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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    What a week...not really good except Barry's nature report. Oh and Rock's humor.

    It has been a rough week especially for HRN in the hospital and Jole's sister...can't
    get any worse than that.

    My younger brother and I have finally split the sheets as my mother used to say.
    Of course I am sorry about it but I have to be determined. My son Ryan and his wife and baby were here when he sent the ugly texts to me. That helped to ground me. I only read one of
    them and realized that they were bad. Ryan said to delete them. I concerned that I might
    see something while deleting so he did it for me.

    It is so complicated it isn't even worth talking about. But I guess to sum it up, he only has contact with me if he can think of something ugly to say. So, it doesn't seem to be any reason to have contact, does it now? He lives in another state so we won't be running into
    each other.

    Ok, why have I kept in contact with him if he is ugly. Cause of his 11 yo daughter who is close to me. She loves her Aunt in Florida and tells all her friends when I am coming up.
    So, brother guilts me into staying in contact when I try back off. But Ryan said "this is too much. In the long run, the 11 yo won't remember." I hope not.

    It's a downer. Kinda sorry I mentioned it but I don't have anyone to talk to.

    We called in the troops (kids) to try to get the wallpaper down in the kitchen before the counters go in. It's been a mess, of course, but progress has been made!

    Cold here too! I don't think it is freezing tonight but there was a freeze warning last nite.
    Poor little buds that made it through the January freeze, might not have made it through
    this one. I think I am just about "used" to putting on cold weather clothes...that is a first
    in a long time!

    Insomnia..here too. Not as bad as Rock, Vic and Faye but missed a lot last nite.

    Love you all....go back and read the posts from a lot of people if you have missed them.

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    This week can be a week we don't remember, maybe? So, 'tis good you started a new thread.

    Aw Linda, how sad it is that we aren't guaranteed to get along with family just because we're related. I know how hard that can be when you're so attached to his child in particular. She will remember, and it will be the good things she remembers despite what her father may say.

    My guess is when she's older, she'll probably look you up. She may even write to you anyway, or email if she has your address, on her own in the meantime. I was in sort of a similar position when I was young, I was insistent to a point (altho there was no point ultimately for me to continue contact with a certain relative). So having been in your niece's position myself, that's my guess. Interesting that your bro guilted you into staying in contact even when you don't get along, tho, that's rare.

    The nights are clear right now, but tonight seems warmer (yay!) Are you wearing your flip-flops still in defiance? It was a warm day, maybe that's why, tho I've been told we can still get some frost for the next few weeks. I actually took a 10 minute (relatively fast) walk!

    dulce suenos, I hope to be in bed quicker tonight! Hope y'all can sleep, including me...


  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thanks for the wise advise, Victoria, means so much! Again, what would I do without my
    friends. We have such life experiences to draw from as a group!

    Oh a happy note, 16 month old is changing so much with each visit. Her legs are longer (can reach more thing...so up they go, if fragile). Making all the animal sounds when asked. MOOO,
    MEOW. So funny. She has a memory! She remembers her favorite things here and checks them out. One is a phone that is on a low table. Picks it up and say "Hallo". Those things the little ones do just crack you up....cause they are so little.

    Went to the grocery store where they have one cart for a child that has steering wheels (two).
    She 'drove' us all over the grocery store.

    Think I will go read a bit before more shut eye.

    Thanks again, Vic.

    Love to all!!

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been up most of the night. Listening to the rain. It's gentle w/ some gusts of wind
    now and then. Huckle has spent most of the night curled up on the carpet.

    Victoria, I just reread "Fried Green Tomatoes" a month or two back. Don't remember
    anything about Towanda. It was the name of a town on an old radio program when
    I was a kid.

    Who asked about the Garrison Keillor book? Was it you, Fay? Anyway it is titled
    "Garrison Keillor" and is by Peter Scholl who is a college professor at Luther College
    in Decorah, Iowa.

    It may not be a small world, but it's a relatively small Mid West. I was born in Decorah.
    Decorah is 30 miles from my home village of Harmony. All our practice teachers
    came from Luther. We used to go there to hear their wonderful chorus and see some
    of their theater productions. I was so impressed. They had costumes and sets
    like a movie. In our High School, we had the same furniture for every play the whole
    time I was there.

    Anyhoo, the book has biographical info, but it's mostly a discussion and analysis of
    Keillor's work. I don't think I'll read the whole thing. I did learn that Garrison's real
    first name is Gary. Keillor is a Scottish name. (I always figured it was German.)

