$28 Loungers and Want to BEEs!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Got the title from the book Fay is reading currently. The Secret Life of Bees.

    It was one of the last books I read before my reading left me (mostly). It has a different connotation if you had grown up in the south during the time the book was supposed to have
    taken place. And you are a Catholic. I won't give that part away. M&Ms.

    Heavenly, I do feel for you and ages parents. My own mother kept her mother for 6 years...til she was 93ish (I forget). So we figured we were in for it with her since she had never been sick
    a day in her life hardly. Nope, she packed up and checked out very neatly with a stroke age 85. The other parents did pretty much the same (as in no one needed care from a child). We were amazed by that. I see people in the town here with aged parents. It is very difficult.

    Well, Faye, I did one thing that you did (PLEASE SEE LAST FEW POSTS ON #27). I changed the sheets. My left hand is beginning to get some kind of awful arthritic pain while sewing. I have sort of a brace that I got at the grocery store which might keep it from bending. Will try that.

    I knit! A neighbor across the street from us growing up gave lessons. How lucky was that?
    I have some yarn that is kinda fluffy and you can't tell if you made a mistake. It's my fave.

    My 3yo gd has very curly hair. She told me that if I wanted curly hair, I could use curlers.
    So, yep, I have my hair in curlers tonight. I emailed them that if they wanted Ruby to watch
    me unroll my hair (to see if it curled), that we should Ichat in the am. But to remember we have changed times (they change in two weeks).

    I have never seen curlers like this though they have probably been around a while. They are long strips that you wind your hair around and then bend the strip and snap it. Very comfortable and I might just take to wearing them during the day. They are leopard print.


    Later Gators....Love you all!


    PS the name we aren't suppose to mention was the evil man in the Harry Potter movies. I thought surely someone would know....:)

  2. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    .....tell me how those curlers work. I've seen them but never tried them. Are you going to sleep in them? If so, tell me how that goes too!

    I came really close to getting my hair cut short this past week. But, couldn't afford it. Now I'm glad I didn't get it cut. The problem was my bangs (yeah, a 55 year old with bangs - now there's a picture!!). They were getting in my eyes and I just can't stand that. Anyway, my wonderful hair dresser told me to just come in and she would cut my bangs for free. I feel like a new woman!!

    Tomorrow I will tell you about the day I had with my parents today. I'm exhausted!
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    hey, I'm a bit older than you and I still have bangs! So did my Mom, what can I say... it runs in the family, must be genetic? LOL having a high forehead certainly is! But I too desperately need a new cut, tho I do NOT want a PIXIE stix; I got desperate and cut some on the sides so it looks sort of 'styled', but I want/need to get layers cut in plus some length taken off, so it doesn't snarl so easily (baby-fine hair!). I'd look like I was from MARS if I did...

    Linda, are you sleeping in those curlers? I don't think I could... I know I'd get SKITTLES. I almost bought them once, but my hair marks so easily I hesitated. You know, they do sort of look like TOOTSIE ROLLS. If you do sleep in them, maybe you should use a RAISENET?

    For 'special occasions' I use those velcro type rollers that don't need pins of any kind, as I am total BUTTERFINGERS with the hot ones.

    Ack, enough about hair, the bane of most women's lives, I think; men too, often, if they're losing it. My DH shaved his balding head in his 40s, he actually looked much better and did it right before it became the 'style', LOL. The only person who didn't like it was his mother.

    I am ordering some fabric for sun protection, you can buy it with a very high SPF now... the elevation and latitude make the sun rather brutal for poor me. I'm hoping to do some sewing so I get a llose & cool fit in order to hide any JELLY BELLY since the ready-made shirts are NUTRAGEOUS in price, and they rarely have the colors I want anyway.

    Well, meant to be NESTLEd in bed by now, but DH is watching the big fight right now (boxing), rooting for Manny Pacquiou... Boxing sure gives the top competitors great PAYDAYS!

  4. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Ok.....I'm missing something here. Besides getting very hungry while reading your post Victoria, I am left with the question........what's with all the candy references?! Now I'm really craving chocolate and we don't have any! But if we did, and bet it would be GOOD and there would be PLENTY of it!
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Spacee/Linda is always 'snicker'-ing--

    which always makes me want one!!!!

    You guessed it, I'm just trying to pass it on ;) but mostly to her!


