27 Reasons Why a Lyme test can be Negative

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    In the search for the CAUSE of your symptoms, it is very important to know that Lyme testing is very unreliable.

    Lyme is a complex bacteria...a spirochete.

    Lyme should NEVER be ruled out by just a negative lab test.

    Many Dr's mistakenly do this all the time, leaving many people undiagnosed and suffering forever.

    Many, many people with lyme have only had negative tests....just check out the Medical Questions board at lymenet.org.

    Lyme is a clinical diagnosis based on history, symptoms and exam, not a lab test.

    Please check out the link to read many reasons why a person with lyme might have a negative test.

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    I'm going to print this out for my Doctor...
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    Babesia testing can be just as unreliable as lyme testing.

    Dr Burrascano says that there are at least 13 species of Babesia, possibly as many as 24, yet there are only tests to detect 2 species.
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