    Yes, Victoria is right about the jade tree or jade plant. Gordon has several. They require
    almost no water or care. They have tiny white flowers that look like stars. Their
    stems are woody and get thick as tree branches as they age. They are members
    of the succulent family which is hard to say if your name is Winthrop Paroo, and
    you live in River City, Iowa.

    Jole, I can't manage a computer w/o a mouse either. Took a class at the library on
    using their computers. I couldn't manage very well using a finger for a mouse. I
    was trying to get some basic info. like, how I do I get on the internet using the library
    computer. The man sitting next to me just wouldn't shut up. Took up all the instructor's
    time. I told him so on the ride home too.

    Glad you're back, Jan. Hope you're feeling better. For most of us, if we get sick,
    once we get over it we're back to the same lousy state we were in to start with.

    Pam, you're right. The normal world is pretty much in past for most of us. And for
    those of us from dysfunctional families, it never was very normal.

    Spacee, getting toxic people out of your life may be hard, but it is very
    therapeutic. As one of my therapists said, "You can't get shrimp scampi at
    McDonalds. And there are family members who cannot give you support,
    encouragement or love. Worse, they give you grief. So stay away from them."

    If I had it to do over again, I would have been more determined. No visits, phone calls,
    letters, etc. Would have avoided a lot of trouble and stress.

    Barry, didn't know there were such animals as pink daffodils. I found a photo.
    It was a white flower w/ a pink cup (center). Very dramatic. I was gonna post
    the address, but I lost it while Oh, Wait! Here it is!


    Well, try that. The computer is always extra recalcitrant in the rain. Gordon says
    the wires get wet. Or maybe the satellites get wet. All too much for a bear of
    small brain.

    Well, let's see if this will post.

  5. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    My heart hurts for you. Those break-ups can be so hard. And they happen more often than one would think.

    I have a younger brother somewhere in Arizona. I haven't seen him in many, many years. None of the family here in PA has seen him. He's the only boy in the family, and an alcoholic like our father. One day he picked up and flew to Arizona to live. Never even told any of us he was going. We found out "through the grapevine" that he left. No address. Nothing. Just gone. My heart has been broken ever since. I did a search on the computer at one point and found the name of the town where he lives. That's as far as I went. He doesn't want any of us in his life.

    I think you might be surprised though, about your 11 yr. old niece. At that age she knows her father has issues. And she knows too that you love her. You and she have already bonded. She is probably hurt too by the separation. I hope you won't give up hope for a future relationship with her. She may need you in her life. I wouldn't be surprised if she reaches out to you a some time. She will need to find a way to do it in spite of her father. But, I'll bet you hear from her at some point.

    Your 16 mo. old granddaughter sounds like such a delight! Lucky you!!

    Sounds like your kitchen is under construction. What a good reason to eat out :)

    Love you, Spacee. You take good care of yourself. It's good to see your post. I knew you were struggling and had you on my mind all of yesterday.

    Watch out for low-flying aircraft!! hahaha.

    Warm Hugs,

  6. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I looked up Jade Tree. Saw some beautiful photos. Yes, they are alot like Bonsai Trees, which I've always found fascinating. I've had the hens and chicks over the years and they do very well. Here we call them cats and kittens. I like those.

    I wasn't able to pull up the link you mentioned about the XMRV. My computer's been acting difficult through the last storm. I'll try again.

    I'll talk to you soon. Gotta run.

  7. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I so can identify with you these past several days. Overwhelming fatigue. Feels like I'm almost "gone", if you know what I mean. It's scarey! I've never been this tired before and don't know if it means I'm sicker than before or what's going on. Doctor's appointment is 4 weeks away. I'll try and make it until then to see what Doc. says.

    Thanks for the information about the GK book. I went to the library system on my computer and couldn't find anything about Garrison Keillor except what he himself has written. This book sounds good and I will keep my eye out for it. So Gary is his correct first name. He refers to himself as Gary sometimes, and I was thinking he was using the short version of Garrison. The man is brilliant, in my opinion. Whatever name he decided to use professionally would work just fine. His talent would shine through mud!

    My computer has no mouse. It's a laptop with a touchpad. I've gotten used to it, but a touchpad is deffinitely more sensitive than a mouse. My last computer had the mouse. I liked that better. Better control. With the touchpad I'm always clicking something I didn't mean to click.

    When I looked up Pink Daffodils I ended up with a group of musicians, I think in England! I'll try the link you offered.

