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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Ranigar, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I thought I should pull my weight and start a new thread.

    Finally got through the worst of the flu bug.DD in Fl. asked if you can get it through the phone lines because she got it a day after talking to me.

    Spacee what have you started with your special curlers?Even I am thinking maybe I need to get me some of them.
    We could have a long distance curler party and compare notes the next day on on new hairdos.

    I went to pick up a couple things at the grocery store with DH in jeans and a little make-up,very little,and a non baggy shirt.We got home and before he got in with the the last of the bags I was unloading them in my nightgown.He just looked at me and I said sorry at least you got a peek of the women you married before I put my old uniform back on.

    It's sad of me I know but I have to feel comfortable and let's face it after almost 40yrs. of marriage the honeymoon is well over.
    Makes him appreciate me all the more when I do put on regular clothes.
  2. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Glad you are feeling somewhat better. And, regarding your DD, I'm thinking that if you can get a virus on your computer than you most certainly catch the flu over the phone lines!

    I love the idea of a curler party. Maybe we could all take pictures of the before, during and after! As long as we all promise not to laugh at each other.

    I also love your description of going out to the store with your husband and putting your "uniform" on when you got home! I love being in my jammies too!

    Well, I have to gather a bunch of information for my appointment with the nephrologist tomorrow so I will sign off now. See y'all later.


  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Fay, I use 8 curlers out of a package of 10.

    My hair is fine but long. About a hand past my shoulders.

    IMPORTANT INFO: After I shampooed last nite, I put on some leave in conditioner.
    BAD MISTAKE. Curls fell out into waves after a couple of hours. But not nice looking ones.
    Only time this has happened.

    So...you are going to have to do your own 'trying' as far as shampoos/conditioners. Err on the 'dry' side, is my advice.

    I do the traditional curl rolling. Not the spiral.

    To curl or not....that is the question~

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's nice that this weekend is over....for my son. He came with a mind to work....and he did.
    The kitchen walls are spackled, sanded, texturize and primed. '

    Our computer has it's new 'free' modem and son spent at least 2 hours on the phone
    with 'Gloria' in India plugging and unplugging wires. DH and I could never have done it.
    What is Verizon thinking? We had a temporary loss of power from a thunderstorm and
    'Gloria" called right back. She certainly earned her $1 an hour with us.

    DIL and I watch Definitely Maybe while the Verizon thingy was going on. Cute movie if you
    like Chick flicks. It was a rare rainy all afternoon time....good time to watch a movie.

    Pam, you and I are just alike...get in the house from the store and get that uniform back on! Nothing beats jammies. More and more ppl are like us. I have seen home schooled kids with their moms and they never got dressed...or combed their hair!

    Tomorrow is another day, gang. I hope it is a good one for all of us! Let's have HOPE!!

    Love you kids,


  5. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Regarding "uniforms"...........my usband said he would do the laundty tonight because I had been feeling dizzy and light headed all day. As he was taking the first load to the washing machine I said, "wait a minute, could you take these?" and started to take my shirt and pants off he said, "Geez if I had known it was that easy to get you to take off your clothes, I would have started doing the laundry a long time ago."

    I hope this isn't offensive to anyone, I just thought it was funny!

  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That is hysterical!Funny man.Good luck today.
  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    That was too funny Jan... it's sure nice to have one's 'significant other' keep a sense of humor, isn't it?! --Hard enough for to keep our own sense of humor.

    Well me 3, I am no different, I'm into my comfortable clothes ASAP. But I always have - when you have hairy slobbering dogs milling around, it's ridiculous to keep nice clothes on for any longer than I have to!

    Well today is another day of sunny and great, but, the really dry season- when it's quite dusty/smoky - is right around the corner. By this time in April you'll hear me complaining. Many people walk around with dust masks on in fact, they just don't fit me and there's no 'choice' here.

    I did just get an evaporative water cooler (new to me) instead of a/c for the room that the computer's in, since the humidity at hottest time of afternoon is around 10%. I'll only need it for a few hours/day, since every night it goes down to the 50s! By 7-8 pm it's usually already 65 or below. But, I hope it will also filter the air by humidifying it.

    I am also going to get a filter to stick in the partially open window 24 hours/day (cooler needs air intake that way, anyway). Sure hope this works, it is so much cheaper than a/c for initial cost and electrical!

    TTYL... Victoria

  8. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Good to see your dh has a sense of humor. I got a good chuckle. I live in my comfy clothes.

    When i do take time with makeup and clothes ect my dh always makes a big deal out of it.
    Think he is trying to tell me something. hmm

    Braless in Seattle
  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have gotten a chuckle over all ya'll reports.

    Victoria, I have a MP friend in NMexico who has talked about her cooler for years.
    She is quite handy and fixes it herself. She has/had sarcoid and is doing very well.

    Ok, Heavenly reminded me of a story I read in Readers Digest many, many years ago.

    A woman went down to the basement to do the laundry (back in the day that gas meter
    readers came in the basement from a side door).

