21 years old with weird symptoms and pain all over

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    Hi, this is my first time posting but I have been visiting this site for a while now. For the past 6 months or so I have been experiencing weird sympotms and pain I have never had before. I was just wanting to see if anyone thinks I might have fibro and if I should mention this to my doctor when I go see him for the first time about this next week.

    It all started with some pain I experienced on my left side, like on my rib cage, that would come and go. Sometimes it felt like a aching pain, other times almost a burning pain. I also started to notice that my back hurt a lot when I was sitting in a certain position for a long time. Also, I would have this sensation that someone was holding me around my neck, sometimes it is painful other times just an uncomfortable feeling. Since this all started, a multitude of what seems as weird symptoms have followed. These include:

    1.a weired sensation in my ears, like they are full, and sometimes they itch and or pop
    2.i hear cracks all around my body when I move, especially in my back and neck, if i turn my head it feels as if the back of my head if cracking
    3.the back of my head/neck feels full and if I touch it hurts and feels weird after touching
    4.pain all around ribs, sometimes feel as if there is a charlie horse in my left side
    5.if I walk for even just a short the bottoms of my legs become extremely tight and painful
    6.changes in vision, sometimes i see outlines of stuff and bright lights bother me, especially watching TV at night and oncoming headlights when driving
    7.headaches that come and go all around my head
    8.jaw pain, sometimes feel as if popping
    9.if i get scared, it feels as if i have an electric current run through me, not painful, just a very weird sensation, i also feel this reaction to some loud piercing noises
    10.i always feel a little bloated and have the need to belch or feel very gassy in my stomach, and it makes a lot more noises, also i have had more diarrhea than normal
    11.Very achy upper back muscles, like in shoulder area and underneath neck, hurts to touch

    I feel as if my whole body has just changed and it scares me. I am only 21 and I have no idea why I feel this way. I have read many people get fibro after an accident, but I have never been in a bad wreck or anything. I do have a lot of stress in my life though. I would not say I am in so much pain that I can't live my daily life, but it is definetly bothersome and uncomfortable. I would truly appreciate any thoughts from you guys, sorry this was so long.
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    I'm sorry you're having so many problems. I'm sure you'll get a lot of answers here. Of course, I hope you don't have FMS, but if you do, this site will help you. It's hard to say if all these symptoms add up to FMS. I have FMS and suffer from some of these symptoms and you are quite correct in making a doctor appt. You might want to look up the criteria for FMS and bring it with you to your appt. Besides examining you, the doctor might also run some blood tests and x-rays. There could be illnesses other than FMS with these symptoms and the doctor would need to rule them out. As far as how you develop FMS, it doesn't always come about as a result of an accident. I was not in an accident, but I do feel that stress precipitated my first FMS attack. When I get stressed out now, physically and/or mentally, I go into a flare. The main thing we have to do is NOT overdo things. We have to learn how to pace ourselves. Please let us know how your appt. turns out and what the doctor says. Good luck!

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    I definitely say see and ask your Dr.There could be a lot of things that could cause these symptems.Don't take a chance that it might be something that the Dr. needs to look into.I wouldn't accept fibro as a diagnosis unless tests were run to rule out anything else.Hopefully it will be something that can be cured. bejo
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    SOME of your symptoms sound like FMS others sound like either extreme FMS, or possibly something else (don't know what exactly).

    First and foremost. WRITE down EVERY single symptom and hand it to dr. That way, you have made a list, so you don't forget anything. and you won't sound like you went to dr. JUST to complain (some drs. actually think that???)

    the sudden onset of such severe symptoms worry me.
    Mine was more gradual except for the pain in my back/joints.

    one thing that seems to jump out at me as a possible cause is aspertame poisoning.
    do you drink ANY diet drinks or eat any diet foods?

    if so STOP STOP STOP NOW!!!

    I suggest you drink at LEAST 4 glasses of bottled water a day as well as natural fruit juices.(no sugar added)

    the reason I say bottled water is because not everyone has good tap water. yes, the water co. may CLAIM it's safe. recently our water co. was forced to announce that their test equipment was outdated and was not detecting the DANGEROUS levels of heavy metals and microbes that are REALLY in our water.

    (gee thanks water co.!!)

    PLEASE let us know what your dr. says. and please be aware that you need more than ONE dr. oppinion on this.
    if you are going to a primary care doctor ask for a referral to a rheumatologist and maybe also a neurologist. rheumy first).

    be wary of them handing you a stack of prescriptions right off the bat.
    If they do n't do blood work, the dr. is NOT that concerned with your care and probably does not believe you.
    the Dr. should order a CBC and Chem 7.

    are you on any meds at the moment?
    could you have some kind of alergy??

    some that cause these symptoms are food dyes, and additives (especially nitrates and other preservatives).
    Gluten is also a common alergy.

    start eating very healthy. (if God didn't create the food in the form you are eating it, it probably isn't going to make you feel better...in fact it may make you sick.)
    I know it's hard advice to takeespecially in this world of prepackaged meals and instant foods.

    but consider this good advice, whether you have FMS or not.

    I hope you get the proper answer and treatment from your dr.
    the reason you feel like this is that something is wrong.
    a healthy person does NOT feel this way.

    I had to EXPLAIN that to a dr. once.
    Isn't THAT odd. And here I thought he went to college for 10+ years to learn that!
    Do you know what they call the guy in medical school who was at the bottom of his class?
    > DOCTOR

    scarey thought huh?

    God bless and don't give up looking for answers.
    we seem to know MORE about our health than drs. do. that's because we take the time to learn. most dr.s think they already LEARNED it all.

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    I hope you can find a doctor to treat all your symptoms.
    Many of these symptoms sound like tmj syndrome. You may have to go to a pain specialist for this. Keep us informed.
    Everyone on this board cares about each other very much, including all the new members. We all try to help each other. It sure does sound like fibromyalgia; but you need to go to an INFORMED doctor. Granmakitty
  6. j-bearmama

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    thought I should bump this so lauren can get more advice from us...
  7. Anita B.

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    Dear Lauren,
    It sounds like you may indeed have the beginning of Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. I had all of the same symptoms as you (except for #6) beginning with a sudden onset at age 23. So this can start suddenly and at a young age. One thing I will caution you - do not see a chiropractor. I saw one at the beginning and he made me much, much worse with his manipulations of my spine! Seeing a chiropractor was the worst mistake I ever made.
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    Hey Lauren, I'm 25 now, but was diagnosed with fibro when I was 21. Many of your symptoms do sound like you may have it, so I would agree that you need to talk to your doctor about your all your symptoms and he/she should (hopefully) be able to give you a diagnosis as to what might be wrong. So sorry to hear about all these symptoms you have, but definitely tell your doctor.
  9. Myth

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    I have all the symptoms you listed, but I have had fibro for quite some time now. I would say the onset of the major symptoms or the major decline in my health started at your age. What concerns me however is the rapid onset of these symptoms and the lack of more moderate FMS symptoms before this onset. Some of those symptoms I would be quite concerned about and may indicate other conditions. As with other responses to this post I would make a clear list of these symptoms, including severity and duration and bring it to your doctor. It takes a while to get an FMS diagnosis but in the process a whole lot of other things are elminated.