    Have a nice day, Rock,
    Fay :)
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Went to breakfast even though it was almost lunch.Hubby let me sleep in.I told him thank-you it was heaven.Got groceries and the fatigue hit like a moving train.What is going on with us all?
    I'm used to tired but this is all consuming fatigue!

    On the bright side a reason for supper to be brought in.I'm practicing on positive outlooks.

    Spacee-Sorry about your brother.Count me in the dysfunctional family group.Youngest sister and I are estranged.My three neices contact me on MySpace and keep me updated on their lives and I try never to explain my side or put them in the middle.It causes an uncomfortable separation sometimes but the girls still keep in touch and know I love them.I bet it will be the same for you.

    Lots more s***w here again.We're sick of it.
    Positive note I have a great excuse for my hair looking so messy.Can't get out for a cut!

    Gotta go get a nap.
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I am so tempted to just buy a wig. But I know how uncomfortable it would be, have tried my friend's for a short period of time. I wish I were brave enough to be like a guy and just shave my hair off, and go without anything, LOL....

    TOWANDA LIVES! Yes she does, and she was in Green Fried Tomatoes!
    Found my favorite part on youtube:


    IT'S the part where she (the alter-ego of Kathy Bates' character) stands up for herself in the supermarket parking lot.

    Apparently there are other Towanda towns, btw, there's one in Kansas, Penn., & Illinois too. And at least 25 people in Minnesota with that as their first name.

    Wonder what it stood for in whatever Indian language it came from?

    Ooops silly me, according to one site: Its source is a Slavic expression meaning "The tribe of the Vandals."

    It really sounds like a north american indian name to me, but, what do I know.

    Rock, did you ever see the movie? Maybe that's why it stood out to me (I never read the book, I confess) - Kathy Bates was great in it.

    Well in the year I've lived here now, the jade tree has never gotten flowers, I didn't know that it did. Wonder what it will take to get it to flower? I'll have to do some research.

    Cats and kittens, I never heard that name before for hens & chicks, LOL, but it fits.

    Anybody know any 'No More *now!' chants for us to say on behalf of y'all getting snowbound - ooops, I mean *nowbound?

    That's all for now........... as this week continues, instead of getting lost.


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  10. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Pam, hang in there. The Robins are arriving! Spring is just about here!!

    Victoria, the Jade tree photos I saw had white flowers. Maybe you need to have two plants for them to polinate. (I have no idea.) I'll bet the plant experts in CA (Barry and Rock) would know this.

    Take care everyone.


  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    There's a western bluebird still hanging around.... first time we've seen him & mate, so I assume they're migrating back up north? But they seem to be taking their time if they are, not sure what THAT means.

    I just looked up jade trees, saw both white & pink! - LOL they need no watering before the first frost.... and then they 'might' flower around the shortest day of the year. Something to remember next fall.

    Well at least I know why they're doing so well - they've rooted themselves into the gravel border along our porch (they need well-drained soil).

  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    We watched the Prairie Home movie tonight...is that not a coincidence! THEN, sicker....we caught the last of Fried Green Tomatoes.

    WHICH finally inspired me to do what I have been meaning to do. Check and see if The WhistleStop Cafe that is 15 minutes from where I grew up is the one in the book. IT IS!!!

    I LOVED that cafe. Oh YUM. Never went there until about 12 years ago and haven't been back since about 2003. Oh, yes indeed, had the fried green tomatoes. It was so southern and so delicious. I think one of my favorite places in the whole world to eat. (But maybe you need to
    be from the south :) Do you like fried okra and fried chicken livers? See what I mean. But Heaven!!

    And I don't want you to worry about the little town. At the end of the movie it says that it kind of went into disrepair (?) something like that. No, Birmingham just moved out that way far enough to take it in. But the trains still go by and it has it's small town feel in the downtown area. Irondale, Alabama is the name of the town.

    Rock, I do like shrimp scampi better than McD's so I will remember that one. And much love and thanks to all my sweet ones here. Much pain besides physical here.

    The kids really tackled the kitchen. It got my son's nose out of a book so he was chatty. I like it when he is talkative. And he seemed to like to have someone listen while he worked...(unlike Rock at the library's computer...smile.)

    Chilly down here. But I have seen too many birds for spring to not be coming soon for you folks.

    How many here like sardines? Just wondering. It's kinda like life is too short to not like them. :)) That may be lunch tomorrow. I need to lose my Christmas 5 (as in the Freshman
    10lbs) from THIS Christmas. Then I will start work on last Christmas's. Why? Cause I think my joints would appreciate it. Particularly my knees. They aren't loving me right now.