    PS: Gee, doesn't this sound like a 'fun' game? NOT!

    A baby shower game:
    Baby diapers are filled with melted chocolate candy bars, making it look just like a poopy diaper. Using their senses of smell and sight, guests must guess what kind of chocolate candy bar fills the dirty diaper.

    Game preparation:
    Gather 5 or 6 chocolate candy bars (Snickers, Milky Way, Mr. Goodbar, etc.) and melt separately in microwave. Spoon the melted chocolate into baby diapers (real or homemade.) Give each guest a pencil and paper to write down her guess as to what kind of candy bar is in the diaper. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

    YeahBaby.com thoughts:
    Get creative with your choice of candy bars. York Peppermint Patties will create minty poo; Mounds bars will create chunky poo, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups will create a light brown poo.

  6. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    You guys are so funny!

    About The Secret Life of Bees. It's basically a story about a motherless 14 year old girl in South Carolina in 1964 who is desperately looking for her mother. She finds her mother-love in a place she never expected. It is about black Americans living in South Carolina. And it has in it a Black Madonna. Ya'll need to read it to find out the rest of the story.

    Another rainy day but it ended with a sunset, so I think maybe the rain's over. By the end of next week it's to be 60 degrees!!! Everything will be getting green real fast now. I love Spring, don't you??

    Where's Pam, Rock, and Barry????? And Jole, if you read this, I LOVE YOU.

    Gummie Bears,
  7. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Thanks for the information about the "bee" book. Sounds good. Think I'll get it to read after my surgery.

    Here in Wesntern NY we are expecting temps in the mid 50's this coming week. Yay! Time to open the windows and air the joint out! Can't wait! Maybe the nights will be clear so we can see MARS!.....or the MILKY WAY!

    I've been wondering about some folks too. I hope everyone is OK. I wish we could get each other's e-mail addresses - whoever would want to share - so it would be easier to get in touch with our friends here.

    I wish I wasn't on STD so that I could look forward to having a PAYDAY!

    OK, I'll stop being a GOOBER and say good-bye for now!!


  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    You have really cracked me up. And you win with your knowledge of candy. Give you Vic first place and Heavenly and Faye a 2nd. I laughed as much as 'not my real name'. thing we had going.

    First things first. LOVE the curlers. They are what I have needed ever since I grew my hair out while on the MP (Marshall Protocol). The curl did soften over the day but it still has plenty.
    I had washed my hair with a shampoo for fine hair that is in bad condition. HARDEE's Harhar
    That tells you how much my hair had broken off by using a shampoo that dried it out.

    I mean my hair was as flat as a PANCAKE. Not a good look at all.

    I had no problem sleeping at all. I don't have to use a QUARTER POUNDer of products on my hair now. So that will save me. And now that my hair isn't the color of RED LOBSTER. I think my son won't be embarrassed at the graduation.

    Speaking of saving $$. I have decided to not get tested for the XMRV virus. More needs to be learned before I COFFEE up that kind of money. Actually, I can wait until insurance pays.

    Very windy day today and it didn't seem to affect my CURLY FRIES. Oh yes, the curler package shows an elderly woman with white hair using them and it looks nice. She had short hair but the layers were long enough to WAVES (United States).

    Jole, we are always thinking/praying for you and your sis. Pam, Barry, Rock. Hope you are not sick.

    Tata my loved ones.

  9. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    You CRACK(ERED) me up Spacee. I think I get the idea now. Were you just BUTTER(ING) me up when you gave me 2nd place or were you just TOAST(ED)? I guess I could MILK you for the answers but I won't.

    I felt a little MELONcholy earlier today but I'm feeling more CHIPper now. Taking a DIP in a nice warm pool would make me feel even BATTER but I don't have a pool.

    OK, I know I've been kind of CHEESY, but it is fun!

  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Aren't you all so clever with words.I've kept up with all your posts but took a lazy break just enough energy to pop in and out.Turned out to be a bit of a cold nothing much just adding to tired.

    Now about the poopy diaper game.Gross!I never heard that one.I have always detested those Shower games.Why do women do that anyway?Guys get together and talk and drink,women wrap each other in toilet paper for the prettiest Wedding dress.What is with that?Sorry about the rant.It's something that bugs me and I feel like a buzzkill when I decline to play.