    She was putting the laundry in and there was a drip from a pipe above hitting her on her head, so she put her son's football helmet on to keep her hair dry.

    Then she looked at her "uniform" and decided it need a wash, took it off and put it in the

    Then she was bending over, getting the laundry out of the dryer and the gasman said "lady, I hope your team wins!"

    I don't know but if that was me, you would have been able to hear me scream for 3 blocks!

    :) Have a good nite sleep. Hope I am back on more. Have been taking care of business.

    One of which was...the windows are in and were to be installed tomorrow. Then the call back...yep, the company that made the windows measured wrong.

    And I got a pin # so we can see our bank acct online since the hard drive biting the dust
    got rid of all our banking info on Quicken.

    Off to la la land!

    Love to all!

  10. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    I loved your last line......"braless in Seattle." Reminds me of a discussion we had a few weeks ago about how uncomfortable it is to wear a bra. Someone suggested a cami that Walmart sells. Anyway, I went to get one. VERY comfortable. I have since bought 3 more - different brands - to see what kind was the most comfortable. I didn't want anything that had a built-in bra or any elastic around the upper abdomen.

    I finally found a couple at my beloved K-mart! They're made by Joe Boxer and are oh so comfy! They're more comfy than a bra and keep "the girls" from hanging down too low!!

    Just thought I'd share, in case anyone else didn't want to go completely braless.
  11. jole

    jole Member

    Hey dear friends, it's good to be back! I've been catching up on all your shennanigans the past few days, and you've all had me laughing so much! I love you all.......and find that you are such good therapy! So from now on if I'm not here, know I'll at least be lurking....lol....

    My sis is still having a really hard time, as is her family. We text/email each other a lot, and call some. But it's easier for her to share feelings by writing, not talking. I'm the same way, so we do more emailing than anything. Childhoods can do a real number on people, can't they?

    My mind is a total blank this morning, but I know you've discussed animals, food, clothes, etc. in quite humerous ways, and have raised my spirits a lot the past few days.

    Not much news here on the farm....oh, our Aussie is going to have puppies! We did a big oops, and will definitely NOT do that again...lol. But she will be a wonderful mother! I'm already dreading giving those little cute puppies away when the time comes.

    Know we'll have no problem finding them wonderful homes. I'd forgotten how long dog's gestation period is, and thought it was 3 months. Looked it up and nope, it's 9 weeks! So 5 1/2 weeks to go.

    Good to see everyone's doing well, despite this darn winter, and if it contines any longer Barry, Rock and the rest of you in warm weather better look out. Barry, I'm ready to help you come weed your flowers......but can only do about 5 min or less at a time. The rest of the time I'll sure enjoy them though!! Hugs to all.........Jole

  12. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Nice to see you back. I hope that YOU are also getting the support that you need right now.

    You mentioned your Aussie. My husband and I have a 10 year old "mutt" from the pound (we've had her since she was a puppy) and we've been told that although she is a mix of several things, she is primarily Australian Shepherd. We just love her to pieces. She is the best dog in the world. A little territorial sometimes, but I think she's just protecting (herding) me!!

    When I can figure out how to do it, I think I'll post a picture of her. I'd love to see a picture of your soon to be momma. Will this be her first litter? Don't know where you live, but if it's anywhere near Western NY, let me know so I can come and steal on of the puppies. Just kidding - I wouldn't do that. But oh my, our little girl was SO cute as a puupy. Actually, she still is!!

    Anyway, hope the next 5 1/2 weeks go smoothly for both of you!!

    Welcome back.

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  13. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    The girls thank you for the cami tip. They really need help. We live about 30 min from walmart and kmart. i need to make the trip.

    My bra's shrunk when dh put them in the dryer. Last time i wore a bra i ripped it off in the car.
    No i did not throw it out the window. I am getting better lol
  14. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    ...I REALLY think you should have thrown it out the car window. I have this visual of it landing on the face of some guy riding a motorcycle!! That's my smile for the day! :eek:)

  15. jole

    jole Member

    New kind of face mask! Look out, Lone Ranger!!

    My daughter wears the cami tops and loves them.

    Jan, like you, I still don't know how to post pictures or I'd put our Jessi up. She too is the sweetest doggie! I think Aussie's just have a wonderful personality. She knows exactly what I'm saying....she is constantly beside me outside...she loves the kitties...and yes, she's my protector although she would never hurt anyone.

    She really loves the grandkids, and loves to sneak kisses....lol...it's the cutest thing! She also plays ball with them. They do get a little irritated sometimes when they're all home and in the middle of a baseball game, and here she comes out of nowhere and fields the ball! Hahaha.

  16. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Lone Ranger now that is a great visual. Splain that to your wife.
  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Y'all are too funny today! Thanks, I needed that endorphin blast! Can't think of anything funny on my own, LOL, so thanks to the internet...

    throwing that bra out the window might be a good idea if H1N1 ever makes a comeback or there's any other so-called epidemics--
    here is a clever quickie face mask that works for 2 people at a time:

    And a warning as to the dangers of trying to "dress up":

    When Mary's husband came home, she posed in the hallway wearing a sexy black bra, black stockings, stilettos and a black frilly mask over her eyes.
    As he came in the door and glanced down the hallway at her,
    he said,

    "What's for Dinner, Batman?"

