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    i have had sudden pain in my lower skull neck and the from of my chest and lower back. i went to my dr and she looked at the past reason i has visted her office, insomnia and erratic sleep patterns then chronic sudden headaches , and extreme lack of energy then i went for the pain. she started "testing triggers" and said she believes i have fm but is going to do some other blood tests and mri to rule out anything else. since the diagnoses i have had a very concerned thought of how am i suppose to live the rest of my life with this. I am married and already cant have children but planned to adopt, who is going to let me adopt a baby now and if they do how can i interact and be a proactive parent. I work full time plus some as a manager at a finance company. I am very scared and dont have any support from my family. My husband's mom was diagnosed with fm when he was 17 but she ended but dying because of cancer and he has been very disconnected since my diagnoses. i feel hopeless. i dont what i can do to ease the pain and live life again..HELP!!
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    Hi dawn...
    I know you must be so overwhelmed and scared right now, but hang in there, okay! I have three children, all the while have been dealing w/ FM (and other health problems) since I was a teen. I am almost certain you will still be able to adopt. I hope you find some hope and help from this board-- it's a great place. Feel free to ask any questions.

    It's good that your doctor recognized this (still while ordering further tests to rule out other possible issues)-- a caring doctor is a great and rare thing to have.

    Welcome and may you find hope again...it's possible and you are worth doing all you can to make your life happy despite your health problems...
    Take Care,
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    Hi so sorry to hear how much you are hurting.

    The biggest thing you can do is listen to your body and not over do. If you do have fm you have to come first.

    It is so sad about families not being supportive. so many here have this problem. This is a great site for info. maybe you could print some of the letters off a really good one is THE THIEF OF LIVES you will find it under way to explain fm. also take hubby to doctors with you sounds like he maybe is flashing back to his mom. Try to see if he will talk to you.

    Lotsa of moms on this board post for questions to them. Can't think of a reason you wouldn't be able to adopt. In fact my daughter works for an adoption agency I could ask her what the rules are for that if you would like.

    did you talk to doc about pain meds? also supplements are good we tend to be low on vit d have doc ck. Grapeseed extract has really helped me.

    hope you feel better
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    I know it's easier said than done, but try not to define yourself by your Fibro.
    I've had it for I suspect since I was late teens, early twenties, although I remember having horrible growing pains as a child. Because I was only diagnosed a couple of years ago, I really thought my aching body was just the way I was since nobody could tell me any different.

    Strangely since being diagnosed I've had a harder time. Although it's wonderful to have a name to what is going on with my body, for some reason, emotionally that is where my hard work has had to come in.

    I've worked most of my adult life, except when I was home with my babies. I have two wonderful boys. 21 and 16. Truthfully I made it just fine. Yep, I've always been one that has had to nap, take Tylenol - untl my pain got too much for me to handle.

    Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Find a dr. who will work with you on easing your pain. Work on your emotional well being and remember who you are first - don't let this crazy thing rule your life. See a therapist if things become too tough for you to handle on your own. You CAN have children and raise them. Motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me...THE BEST.