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  1. Guesswhonoyb

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    Hi Everyone! I am new here. This is my second time having Lyme Disease. The 2nd time around, I am able to function.
    The First time was a "Living you know what".
    I would like any info on a book called "Top 10 Lyme Treatment?. Has anyone read it? What are your thoughts? Thanks Dee
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I do know it covers alternatives which are considered controversial, like Rife Machines and the Marshall Protocol. My husband bought a Rife machine after reading the book about Lyme & Rife and this one... But treating chronic lyme anyway is controversial.

    My son's WB was + according to even CDC's tracking standards, so far has only been doing oral abx; Neither I nor my husband have been tested but I am doing the MP (dx'd with CFIDS) and am herxing, so obviously I have something... my DH didn't herx to the frequencies supposed to hit lyme, but hasn't tried any of the others yet. (He has many symptoms like atypical Bells Palsy)

    What did you do the first time to treat yourself? It sounds like it helped you? Is it not a choice this time?


  3. Guesswhonoyb

    Guesswhonoyb New Member

    This time I am taking BIAXIN XL which is a timed release version of BIAXIN from what I read. The first time with LYME I was on ZYTHROMAX Oral Meds, then IV Meds. Those helped a great deal. The IV meds seemed to really get deep into your system. It's a very slow process. This time around it has really effected my muscels and my feet, my feet hurt like I have walked a marathon.
    The most difficult part of LYME besides the odd symptoms, is the time it takes to improve.

    Thanks for your reply, and Be Well! Dee
  4. Guesswhonoyb

    Guesswhonoyb New Member

    You are right Never say Never with LYME. I don't feel that LYME is as simple as VITAMIN C and SALT. I am having a lot more Cardic issues this time around. First time around it was fatigue, and symptoms thats were endless. Thank goodness I am not that bad anymore, but the Cardiac issues are scary! Take care Have a nice Day. Dee
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  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    as to do well with seemingly weird treatments... me for one.

  6. eec1

    eec1 New Member

    the MP goes agaisnt every ideal of health i ever learned about health and all those blood tests just to moniter vit D / i have recovered and relapsed more times than the population using it put together /living in a dark room and avoiding mother earth seems other species like to me/we would be living at the bottom of sea or in a deep cave if that were the case/ but there is the placebo effect going for it/ i did use the idea for minicycoline as my abx for original dx/you dont have it a 2nd time-it does not go away-sure you feel better but its not gone-its in there lurking- slowly dividing while your immune system is sleeping-drilling into your cells blendng with your DNA until it owns yousalt and C on the other hand makes sense if you study nutrition and the immue system/ however i agree the dosages get a bit (quite a bit) out of hand/ now our Gman fiends over at the USDA and FDA say 1mg of sodiom minimum per calorie of intake (avg diet 2000-2500 cal per day)we need this for body to function properly with equal amount of potassium these two minerals create the energy fields in our cells/ i personally do not get enough sodiom and potassium in my diet -so i measure out little containers with 2500mg of washed natural sea salt and through my own studies can tell the difference / H2O is the third key ingredient to this slurry / min intake per day 1floz per 2lbs o body weight;example for me @ 150lb=75floz (1 gallon=128floz--1/2 gal =64floz and so on) note ;good pure H2O^^ not diet anything not tea not coffe not beer not juice of any kind not smart water JUST H2O / ok here is the chemistry; sodiom-potassium-hydrogen-oxygen ; these together make electrolites which allow the body to function / the other drinks are ok but you cant count it as H2O once anything else is added to H2O it change the properties of absorbtion in to the body/ also any diet anything eaters/drinkers out there i have heard asperrtine turns to formadhyde in the brain--lyme doesnt need company / this mix of sod-pot-hyd-oxy is also what allow inter and extra celluar exchange vit C- the USDA and FDA say min dose 60mg per day for 2000-2500 cal diet---this is the amount needed to just ward off scurryso matching the dose with the salt is easy to remember// remember we have cognitive dysfuntion as one of our symptoms //also it has been known for time a long moderate high doses of vit C promote faster healingso with a little common sense the salt & C actually makes sense lyme or not
  7. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    I read somewhere that Dr. Teitelbaum gave up on the Marshall protocol because he wasn't having much success with this patients on this. I've heard of a few that it helped, however, but it seems to have fallen out of disfavor.

    It seems that the ABX and the Cowden protocol (modified or full) combined is taking off. Have you read Dr. H's study that he presented at the Conference last fall? He uses both and finds he has had success with preventing relapses. The LLMD's on the East coast are doing this. Check out lymenet. There's lots of patients doing this now.

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    all I can say is it's weird how many different things have worked for different people, no matter how weird or wrong it may seem. There are those that have even gotten well drinking their 1st morning urine and swear by it. I'm not about to argue with anyone who finds success with anything, quite honestly; and not ready to write off any/everything that seems weird...

    I guess that's why I'm an optimist?

    Nope, I have not tried the urine therapy... I could add a final 'yet' to that, but, that is 1 thing I don't think I could do.

    Inevitably........ another 'yet' occurs to me:

    YET - if studies suddenly showed this actually did help over time, would (I) do it?
  9. eec1

    eec1 New Member

    thats what scientific evedence is and there will always be more than angle to the view / the MP is not so much weird but it is 99.9% impossible to conform to / on the other hand urine therapy has been around as long as people have been peeing / it really hasnt caught on either and its easy to do / i used the german DRs protocol last summer--the 50-60 day diflucan followed by 30 days of abx but they had to be short chain penicillin family or something like that-i took leviquin / i was practicaly crippledand i saw the warning so i quit doing yoga i quit exercising and i took 3 weeks off from work and went on a road trip / i did not know how long the effects of it stay in the body / i got body and joint tenderness/discomfort but hey whats another herx? there all good plus i had a big big bottle of norco / when i went back to my industrial construction job i started falling apart i had soo much pain in so many places when i quit to go on disability again my eyes even hurt / i dont know if any of the morgies com here to read or post but that is where you can find multipily wierd protocols / nice people but strange and bizzare practices / right nowi am on the biaxin-diflucan mix / with 1 hour of hottub therapy per day / i hrexed the first few days but i can take my dose on time evey time now and i feel good / i just have to go thru the PT for the damaged tendons through out my body / i have always been athletic and flexible so i feel i will recover fully / plus i got my CFR test results today and that made me feel real good--i think understand how my treatments have worked for me

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