2nd FFC visit

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    I wish I would have got a copy of my blood work results, I meant to, but forgot.
    I go baack in 3 weeks to get the results of the new tests for bacteria and viruses.

    So far my numbers are a little off, but not too bad. Mostly what I expected, only not as bad. It looks hopeful .
    NK cells-low

    using supplements and bio-identical hormones to get things back on track.

    Now the big surprise - to me at least - my cholesterol and sugar are high. I had them tested a year ago and my doc was saying how low my cholesterol was make a big deal about it. Now it is seriously high according to Dr. J. The biggest concern right now is getting it down and my weight down.

    I'm all for losing weight, but I'm not sure how when exercise is nearly imopssible. When I had my tonsils out I barely ate for 2 weeks and didn't lose a pound. Maybe the supplements will help get rid of some pounds.

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    Orthomega capsules from ortho molecular products
    1 capsule 3x daily
    each one has EPA 420 DHA 300

    and low fat, low cholesterol diet