuine problem, and even the press (and to a lesser extent, the CDC) acknowledges its authenticity now.

    Good Thing Number 9: When asked by the insurance person at a doctor's office if I've met my insurance deductible for the year, I can say "yes!" even if it's only January 7!

    Good Thing Number 10: I've been studying CFIDS in great depth since I got it (or it got me) in late 1984. Never before have I been such an expert on anything.

    Good Thing Number 11: I never make the bed anymore because chances are I'll be back in it before long.

    Good Thing Number 12: I am easy to find. Although I sometimes venture as far as my office or a store, I'm generally home.

    Good Thing Number 13: Let's skip 13: I'm not susperstitious, but why take chances?

    Good Thing Number 14: People keep asking how I am, how I'm doing, etc. I love attention.

    Good Thing Number 15: I have actually heard doctors say " I don't know". This has not been known to occur among members of the general population.

    Good Thing Number 16: I have acquired a lounging/sleeping wardrobe. Pretty funky.

    Good Thing Number 17: No batteries, assemble, or special equipment are required. This CFIDS thing just runs on its own.

    Good Thing Number 18: Dysequilibrium saves money on amusement park admissions. The same sensations are produced at no cost whatsovever.

    Good Thing Number 19: Due to short-term memory impairment, I can hide my own Easter eggs.

    Good Thing Number 20: You can watch reruns on TV over and over because you don't remember the endings of the shows from the first time you watched them.
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    I had a smile on my face the whole time and nodded my head to myself several times... especially number 16, you should see my lounging wardrode, takes up most of my closet!! Not sure what I'd do if I was ever invited to a fancy occasion but I'd sure be ready for a pajama themed party!

    Too funny, thanks for sharing.

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    Very funny! I could relate to soooooo many! lol

    Thanks for the laughs!

    Hugs and Prayers

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