22, have CFS, disabled 2.5 years, looking for CFSer to relate to

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  1. foreverdream

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    hi, i am 22 and had to drop out of college 2.5 years ago due to CFS. i still can not return to school or go to work. i have to rest most of the time and can only leave my house a few times a week, always with assistance. i am just really discouraged right now and really need to talk to someone else who has CFS who can relate. i am open to any age--elders for their advice, young people just to know that im not the only one whose life was halted at such a young age. i am lonely, please write me.

    still dreamin...
  2. kgg

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    It is no fun and I feel really bad that you are so young. We do have young people on this board. I'm sure you will hear from some of them. You have come to the right place to help ease the lonliness and get support. I will be praying for your healing. Welcome. -Karen
  3. glendamarie22

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    It seems we are in the exact same position in life. I am 23 and have also had to stop work and school because of this disease. I go our very rarely and almost always with my parents - I live at home. You can e-mail me anytime if you need someone to talk to. I know I sure do, sometimes!

  4. glendamarie22

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    my e-mail address is g_m_g@juno.com

  5. Shirl

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    Hi Dreamin, welcome to our world! Sorry, its hard for me to remember what I was doing at 22 years old, but was not ill then, and am so sorry that you are.

    We have a lot of young people here to help, and relate to you and your CFS.

    Take care, and again, a big welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. T-BO

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    I'm 20 and have been CF for about 1.5 years now. Yeah, it's a pain in the azz but ya just gotta role wit it and ride it out.
    We are young. It won't last forever.
    Just make sure that you have been screened for other possible illnesses that have the same characteristics of CFS.
    Also, treatments and cures are constantly being researched. Currently, there are treatments and experimental drugs that can eliviate some symptoms, but everybody reacts differently.
    I hope this information is of any use to you.

    Peace out!

  7. Shazzy

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    Hello foreverdream.

    I am luck enough not be so young at the start of this illness. However i know exacty how you feel.

    I am 95% bed ridden and house bound and feel the need for a friend with simular situation.

    If you would like to email me to support each other.

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  8. LinnFam

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    My son, Joseph, 23, also suffers with CFS, fibro. He is an avid Bible student, always digging for deep truths. Right now, he is in Mexico at Hospital Santa Monica, undergoing multiple therapies, trying to conquer this illness or at least obtain significant improvement.
    He, too, fears that he will not meet a Godly woman, marry and have children, which is his greatest desire. Like you basically said, "How can you meet anyone if you can't leave home?" Most of his computer time is spent in his commodoties and stocks, but I'll tell him that there is another young person out there in the same boat.
    Never quit hoping, never quit searching.

  9. z

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    I am young and i have had cfs for a couple months. i cant even imagine 2.5 years. I will be praying for you :)

    They think I have cfs as well, i have almost all the symptoms but with cfs do any of you just feel awful or is it just fatigue? because i have both and i dont know if thats normal. please someon respond thanks .Also does anyone know of any herbs to help thanks! Tia

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  10. foreverdream

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    oh baby, i cant believe you are only 15 going through this...yes, cfs is not just fatigue, it is also that"sick" feeling like having the flu or feeling under the weather. the way i describe it is that it feels like my body is eating itself from the inside, that it is fighting itself. that is the only way i could describe an immune disorder (which cfs is). with the cfs i also lost 20 pounds even though i ate like crazy, i had wierd rashes, lost 1/3 of my hair, etc. the worst is the sore throats. they come all the time and i lose my voice. then the fatigue gets worse and i cant even get out of bed. also, i have difficulty concentrating and thinking. my mind feels "fuzzy." oh ye ah, and insomnia (which is wierd cuz im so tired i cant do anything else), but yeah, sleep takes forever and isnt restful at all. anyways, that has just been my experience, i dont know if it is like that for everyone. i also remember in the early months they did the same thing with me that they are with you---just said it might be depression and popped me on some antidepressants. they didnt really do the job, and i knew that i wasnt all depressed---that there was just physical stuff going on (although stress and depression certainly dont help). anyways, i dont know if you have cfs or not. it sounds like it, but they have to rule out other things like lupus and lyme disease and whatnot. but just know that cfs is very real and there are many others who suffer with it. as far as herbs, i take stuff to help boost my immune system. if i can fight off the sore throats and stuff i have a better chance handling the fatigue. vitamin C is a must, some form of antioxidant is good too. drinking green tea is good. oh yeah, and i have found that taking potassium and magnesium give me a little more energy. hope this helps...keep ur chin up. u r not lazy or just an emotional basketcase--dont let anyone tell you you are. you are going thru genuine physical struggles. so just keep hoping...
  11. vinetti23

