2nd question regarding origin ! please read

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    Sorry so many questions but further to my asking re peoples origins I've just looked through the poll done re locations of members. I know this is in english but assume people from other non english speaking countries read this,ie Northern Europe denmark, latvia etc... a point comes to mind...
    Pat has given good info regarding Olive leaves ( thanks, will talk through with my friend ) but no responses came from Southern Europe, Italy spain etc where it is well know that they live long lives due to the amount of olive oil in there diets... get where i'm leading?... Query, does anyone know of FMS sufferers in Southern Europe ? is Fybro or similar conditions at the same level or lower?.
    Further to my earlier question re origin, ties in with immigration from Eastern Europe to Western and poss on to Americas.
    Anyway, are there any Southern Europe sufferers here ( or anyone know any?)
    No more quests today but would be greatful if people would come back to me.
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    Ampligen studies began in germany, I think.
    Hope you get some replies. Many Drs. would know since conferences are in Europe.
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    The Northern European Jews did make their way up from the Mesopotamian Empire before they made it to Eastern Europe and we know that olives were/are plentiful there.

    I do have some Spanish blood, but very distant.

    I actually have CFIDS, sorry, I didn't realize you were only asking about FMS.