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    is it normal to have to pay 200 for your dr to write a letter for ssd? ill pay it if thats going to really help what has been your experiences thank you
  2. deelite127

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    they are your records & you are intitled to them. I have never had a doctor request a fee for filling out my disability forms. Thats robbery. like they don't get enough money out of us already

  3. JLH

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    I do not know if it is "normal" for a doctor to charge $200 to complete the disability forms and copy your records; however, I do know that it is not out of line for a doctor to do so. (You stated for the doctor to write Social Security a letter. The letter would be transmitting the forms that he must complete for Soc. Sec. and would probably be a summary of his position regarding them granting you disability or not.)

    The $200 is probably in line if you think about it.

    The forms that the doctors complete are lengthy--8 to 10 pages at a minimum. If you have a lot of problems, his replies could also be lengthy--those 8-10 pages could end up longer (with a lot of continuation pages).

    A doctor's standard rate of pay (if you were to hire one to work in a clinic, etc.) is around $125/hour. This rate of pay is not out of line, either, considering the expense of their education, their malpractice insurance, etc.

    The doctor also must pay one of his office personnel her salary to copy all of your records.

    My doctor told me that it took him 2 hours to complete my paperwork (I have a LOT of medical problems, though, and I had listed every single one of them on my SSDI application).

    So .... to get my doctor to complete the forms for SSDI, $200 would be a good price (2 hours work, plus his office personnel copying).

    I am thankful, though, that my doctor did NOT charge me for completing my forms. I have been a patient of his since he first started his practice.

    If you must pay that for your doctor to complete your forms, I'm with you--I would pay it. Otherwise, you have no chance of winning your case if your doctor won't complete the forms!!!!

    Good luck.

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    While it is within your right to see your medical records, most Doctors charge a fee for copies to be made and/or sent. Sometimes it just a $20 flat fee, but there are some out there who charge as much as $50 per page.

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    My dr. did not charge me anything. I guess I was fortunate.
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    I paid my Dr's office $150 for the letter and when she testified for me in court and helped me win my case I paid her $200 and took her out to dinner! I also bring her & her staff flowers, veggies from our garden, my art, etc. Doctors do a lot for us and insurance compainies don't pay them near what they are worth & make them jump through too many hoops to get paid. So I know it sounds steep when you have very little money for your own survival, but if they help you win your case....it's worth it.

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    I had to pay $500 for a letter by one doctor and $825 for another.