2nd Clinical Trials Appt.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hurts2003, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I had my 2nd appt. this morning. I really felt bad too. My jaw hurt me most of the evening and night yesterday and then when I finally got relief from it I went to sleep (about 1:00 AM). Then I woke up at 2:00 itching all over. It felt like tiny bugs was crawling all over me. I tossed and turned and scratched the rest of the night til about 4:00 then finally got back to sleep My husband's clock went off at 5:30 and woke me up. I had to get up at 6:00 to get the kids up and myself ready to leave for the appt. at 9:30 (2 hr drive).
    Anyway getting back to the appt. all my test results came back normal from last week so according to my blood there should be nothing wrong with me.HAHA LOL. My blood pressure was up to 135/92 which it is usually 120/75. Doc said it was probably because of the pain. I scored 100% on the trigger point test today. They had a little machine to measure how much pressure they applied before I felt pain and it only made it to 1.6 on a few spots before it hurt most points never got over 1. It felt like they were sticking me with needles instead of a flat round object a little bit bigger than a pencil eraser.
    I start on the drugs in the morning. I take 4 capsules every morning til I go back next wed. They are either 20mg, 30mg, or a placebo for cymbalta. I hate the idea of taking them in the morning having to work. If they make me sleepy, I'm going to have a real long day. I don't think I'm going to take them until I get to work so I won't be driving with them in me until I see how I'm going to react. I'm also going to make sure my boss has the number to the research center in case anything bad happens to me, he can call them and find out what to do for me, we are also only 5 min from the local hospital. I'm glad I'm really close to him. I've been working there for 15yrs and he's like a daddy to me, his son has also started working with us since January and he's just a NUT. He picks on me all the time because he used to be my husband's supervisor before he left his other job.
    I just hope this is the real med and it works for me. The longer I stay off the other meds the worse the pain is getting. I was also told today that I can only take Tylenol if I need anything for pain. I can't even take Ibuprophen. I'm glad I didn't know that yesterday because I took about 10 between 3:00 PM and 12:00 AM. I was in missery with my right jaw, shoulder and .
    I'l quit babbling now and keep you all posted on how I do tomorrow with the meds. If you don't hear from me you'll know it's not going well.
  2. hurts2003

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    I took my first 4 capsules this morning about 3 hrs ago. I didn't figure it would help the pain right away because I know that takes a while to get in your system. But i can't tell any difference since I've taken it, thought it might make me sleepy or something. My boss laughed and told me this morning that if it made me too sleepy that he would just throw me on a sofa and let me sleep it off(I work at a used furniture store).
    I've read on the internet that one of the other studies gave everyone the placebo for the first week. It is guarenteed that sometime during the study that I will get the real drug you just don't know when.

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