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    Good Morning Everyone. I'm a new member but I'm not new to having Fibromyalgia. I've had it about 2 years now. It's came and tried it's damndest to wreck my life. I'm not using this borad to vent and go off about the illness I plan to use this for extra support and in that it brings me to my first question. I've re done my "diet" though I'm not on one persay i'm curbing what I eat and I've even lost 15 lbs, I'm walking and even swimming but my question is after doing all of that, for you all did the pain, and everything else get better? Thanks. Binky
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    I'm going to copy and paste what I just said to someone else: "You may want to check into some alternative therapies. There's an excellent website, www.yew360.com, that has helpful products and consultants. Also, check for an acupuncturist and massage therapist in your area."

    The pain and everything will eventually get better as the toxins that cause the disease come out of your body and allows your body to regenerate itself, but it takes time and consistency. Stay dedicated, keep a positive state of mind, and it'll pay off for you.

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    The variables with these DDs (Danged Diseases) at times seem to be endless.

    But , there are a couple of old sayings that are often , but not always , applicable. I've experienced the accuracy of them myself.

    They are :

    "Use it or lose it" and "No pain , no gain". As time goes on , it has become more difficult for me to "exercise" these old saws. But , I always do the best that I can.

    Every day I fight for every inch of my life that these DDs try to rip from my grasp. I haven't gained much , but , I've lost less than I would have.

    I'm not saying this is the best way for everyone , just the best one for me.

    Blessings ,