    I had a hard time with the time change this morning.I need lots of time to wake up before preparing FIL's breakfast so I was an hr. off schedule.There is certainly no rush but you know how the elderly are with routine.

    DS's fiancee and her toddler were here the weekend and I sent them off for breakfast together while I watched the little one.Lots of chasing which did me good.I enjoyed myself and they came back just in time.He's very sweet and already calls my son da da which thrills him.His birth father wants no contact so my son thinks of him as his.They even look alike.

    DH loves the Boston area.He's there on business but had time to explore.He wants us to go back.We haven't traveled the East coast that much.The traffic there is terrible to get around in I hear.Until dad's gone it won't be anytime soon.He turns 95 soon and refuses to consider a long term facility.He's comfortable here but we are so tied down.

  11. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    I agree about the "parlour" games at baby/wedding/etc. showers. I always feel kind of goofy doing those! And if there was a fly on the wall,can you imagine what it would be thinking? Actually, it would probably be thinking yum-yum!! Ick.

    Of course I don't know the circumstances, but I think that you and your husband are wonderful people for taking care of your father in law. My parents live in town and still live independently but do require my presence at times. My hubby and I really want to move south-ish (we live in western NY) but I just can't do it while my parents might still need us. Siblings live out of town, so it's just my hubby and me. And of course, neither of my siblings has offered to move back so that my DH and I can finally do something that WE want to do.

    Anyway - just feeling sorry for myself today. Can you tell?!!

    Yes, Boston is a nice city. I haven't been there in quite a while, but I remember it as a very people-friendly city, with lots of nice places to walk. Lots of history there too.

  12. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    when I poof a post!!!

    I spent good time on a post for the book thread, and it simply vanished :( POOF!!!

    Well, anyway, it rained all day again today. I thought the rain was over, but nope. Not yet. Wednesday is to be the first beautiful day of the week. And it's also St. Patrick's Day. Any Irish among us? I've got some Irish blood in my veins, from my grandfather on my mother's side of the family. The rest of my grandparents were of German decent.

    Spacee, the curlers sound great! I wonder if I can find any of those in the stores here. The ones I have and only use on rare occasions, are the magnetic ones you roll in and they stay all by themselves. They are okay. But, I think I'd like your kind.

    I began Sublingual B Complex today. It has the B12 in it, and it's the liquid kind that you put a dropper full under your tongue 1-4 times a day. The second time I took it, I forgot to keep it under my tongue and swallowed it too soon! LOL! The bottle says it's fast-acting. I don't feel anything yet.

    Pam, I don't know why we women play those silly shower games. And we laugh and giggle a lot too. I really do enjoy the games, but I have never played the poopy diaper game, and I hope I never do. I have wrapped others and been wrapped myself in toilet paper though! Actually that was a Halloween party and we were making mummies.

    The time change has affected me too. I didn't want to get up this morning, and I stayed in bed until 9 o'clock. As long as it takes me to get myself together, I never had my morning cup of tea until lunchtime! Then I had to run errands. I finally had a good meal for supper when I made a hot beef sandwich, green beans, and cranberry sauce.

    I think I could live in Boston. I've never been there, so I don't know if the traffic is bad or not. Most of the big cities have alot of traffic congestion, so I'd assume it's bad. But, I'd use public transportation and I'd live in a cozy apartment complex. I'd be content with that.

    HeavenlyRN, it seems like so often the care of the elderly parents falls mostly on one child. There are ways to be a long distance caregiver nowadays. And there are good tips on the Caregivers message board if ever you're interested. I did not help much with the care of my elderly mother. I wish I had. And my father died when I was young.

    Here's to a good evening for all of us.

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Heavenly, we must have been posting at the same time...I didn't get all your posts on food/candy. So now I declare that you and Vic are Victoriously Tied.

    Barry, glad you have been reading and it has given you a smile. Wow...is cold in your area.

    Heavenly, do you really open the windows at 50 degrees? Gee, that is when we turn our heat on. I really love hearing about how all you live in different climates. My little window on the world.

    Pam...how so perfectly darling that the little one calls your son da da. You had a busy weekend!

    Fay, living in Boston near the T (or one of the others) would be fantastic. My eldest son and wife did that for three years and dearly loved it. Hated to leave but the time came. I got to
    visit them twice while there. Went with extwin and we had a really good time. Back then I could do a long weekend. Those were the days, my friends.

