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    DISCLAIMER -- I posted this on the depression board also.

    As those of you who have read my posts throughout the last 9 months, I have had heaven and hell with both of my daughters.

    My younger daughter wasn't working and drinking quite heavily. She got a job that she has held for over 6 mth and drinking is almost confined to weekends if that much.

    My older daughter has had a rough 2007 and I have tried to be there for her as much as possible. On Sept 13, she told me she was mad at me and gave her reasons and I haven't heard from her since.

    Last night, I called and left a message for her wishing hew a Merry Christmas. She called me tonight. We talked for 30 min. She is dealing with some issues and isn't ready to have daily contact by any means. But I asked her if I could call her once in a while, she said yes and that she would call me too. But she just has to have this time alone. I understand that and will honor her needs.

    I feel like 100 lbs of sadness has been lifted off my shoulders. We aren't back where I wish we were, but at least she is ready to talk to me on some level again.


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    Wonderful news! I'm so happy For you! Aren't families a Puzzel! Mine is that way too! But hey "The Ice is Broken"! Yea!

    She knows you are there for her and thats the main thing! Thats what i always tell the Girls that i'm there for them no matter what and they seem to understand that language!

    my oldest Gal was here for x-mas and that was good because i hadn't seen her for almost 3 months and she only lives 10 miles away!

    Although we did talk on the phone sometimes,she has a very demanding job and also travels sometimes,,But i missed her!,,,,keep us informed!,,,Hugs!,,,Sis
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