"28% of CFS Patients virtually recovered in one month . . ."

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    Dr. Riccardo Baschetti wrote this in the international medical journal, "QJM," referring to a study successfully using low-dose hydrocortisone, as reported in a 1999 Lancet article. Check out Dr. Baschetti for his active work on the role of the "good stress-hormone" (a.k.a. "cortisol") and CFS. Dr. Baschetti also has pointed out some twenty-six features CFS shares with the cortisol-deficiency illness, Addison's Disease.

    The first to actively study the role of cortisol-deficiency in CFS was endocrinologist William Jefferies. Others who have continued Jefferies' work include Dr. Anthony Cleare (King's College, London), Dr. Michael Doyle, and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum (director, Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers).

    Unfortunately what we are still seeing around here is lots of random symptoms and illnesses (real or imagined), psych. issues, "magical" cures, placebo-effects, nit-picky arguments over definitions, and a total disregard for the obvious role of hormones (4x as many women are CFS-patients). Meanwhile, how many are really being helped out there?

    Starting way back in '87, CFS claimed seven years of my life I will NEVER get back. My accidental discovery of the "cortisol cure" which transformed me back to normal in exactly four days led me to the study of how to maintain my health with low and tapering doses over several years, with the support of the late, great Dr. Jefferies (back in the days of "snail-mail" and long-distance phone-calls; no internet!)

    Even if a small percentage of CFS-sufferers can experience the amazing return-to-health I did, sharing this will be so rewarding, as I made a solemn oath to spread the word if I ever found my cure.
    Good Luck!

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    Also the study at Johns Hopkins did not find that prednisone and fludrocortisone were significantly helpful in ME/CFS.
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    .....and Dr. Cleare (King's College, London) with impeccable credentials, led the study I mentioned. He screened 218 initial participants down to a final 32, following strict guidelines to eliminate clinical depression. Also, his paper on retrovirus infection and CFS was the fourth most cited in medical literature in 2010. Dr. Cleare cites as a primary interest, "the neuro-endocrinology of CFS."

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