    Yes, I wish these curlers had been invented when I was a teenager. They keep my hair up at night so I don't get hot. Which means I use them nightly. If you have shorter hair, it is best to just put them in after you get up in the am. You would need to dampen your hair a bit and use a dryer for about 10 minutes. That is kinda a long time to hold a dryer...

    I hate the MSN new homepage. Do ya'll have it? I have to google hotmail. Is there another type of homepage. Oh, yes...my dil was using yahoo. Don't know if I would like that any better. Any thoughts?

    Ok, going to close before this goes poof.

    Love my buddies here!!


  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Ahh Fay you like the games huh?I won't hold it against you lol.I have been told I have no sense of humor so that's probably it.

    Yes Heavenly this is the time in our lives when our parents need us to take care of them.There is no right way either.Assisted living,long term,or living with you,Whatever works.Eight children his dad had and only one other son visits or calls unless we track them down for a get together on his B-day.I try not to judge everyone has their different relationships with parents and he was an absent father.It's hard though.

    I have my corned beef and cabbage to cook tomorrow.No Irish in me that I know of.FIL wanted lamb so bad and I have never cooked it so I made it yesterday.It was ok but not my favorite.

    I have a Rheumy appt. Th. I thought all my apt. were in April so good thing I got a reminder.It will take all of 5min. I'm sure since this illness isn't very exciting to treat.

    I've reconsidered the hair growing out.Calling right now.It stands out in all directions when I get up and my curler days are over.
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    But no inspiration today for wordplays... woke up with a headache which is mostly gone, but always leaves me 'blank'.

    How short is your hair, Pam? Growing it out does often mean awkward stages, just like growing up.

    At least hair doesn't give growing pains, whatever the hell 'those' are; I am beginning to think those were NOT normal.

    Yum, Lamb. Leg of Lamb? I learned from my mother to cut off all the fat from it; I've served it often to those who I already know supposedly 'hate lamb' but they think it's roast beef or something. My Mom had told me the same stories.

    I've had it without the fat cut off, to me it's yucky. So I think the secret is to cut it off!

    Now I have to go find some, only place I can buy it here is Costco of all places.

    Where did Barry post? I don't see it....

    My parents passed quickly, which is the way I guess we all hope to go. My in-laws however, moved in with us in 2005, year of all the hurricanes (they were in the FL panhandle)...

    their older son only offered to drop them off at the nearest hurricane center before they themselves left the area, I kid you not. My MIL was 87 and suffering from mild dementia, my FIL was on oxygen and 95 and a bit shakey. They only lived 7 miles away but saw them maybe 3X/year.

    Instead, his ex-wife picked them up and drove them inland to meet my DH so he could get them to our house.

    Once they were there, we all realized they needed to stay with us. Our kids had just moved out, conveniently. FIL passed away 10 months later, but MIL hung on for 18 months, the last half spent totally in dementia. TG for hospice care is all I can say. We were glad we could manage to take care of them at home, I know they got much better care.

    Always hard to know what the future will bring, and how to plan, unfortunately. -IF one can even plan anyway, everybody's needs are so often so different.

    RE: the 'parlor games'.... some can be fun... but that one would be too gross to be cute LOL. Poop is NEVER cute, imho! (especially the chunky kind)

    Even writing this is grossing me out. Despite having 2 kids of my own ;)

    (not my real name)

  16. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hi Loungers and potential Loungers :)

    Now this is a beautiful day! Sunny. It must be 55 degrees, though I haven't checked. I was out for a little and didn't want to come back in. Tomorrow is to be even better. I did open my bedroom window for about 30 minutes, but I pulled the bedroom door shut so I didn't feel the draft from the open window while I was in the livingroom area. I cannot tolerate being in the same room with an open window. Makes my fibro flare every time.

    Pam, I think you have a sense of humor. I've seen it in what you write several times. It's a more subtle and calmer type than mine, but it's there. I think if you go ahead and get your hair cut you will start the ball rolling and we will all end up getting ours cut too! We just needed someone to start the process. LOL

    Victoria, I feel sorry for your inlaws. I cannot believe the cruelty of the older son to offer to just drop them off at the hurricane shelter on their way out of town!! What ungrateful brats!
    Thank goodness you and your hubby were willing to take them in and care for them. I agree that Hospice care is wonderful. I think with this new healthcare bill, Medicare will no longer pay for Hospice care. So, that scares me! We will have to die in pain in a hospital bed all alone I guess. How awful.

