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    Hi all. I said I would keep you guys updated about my talk therapy appointment. The second time around was a little easier for me.

    One thing I can definately say is that I would definately need more than 10 sessions. On the psychological side of all this, I can see that therapy is painful. I did open up more this time, I think because of the way the therapist had asked me the questions. I felt a tiny bit more comfortable talking to him, ALTHOUGH, I still do not think he truly understands what chronic conditions, such as ours, do to our emotional, physical, and mental state.

    One thing he said that kind of cracked me up was. "The next time you are feeling really bad, just go ahead and follow thru with your plans anyway". I looked at him and laughed (nicely) and said, "That is what I have been doing for the last 20 years" He just wrote everything down from there.

    He wants me to keep a "positive journal". I have to write down several positive things that happen to me everyday. I asked him to give me examples, because I honestly didn't know what kind of "positive things" he was talking about. This assignment is extremely difficult for me and by the end of the day, my mind is just too much in a fog to do this, but I have tried.

    To keep this short, I am still planning on asking him for a referral to a therapist who deals with chronic pain. I need to come to peace with this, and I feel that a therapist who is specifically trained in this area would be most helpful to me. I believe he will help me with this, I hope.

    With this therapist I only get 10 free sessions, after that, my health insurance will have to kick in, in order for me to see another therapist. I did bring up issues of jealousy which he wrote down, and will talk about that at our next session this coming Saturday.

    He told me therapy is hard work. I can sort of see that now. You do feel exposed, but I do not think he was judging me, I felt somewhat more comfortable talking to him this time, and hope it will help, even just a tiny bit. I am being realistic, 10 sessions is not much in the way of managed care these days, but I have to take it for what it's worth and just try. I am not looking for any miracles.

    Thanks to all of you who responded to my last post about this for your wisdom and caring concern, you guys are the BEST and always will be. Hugs, Chelz.
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    Therapy is VERY hard work.

    And the guy you're seeing doesn't sound like a train wreck, just someone who doesn't really "GET IT" about chronic pain of any kind, especially not fibro/CFS.

    Please consider checking this list, while you are looking for a new therapist more "clued in" to fibro:


    I checked it out for my state (TX) and discovered that it lists many different types of doctors, including therapists.

    Good luck. I hope the therapy turns out to be very helpful for you.


  3. ellikers

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    I'm glad you're feeling better about your time with this therapist.

    Good luck and I hope it helps more! It is hard work but significantly worth it.

    I've had therapy for a variety of issues and see a pain specialist now and she's GREAT. It's definitely helping me identify the way my brain works around pain and my body and how I can improve my well-being and health and feel connected to myself again (instead of constantly mad at my body).

    I also know some books that are really good ... about chronic pain, how to cope, etc. One is called "Managing Chronic Pain Before It Manages You" and "Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired". The first one has LOTS of activities to help you make the most out of life and figure out how to support your body and cope with pain.
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    I did have a therapist who specialized in chronic illnesses. The therapy was worth its weight in gold. She had also been a nurse so had seen a lot of patients with chronic illnesses.

    You also might want to ask for a woman therapist.

    Don't you just love the comment about writing down positive thoughts and things will be fine type of therapy. NOT!!!

    He doesn't get it. I would find someone else.

    Just my two pennies.

    Good luck.

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    I agree with you all, he doesn't "GET IT". So, for now, I am still planning on asking him for a referral to another therapis when these sessions are over, or maybe, I may not continue, I haven't figured it out yet.

    This is what I was afraid of. Sometimes people say us "FM'ers are too sensitive, well, I call it intuition and we just "KNOW OUR BODIES".

    Thanks Tizz for the therapist list, I will check it out. Hugs to all, Chelz.
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    hey hang in there, thanks for updating

    sounded like you wanted to make the best of him for now?
    that is laughable though just do it anyway, haha

    but I think the positive focus thing could be modified in creative way, even if something really small seeming like you saw a bird in the tree out the window, just stuff to help you have some relief makes sense to me, like watching a comedy film instead of something depressing etc
    I like the idea of trying to find things I am grateful for, but I think the important thing is its easier to try to do that when we feel understood and not minimized

    if he's all ya got for now try to use him to yr benefit :) good luck
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    "The next time you are feeling really bad, just go ahead and follow thru with your plans anyway" This statement seems very odd coming from a therapist... what if your plans was to do harm to yourself?