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    Sorry about your situation... I had it about 2 years ago, but I started to take Neurontin and things improved a lot in the CFS area. I still go through phases as you described, but the Neurontin has helped. I was very unfocused and listless. I couldn't get anything done and I didn't care about anything really. I watched TV all day long...and even that was draining after a while. I think the neurontin fixed my sleep architecture, which in turn gave me the potential to do more during the day. Since it's been 2.5 years I'm guessing you went through all the meds...but if not, there's a chance something can help.
  12. garyandkim

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    Get a doctor that really cares and knows what they are doing. Gary stopped working a year and a half ago and I had to stop 10 years ago. If you can get meds to help you work and get bennifits from them it will help you later in life. It isn't easy and almost killed Gary but, we now can live on disablity insurance and SSDI. I didn't know what was wrong with me when I had to retire at age 36. W/o any bennifits and I was a V.P. making great money. It was hard to get up and work. If you can't work get what help you can from the gov. and keep copies of all your medical records and tests etc. We have found that you have to be your own advocate and not give up. Life is different with these DD's but, we still are able to live life and find enjoyment. We have 5 boys ages 26 to 4 years and when I was pregnant I had never felt so good. Our 19 year old (20 in a couple weeks) has FMS and 2 of our other boys show symtoms. FYI We just found out a couple years back that kids born to one with FMS has a 25% chance of developing FMS and if both P's have it there is a 50% chance.

    Take good care of yourselves and Wecome, Kim and Gary
  13. lou2

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    I hope this will be helpful to hear.
    I have been ill with Fms/Cfs for 1.5 yrs but in the last few months i have suddenly started recovering!
    I posted a week ago about my recovery and basically i hope it might give some of you some hope. I am 22 also, and at one point i really thought i was going to die, but now i don't feel so bad, in fact i feel near to 'normal'. I don't know if this is going to last or not but i hope so!. I deffered my fine art degree for a year but i hope to go back in october.
    I hoped it might help to read of someone of the same age who is getting better!
    love and hugs,
    lou x x x
    email on profile
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    I am the daughter of the person belonging to this message board. I am 23 and have also been diagonsed with FMS.We are not sure what it is from.I was diagonsed about 1yr ago but I have had it for about 3yrs. I was very sick for about a year and ever since I haven't been the same. I understand how you feel although I haven't had to stop going to school or work. I am just pushing through day by day hour by hour. I work full time, and was taking four class every week, which was two every night. I am just finishing up school, I will receive my associates degree is business in Augest. I think that this has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I miss knowing what it was like to feel ok and rested. I am busy so I am not on all the time,but my mother is. If you ever need to talk I am a good listener who understands that being young with this DD is not always easy. We also have a lot in common, to much to list.

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  15. scottabir

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    I am 22, 23 in July, and have had CFS/FM since I was 13. I understand your lonliness. When I was at my worst (19) I lost all of mt friends and my fiance. I am no longer able to work and I reccently tried to go back to school but had to give it up. It was doing more harm than good. I am now married to a wonderful man whom I met over the internet. It was such a chance meeting but he is a God send. Please try to keep your hope. You will get through this, we all will someday.
    My email is in my profile if you are intersted.