2nd update on 1st peptide injection

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    Well, it's been an experience. I last posted that I had muscle aches and extra fatigue but it was getting easier each day. The day after I posted that I woke up feeling completely out of it and tired - I believe I was detoxing - appetite was completely gone, felt very tired, hard to contrate, had slight headahe, etc. The loss of appetite is what mainly made me think of detoxing, as that always happens to me. Actually my appetite had started to disappear the day before. So that day, Saturday the 14th, was a lost day. However, much to my surprise, by the end of Saturday my appetite was coming back and by Sunday morning I felt back to "normal", though a bit weak. Sunday was a pretty good day.

    Monday the 16th I woke up and felt like the living dead. This time I believe it was a strep infection (the symptoms were all very familiar). I have been dealing with this all until now, am finally starting to get well I hope. I relapsed a couple of times but think it's finally leaving. Was taking grapefruit seed extract (a natural antibiotic), extra Vit. C and so on.

    So - I have not been able to see if I have any more stamina since the injection or whether I will crash just as easily as before (my worst symptom) as I have not fell well enough to be able to do enough to bring on a crash ( more than 3-1/2 to 4 hours of light activity)

    I e-mailed Dr. Gruenn last week and he was surprised, thought I would be doing better. He is not sure about continuing the injections. However I do want to try one more - I want to test it to see if I crash just as easily. I am going to be very careful until my appt on May 1 as I don't want to crash before then.

    It's crazy - I do wish I had better news to report for all of you. Maybe next time!

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    So sorry to hear things haven't been so easy going for you after your injection. It's especially difficult that you had the viral infection muddying the waters. I hope that you will improve greatly before your next injection so you can get a better understanding and all. I'm on the same page with you that it would be enlightening to know what effects you would have from another injection. It would really solidify your opinion a good deal more I would think. If you aren't well enough by May 1st could you postpone it? I do thank you for being honest and reporting it like it is. I think you are very smart to lay low until your next appt. Am praying all goes well for you. :)


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    Yeah, it's just been very hard to decipher exactly what's going. It's possible that teh muscle aches and fatigue I had for a week or more were actually a herx reaction and not viral, and then the detox, and then what was unmistakably strep - one thing after another!

    I could postpone the appt without any problem, but do want to make it so will be lying low.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers! I'll keep you all posted -

  4. Mikie

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    I'm so sorry to hear that the injection didn't seem to help you. Chances are that you were getting sick and the injections will not usually work if you are getting sick. I was coming down with a stomach bug which hit after I got my first injection and my doc was surprised that the injection worked at all. I think giving up after just one injection is too soon to decide. I'm glad you are going in for another one. They usually do three before deciding to discontinue them. At that time, one can opt for the plasma diagnosis to see what kind of serum will work.

    Rest up and, hopefully, this one will work. Prayer going up for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh, I'm getting over a crash (what else is new!), but plan to go see Dr. Gruenn tomorrow. I'm sorry he didn't get back to you yet - well, I don't blame you for passing on the injections for now. Hopefully he will respond.

    I know you are making some progress wtih the alphabiotics and hope it continues!

    I've heard of Feldenkrais (sp?), I think a long time ago - my age is showing! Always something new to learn -

    Take care -

  6. mbofov

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    Well, you might be right about me getting sick when I got the injection - it does seem like much of the time I am battling some bug or other. I get sick every time I crash, without fail. The strep though was a little unusual, I have not had that for a long time, though used to have it frequently.

    However, I wasn't sick when I saw Dr. Gruenn last time, amazingly enough. Anyways, one other possibility is that heavy metals are the culprit, and he told me in the very beginning that if they were the problem, the injections would not work.

    I had an interesting experience last week - took some taurine (amino acid) at night for sleep, it's supposed to aid GABA receptors - well, it worked and then some. Was still groggy, felt drugged, by noon the next day and finally late in the day realized it felt like detoxing. So I looked up taurine and detox, and there it was - one of the major amino acids used for detoxing. So - I detox so much and just out the blue when I least expect it, I am really beginning to think that toxins - heavy metals in particular - are my true nemesis.

    I have read about a couple of people who tried the methylation protocol (as I did for months and months and months) and who were blocked until they did a heavy metal detox, and they finally overcame their post-exertional malaise, my chief complaint.

    I'm going to discuss all this with Dr. Gruenn tomorrow. I am a bit sick today as I am recovering from a crash, and if we decide to do another injection, I'm going to ask him if I can do it at home. The drive is killer, it alone makes me crash but I don't want to cancel tomorrow.

    Thanks for your concern and good wishes! I'll keep you posted -

  7. Mikie

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    If two shots don't work and you and your doc suspect heavy metal poisoning, you might go on to find treatment for that. One of my docs suggested chelation but I never did it. It was always on the back burner because I was getting healing with other things. In any case, you know I'm in your corner, praying for healing.

    Love, Mikie
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    I had fogotten that I had strong Herx-like reactions following my first couple of shots. If the shots work on the immune system, it will likely go on a pathogen-killing spree and make you feel lousy. So, even tho I knew from the first shot that it was working, it was kind of a mixed blessing because of the purging, including headaches and diarrhea. I also had some muscle pain during that time. Sometimes, the benefits from the first couple of shots only work for a short time, depending on how many receptors one has on one's cells.

    I pray for success. Let us know how it's going.

    Love, Mikie
  9. mbofov

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    I'll do a separate post - I didn't do the second injection - am going to be doing a heavy metal detox - thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!