    I only ever had lamb one time and I wasn't the one who cooked it. It must have been made the wrong way because I decided then and there I disliked it. Never tried it again and don't want to. But, alot of people enjoy it.

    I didn't see Barry's post either. Spacee, what's up?

    Later gators,

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    I was reading through these again and realize that I only imagined that Barry posted.

    Barry, if you read this, know that we are all thinking about you!

    Vic, wasn't the oldest son kidding about dropping them off at the Hurricane Shelter. I mean, you feel like it, but you really don't do it. Besides, I think you would have to check them in with the
    people in charge. Doubt they would take them.

    Even though we never had to take care of parents, it has got to be about the toughest job I can think of. Ok, there is possibly something worse...but that is right up there. I have read about people having nervous breakdowns from the stress. Ok, maybe I won't go down that rode. But Pam I do sympathize. And Heavenly with all on your plate you aren't any better.

    Guess what! I called my hairdresser and asked if I could drop by for a minute so she could see my hair...that it was good. (Didn't want to worry her). You should have seen the jaws drop when they saw my curly hair. Everyone wanted to know where I got them (Sallys Beauty Supply (I thing every place has a beauty supply), how did I put them in (had to do a demonstration). And was my hair dry or wet (damp).

    I think a couple of the women had granddaughters who were at the age that they wanted to play with their hair more. The reason why I wanted to stop by and show my hairdresser, is because I won't go to my appt's with curly hair...it would be too hard for her to color my hair.

    The Kitchen counters!!!!!! Hallelujah. You know I kept waking up in a fright that they were not measured correctly. The remeasurer came today and agreed 100% with me. No one else did. Not only does he measure but he also installs...so I feel confident that he knows. Whew.

    Ok, my ladies and our men who are MIA's. And we are concerned about! Ta Ta for now.

    Love you ALL!!!!


  18. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Wanted to say I'll probably be off here for the next few days. My new heating system is being installed and I'll have men coming in and out for a bit :) I'll read and catch up with you as soon as I can.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't gots the energy for a long post. Maybe tomorrow. HaHa! There are some things
    I've been gonna do for months. I just keep saying, well, maybe tomorrow.

    Fed the feral cats a bit ago. Just looked out the door. A good sized possum was
    finishing up the kibble. See a possum or two every now and then. See the skunks

    And there's a mama raccoon with 4 kits who comes by now and then. They are right up
    there w/ pandas and koalas on the cuteness scale.

    Hope the new heating system works as advertised, Fay. Being warm when it's cold out
    is a luxury. And vice versa.

  20. victoria

    victoria New Member

    "Being warm when it's cold out is a luxury. And vice versa."

    Having gone thru the winter with a gas fireplace that is no good for heating... definitely! We are replacing with wood fireplace over the summer. My DH didn't want to turn it on if it was even below 65... despite having layers of clothing on I was freezing. Major problem is in getting gas company out at times, they have to have more than 1 customer out our way so he was scrimping to avoid the hassle. I think he decided it was more of a hassle to listen to me shiver, LOL.

    No, I definitely was not kidding about the elder bro. I refer to him as my ex-BIL now as a result. Just one of the other major things he did was borrow $$ to pay off his mortgage from the parents (idea was to pay them less than the bank's rate but more than they got on a CD, a win-win situation), and then decided he didn't need to pay. Until my DH threatened to take him to court for his parents (this was about 10+ years ago). His reason, which wasn't a 'reason': "You know I'll take care of you if you need it". As if he got his inheritance early. Well, he ended up paying my DH, LOL.

    Raccoons are cute unless you have chickens, I think.
    Or garbage that is unsecured.
    Or dogs for them to tease.
    LOL remember that book, "Rascal"? My friend's mother got a baby racoon way back then... it would only be nice to her, but,, even so ultimately she had to get rid of him. They lived on the edge of the forest preserve, I'm guessing it was easy for her to let him go feral at maturity.

    Before that, there was a family of raccoons that used to sit in their basement window well watching them watching them, hehe.

    Hmm maybe I'll try those curlers some time, haven't done that in a long time!

    dulce suenos, trying to get to bed at a decent time...
    buena suerte to me LOL.


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