    Victoria, we used to wear wigs in the 70's, do you remember? I wish they would come back in style. I don't go out for at the most 2 hours, so I think I could stand it. The key is getting
    one that looks good. That is tricky. But a man in town used to wear a rug and everyone was
    always talking about it when they mentioned him. Then he got a new one that was very suitable...no one has mentioned it since and that was years ago.

    This is probably getting too long and it is late...so I will say adios. Even the 16month says adios...haha.

    Love to all,

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Fay, you're right. I have had more energy the last two days. I
    know the level goes up and down, but mine had been down for
    a couple weeks. Anyhoo, have more pep right now. Just
    finished making one of those skillet dinners that comes in a

    The Minute Rice people say on their box you can make your own
    skillet dinner using their rice, and it's much cheaper. Well, it probably is.
    Am now doing the dishes. That is to say, they're soaking.

    Sorry to hear about your brother. One of my aunts ran away
    too. When my grandmother tracked her down and went to
    visit, Alma Jean slammed the door in her face. May be for
    the best that these people absented themselves.

    Pam, yes, it helps to keep a positive outlook, but I seldom do.
    Here's a real life example from over half a century ago. The
    little girl of my mother's best friend was running w/ scissors.
    Of course she fell and her face was cut. Her mother rushed her
    to the hospital.

    A couple months later the mother said, "Well, Jennifer's face
    is all healed. Thank goodness there's no scar. (pause) And
    she did get to see the inside of a hospital."

    I see you did some research on Towanda, Victoria. I checked
    the internet. Turns out the word is derived from a modern Indian
    legend. An Indian got bogged down during a mudslide on the
    Pacific Coast Highway. So he whipped out his cell phone and
    called Triple A.

    "What do you need? asked Triple A. The Indian said, "I need
    a TOW-AND-A bottle of of Evian. Thanks."

    Spacee, I think the only time I ever ate Okra was in Campbell's
    Chicken Gumbo Soup. Never had fried green tomatoes, but
    my mother use to bake ripe tomato slices on a cookie sheet
    till soft. She topped them w/ bread crumbs and butter.

    I wore a wig once. It was Cher's. On Halloween, folks at the
    office wore costumes. I just put on stuff I had in the closet like
    mismatched shoes and a plastic Hawaiian lei. Was gonna
    wear a farmer's straw hat, but I forgot it.

    My secretary reached in her desk and pulled out a black wig.
    "Here. This was Cher's. You can wear this." Secretary did not
    know Cher, but she had a friend who had a shop on Melrose Ave.
    that sold items from movie and TV studios, costume warehouses,
    etc. Her friend had loaned her the wig so she could wear it at
    a party that evening.

    She also had a leather jacket that Michael Jackson had left
    behind at the home of Alicia Buttons. Alicia was the wife of Red

    (You guys may be too young to remember Red. He had a TV
    show in the early days [the 50s] and was a star on Broadway
    and in the movies. Won an Oscar.)

    Anyhoo, I did not win an Oscar, but I did win 3rd prize in the
    costume contest.

    Hope you all have a good day. Or a better day. Or a not too
    bad day. Or....

  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww to sardines, okra, oysters, and liver of any kind, LOL.
    Well I do like seafood gumbo or the Louisiana version, but otherwise no.

    I don't think this has anything to do with origins either, lol, as my Mom tried to
    get us to like all of this stuff except okra (not available in the 50s up north, hehehe).
    She liked everything, like Mikie in the commercials. I think it's genetic, especially
    with liver - you like it or you don't, and that never changes. Well that's my story &
    I'm sticking to it.

    I remember Red Buttons... he was still on all the variety shows thru the 1960s even.
    I think all the variety shows pretty much bit the dust in the 1970s.

    Do you remember that guy (had an accent) on Ed Sullivan who painted a pair of lips
    between his thumb & index finger, a wig on top of his hand, some eyes in between,
    and had a comedy ventriloquist act for years?

    Such a simple prop.... would never work today on TV!

    Yep, I confess I bought a wig in the 1970s.... it was the same color as my hair.
    My hair at the time was down to my hips tho. The wig was a page boy cut.

    The first time I wore it, people really thought I'd cut my hair - I got a lot of
    compliments! ---And a lot of confused looks the next time they saw me with my
    own hair... :) It was ok for short periods of time, but not hot weather.

    I'm betting Cher had a much better kind of wig, tho! Did your friend get to keep
    it and the jacket, Rock? That would be worth some $$ by now...

