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    I am 25 and I feel like an old lady. This is the first online support that I found useful. I needed a support group but there isn't one near me. I am so happy that I found you all. i can share and learn. Thank you

    I live in Michigan and it's getting colder here, everyday is worse. Although that has seemed to be the pattern in general. I told my husband, who is emotionally retarded(that is meant in the nicest way), that the Fibromyalgia eats more of me everyday.

    Anyways,I need help with resources...BAD
    If you know anyone in Michigan that helps your FM please tell me about them. DR's, Lawyers, Physical therapists, and/or someone or someplace
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    I can relate. I used to feel 80 now I feel 30. I went on bio identical hormones and they gave me back my energy and emtional well being. hence helping the pain. Look at my profile picture and you will see what I mean when I say I look like 35. Im 50 years old. I can promise you a year ago before I went on the hormones I did not look this good. I was 35 pounds heavier and a mess.
    hugs poodlemum
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    I'm from MI.
    I have an MD who is great. He listens, and believes in these illnesses. His name is Norman Weber. I also have a chiropractor who has helped a great deal. He knows what he's doing and he's also a great person. He's helped me so much more than any other doctor. His name is John Ressler. Both doctors are in the Grand Rapids/ Kentwood area.
    Hope this helps.
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    Today at the lights I saw a young fit pretty dark haired girl get out of her car.
    She looked just like I used to.I felt like I had been hit in the stomach.I thought "MY goodness that was how I used to be"
    I felt such a stab of sadness that my youth was gone for good.
    I have turned 50 this year but have a very youthful appearance but overweight.
    I felt like a huge chunk of my life was gone.