27 y/o female has SLE and pregnant. Scared need advice and suppor

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    Hi I am new to the message board. I have been diagnosed with SLE for @ 4yrs now. In the beginning, I was sick. I felt really tired, had a lot of joint pain and rashes. These symptoms seem mild compared to the symptoms other people have. I had one major symptom with my flare that caused me to go on prednisone therapy - Pleurisy (inflamation of the lining of the lung). This cleared up after 2 days of treatment. So far, I feel really blessed in my struggle with this disease. However, now that I am pregnant, I am scared that this may flare my disease or harm me or my unborn baby. My doctor is not very supportive. I am very early in my pregnacy. I am about 5wks, and I feel great. I am just really scared because it will be a high-risk pregnancy. I really need support right now. I havent told anyone of my pregnancy except for my fiance. If you are reading this and have some words of wisdom please respond.

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    Glad u found this board and all of us! I am 20 with FMS, and am sorry to say that I don't know what SLE is. Could you enlighten me? As for the pregnancy. Go to an OBGYN and talk to her/him about it. They specialize in high rish pregnancies and can give you some awesome advice. Personally, I would try to sustain the pregnancy. I mean, at best you'll have a beautiful baby and at worst you might have a miscarriage. Our bodies are designed that if something catastrophic developmentally happens to the baby, the body just gets rid of it before things can get worse. I know that this may not always be the rule, but in general. One of my HS teachers (who was an inspiration to me) was told that either she or her baby would die if she carried the preg. to full term. Her son is now going to seminary school and she's still teaching (retires this year)! Just stay optimistic and def. get a second opinion.

    Friends in Fibro,

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    i dont know much about sle and having babies i have read some,do a web seach about it im sure youll find alot of info,i have fm and i have 4 nautral and one step child my kids range in age from 14 to 1 ,i did have pleurisy with one the meds didnt do any harm,during all my pregancies i had to take meds when promblems arouse your drs well let you know any risk to you or the baby ,there are many meds that are safe during pregancy,also your obgyn may have you talk to a gentic cousler who will go over all your health promblems and meds youve taken and let you know the risk,its a very good thing you found out you were pregant so soon,it lowers the risk,
    you may get luckey and you may go into remission ,the arthrtisis fondation may be able to recommend you to a ob that has worked with other sle paitents and may be able to give you more info,i wish i could be more help but ill send prayers and hugs
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    i also have sle. i've had it for 16 yrs.the first 6 months i was spent most of my time sitting up right in a chair because other wise i couldn't get up.the pain was awful.the joint pain was the worst.today i'm doing well with it.it is still active and probably always will be.the sun is a big no-no for me.my daughter was 3 when i was diagnosed.my doc said no more kids because it can cause you to either flare or go into remission.i've talked to more people who have gone into remiission due to being preg.i know one woman who went through 3 preg with no problems.all i tell you is don't worry about something you can't change, be positive and pray for the best.sometimes even we can get a break!

    best of luck to you & i'll be thinking of you

    kathy c
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    I hope you find some answers.