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    oops hit the enter key to soon missed you ,so much went on last week then sicker than dog doc said all the stuff coming out eyes and everywhere was from antibiotics working today i feel like ive never been sick god it doesnt feel real other than im awake i think thats because im afraid to wake up and find today was just a dream how are you and family doing any luck with doc. my girlfriend went for mamogram today and i made her laugh her head off when i told her about my last experiance when they got me in there and pressed as you might say the machine broke with me stuck had to call tech in where broke cldnt cover me left me rather exposed you might say took a 1/2 hour i didnt think goodyear could fix that flat not to mention what do you talk to your repairman about?
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    You are too funny!! Almost choked on my coffee!
    So glad you are feeling better and I hope it lasts. I've seen better days. Been feeling really bad since Friday. I have been taking olive leaf extract (3 capsules daily) so I'm hoping this is a die off reaction (praying really). Hard to describe what's going on - someone on the board described it as a christmas tree with blinkers going on and off (shocks?). Oh well. Kids & hubby are great. My eldest (10) has a science fair tonight so I will rest up for that (can't miss it!). I will see my doc Mar 4 (next week) but I'm not getting my hopes up.
    Take care & keep in touch,

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    hey girl feeling better today i hope when you say shocks do you mean those little electric currents in your feet lord i hate those but have found i can get rid of those if i put my feet on heating pad and always find when they come in and take blood my potassium is really low and electrolites which makes them really bad.if thats not what your talking about then i suggest you switch the type of christmas lights you buy as a epileptic i buy the ones at walmart or ctc that dont flash [just a suggestion]and what are you doing with a christmas tree in feb. anyways i know i have head injuries but even i know thats a july thing[i'm only joking] hope the science fair goes well maybe hang in their honey all my prayers and thoughts are with you ejay[sandi]