    LOL baaaaad joke about Towanda. I still think it is an Indian name that just
    happened to be very similar to a slavic name.

    Today seems to be a good day, so I guess I need to go shopping....

    hope you all have at least a little better day, too!


  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    turns out it is an Indian name... thought so!

    Towanda means
    'peaceful resting place',
    'many waters' or
    'rushing waters'.
    The later water (??) meaning is an Osage Indian word.
    There are three towns in America named Towanda,
    based on their Native American roots:
    Towanda, IL; Towanda, KS and Towanda, PA.
  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Went to bed at 9PM and slept in again til 7:30.Made breakfast toast,eggs and sausage for DH and FIL and I went to shower while they ate.I lay down on the bed just for a min. before I was going to make it and that's where I was an hr. later when DH came up to find me fast asleep.I think I have that sleeping disorder.

    I must not be sleeping nights to need this much.

    I love chicken livers,hate okra, and haven't had gr. tomatoes but I'm sure I'd like them.
    I loved Red Buttons and remember the little fist man,I was fascinated by it.

    DH leaves for Washington State tomorrow and then soon for Boston.It looks like keeping the job means he's going back to traveling again which pleases neither of us but hey it's a job right?

    Supper is in the crock so easy meal tonight.I don't digest beef well so none for me.I would gladly have chicken every meal.

  17. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    We are missing quite a few people at this point. Hope to hear from all of our comrads soon.

    Nothing new here. I went out for a brief time to buy a new clock radio. Other than that. I had Chef BoyArDee Beef Ravioli for dinner, did 2 loads of laundry, listened to a church service on the radio, and surfed the net.

    I'm reading a book I bought a while back about Home Remedies from the horse & buggy country of Conewango Valley, NY. It's really interesting all the remedies we have right at our finger tips, or can buy at the food store for a decent price. My mother used alot of home remedies. Mustard plasters. Honey and vinegar. Ginger tea. etc. I got away from all that, but I'm going to go back to some of it. These things are helpful and worth using. Not in place of medicine, but along with medicine. At least that's my opinion.

    I like oysters, green tomatoes, sardines, I don't know if I ever ate okra, and I remember Red Buttons, Red Skelton, and the man on Ed Sullivan who had the painted hand puppet. That shows my age! hahaha. I loved the variety shows! I miss them. Will we ever see TV like that again?

    Spacee, is the WhistleStop Cafe still in operstion? Wouldn't you like to go back to visit again?

    Rock, those skillet dinners are really handy, aren't they? Hamburger helper, tuna helper, chicken helper, they're all good. I wish they'd make them with less salt though. I can't handle so much salt anymore. Makes me swell.

    Hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

    Love to all,
  18. jole

    jole Member

    No, I haven't forgotten you, and just read some of the past posts. Amazing how the fatigue has hit us, which is part of the reason I've been hit-and-miss here lately. Today is windy and damp, which isn't helping anything, believe me.

    Did visit with my sis for an hour the other day, and she's waiting on the report from her 2nd opinion (which amounted to no more than sending her tests to another doc to look at). I'm not impressed at all with what she told me about the first neurologist, so I'm praying hard that he was a total idiot and misdiagnosed her. I have a sliver of hope, at least! And am trying to get her to go for another opinion starting all over with no bias involved.

    Fried Green Tomatoes was a great movie, although I don't like to eat them...lol...or sardines, oysters, etc. Nope, not to my liking. Actually, sardines are just revolting to look at, IMHO.

    Hey, did you see the police station with the sign out front that said... Toilet stolen. Police have nothing to go on. Okay, it's lame. So am I, LOL............Love ya....Jole
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Good to hear from you Jole, and I hope your sis's neuro turns out to be an idiot also! Good to hear from you. And I hear you about the wind. I hate it, always have. Kind of drives me nutty, and now a little painful, now I'm older.

    Victoria: there is a form of jade tree that has in-curled leaves that is pretty neat. I think there might be a variegated one too, but it is probably harder to grow.

    FOOD: I don't know what's wrong with you guys! I love okra, oysters, sardines, liver (chicken and calf), beef tongue, barbecued eel, sweetbreads, and lots of other gross things, lol. I've only eaten brains once, in brown butter, near Marseilles in France, many yrs. ago.

    Well, I've got to have my nap/read now so I'll say ciao for now.

    Sorry about the dreadful pun; unintentional!

    Love and hyacinths
    from Barry

  20. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member



    Fay :)

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