    I'm hard at work searching/ordering vitamins etc since DH is going up to US, and going to bring some stuff back we can't get here. Very tedious and tiring, DH takes about 40 supplements/ day... don't know how he does it!

    buenos noches!

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Do your 'girls' hang low, do they wobble to and fro
    Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?
    Can you throw them over your shoulder like a contennial shoulder
    Do your 'girls' hang low?

    Now that we have completely scared the men off, I hope that they
    understand that we needed the laughs!!

    Vic, my pcp said to me about a year ago "I know someone who
    takes FORTY supplements a day". He thought it was awful.
    But he is the one who can't turn on a computer...so he has missed
    a lot of info.

    Hope your DH is able to obtain all he needs!

    The azaleas in town are abloom...which reminded me. We used to have a whole row of
    azaleas between us and our neighbors. They are all gone. I think the neighbors cut them
    down when it was dark. I suppose they needed the space to park one of their 6 trucks.

    Well, Nothing else exciting as you girls is on my mind...

    Love to you all,

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Still fighting the crud going around.Last week Rheumy said I had the flu.I knew that.Bloodwork came back Mon. and was off so I was told to move up GP's appt.Saw him yesterday and I was miserable with sinus pressure.I got an antibiotic but if not better call again.I'm not concerned it's going around and will eventually run it's course.Terrible night and so light sensitive.I'm in a little burst of feeling ok .Spring has sprung.

    Thanks for the tip on the cami.I have several but only one is comfortable enough to wear and that's because I took shears to it and cut one of the bands inside.Some are body hugging and I can't stand the pressure.

    Puppies are coming?How exciting.It would be hard to part with them wouldn't it.

    Spacee Your remark about your neighbors making room for their six trucks made me laugh.I've seen yards like that.
  20. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Spacee - my husband loved your story about the woman in the basement doing her laundry. Hey, do you think I could submit my story to Readers Digest? Nah, that's a family magazine. They probably wouldn't appreciate it. Oh, I know. Maybe Penthouse, and I could send a picture of myself. Ewwwww, yuck! Sounds like your kitchen is finally coming together. That's great. I'm envious. We live in an apartment and can't do stuff like that. But, we CAN paint, which is what we'll be doing as my husband gets his SSDI approved (I'm trying to keep positive thoughts on that one!). I can't wait. White walls get pretty boring after a while.

    Oh yeah, 6 trucks. Sounds like fun! Are they all running or are they just sitting there rusting? At least there aren't any old toilets just sitting around. There is a house near where my parent live that has an old toilet with flowers in it in their front yard.

    I laughed out loud with your "Do your girls hang low." I haven't thought about that in years. Now I'll probably be humming that tune all day!

    Pam - sounds like you're (slowly) on your way to feeling better. Sinus infections can be so nasty.

    Jole - I would love to see a picture of Jessi. If my resident computer guru (my hubby) can figure out how to post a picture I'll let you know how to do it. Our little birl - Murphy - is very photogenic. Yeah, I know...she has a boy's name. We had already decided on a name before we picked her out and it just sort of stuck! When we got our kitten (who is now almost a year old) Murphy was very tender and mothering. She was that way with our neighbor's puppy too. However, put a dog in front of her who is bigger than her and she goes into attack mode! I think I wrote in another post a while ago that last year she got freaked out by a frog that jumped in front of her. It was so funny.

    Victoria - 40 supplements a day? Yowee! Don't know how he does it. I have trouble just getting things like vitamins and my magnesium tablets down my throat.

    So....I saw a nephrologist on monday. I had seen him about 8 years ago when I was having problems with high blood pressure. Then I lost 45 pounds, blood pressure went down, I was able to get off my meds and I didn't have to see him any more. When I found out 3 months ago that I had kidney stones, I made an appointment to see him. I had to wait about 2 1/2 months because I was considered a "new" patient because I hadn't seen him for so long. Then I found out that I had this cyst on my kidney and was sent to a urologist. But, I decided to keep my appointment with the nephrologist anyway.

    He does not feel that I have polycystic kidney disease because my kidney function bloodwork is all within normal limits. And, he doesn't think that the cyst I have is the cause of my unremitting back and flank pain. So, I'm back to square one with that. I was really hoping that the back pain would go away after my surgery. Oh who knows...maybe it will.

    Did find out something else interesting though. Seems as though my white blood cell count continues to rise. He wasn't sure why. But, I will be having blood work done at my pre-op appointment next week, and we'll see where the WBC is at that point.

    Gosh......this is all so much fun! I think if I didn't have all of you to talk to I would lose my mind! I look forward to coming here very day. And one of the best things about it is that I can wear my uniform while I'm here!!

    Well kids....I guess that's it for now, unless I think of something else extremely exciting and intellectual to say!

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