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    I am sorry. I thought I had answered you back. I have been really down lately because I am just frankly wearing myself too thin. Trying to help my parents and trying to come to work and still run a household when I get home.

    I also have been having strange suspicions with my husband lately. He says I am crazy. He has a second job at night and I hated having to go and pick him up at midnight on the weekends. So one night one of the girls that work with him offered to bring him home. I really appreciated it and all. That way I could take my meds and go to bed.

    Then one evening I was up late and had to pick up a few things at the 24 hour Wal-mart (which by the way is right next to where he works), so I called him and said it was 12:00 and I would pick he up. I drove there and he came out and said that the other gal was there already to pick him up and she was mad that I came there too. What nerve for her to be mad that I was picking up my own husband. I left and thought well if she made an extra trip I could understand.

    We'll now he gets off on the weekdays at 9:00 I have told him I would pick him up, but he says oh no Kelly is coming to pick me up. She doesn't work tonight but she said she would do it for me. This has happened countless times. I told him I did not like it on Sunday night. On the way to drop him off last night he said oh you don't have to pick me up Kelly is giving me a ride. He then said I told her what you said and she just laughed. How dare him tell her what I told him. What a jerk. I feel so hurt by him.

    I keep telling him why would she come out of her way on her day off and come get you from work and take you home? What is in it for her? He says I don't have to worry.

    Am I just going crazy like he says? Or am I just so stressed about everything else that I am letting the little things get to me. Maybe he is trying to help me out. I don't know what to think.

    Then he almost forgot my birthday too.

    Today just is not a good one.

    I am sorry to load this all on you. You have your own issues too. I hoep you are doing good. I have read a few of your posts. I am praying for you all the time. You are a very dear person, that only deserves the best.


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    We'll when I went over to pick up my daughters on my b-day my parnets had a b-day cake for me and dinner. It was very sweet.

    My husband though on the other hand was as cold as ice to me. I said anything and he had to have a nasty remark or he would be mad. My parents called and asked me that evening what was wrong with him. I told them I have no idea.I just did not want to concern them with my assumtions.

    I really think he has something going on. He did not even remember that our older daughters b-day is today. I have not reminded him either. Let him take the heat for it. I am sick of covering for his mistakes. If he wants someone else I guess she better get the whoel low down on who she is taking on, because she would want to throw him back after she hears all the things I have been through with him.

    I feel like wanting to go to his work on Friday night and spy all night on him and her as they work and see what goes on. I do not have time for it though because my daughters have a bunch of kids coming over to spend the night and get set up for the party on Saturday. I am just beside myself right now.

    I am so hurt that he forgot my b-day and my daughter was finally the one to say something and then he chimed in. Then he is so cold and did not get me a present (which is not anything unusual for him though), but he didn't do anything special for me either. He could have gave me a massage or something, but no when I asked him to do it, he said , no I am busy. Busy with what????? I still do not know. I went to bed and cried myself to sleep. A very depressing birthday.

    He thinks he can treat me this way because I do not make as much money as I used to when I was manager at a bank. I worked myself sick doing that job. I am sick alot now a days and my father has been sick too. Then the thing that happened to my neice too. I carry all the insurance for my family and he does not even include that when he thinks he makes more. I just bring home less because I have $340.00 dollars taken out a month for insurance. I have told him this time and time again.

    I am so frustrated. I am sure you can tell by the way I am talking about all this. I usually do not discuss issues like these and I usually am in a good mood, just not lately.

    I am sorry to dump all of this on you. By the way yes I have told him how I feel about the other woman taking him home and he thinks I am nuts about my assumtions and he even told the other woman the assumtions I was making. They both had a good laugh he said. I was so mad when he told me that he said something to her (he was just going into work when I was angry) then guess who else was working that night too. He walked in and started pointing at me and then they were laughing again.

    Blessigs to you,
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    My heart goes out to you in this situation. This can really take a toll on your illness. I went through the same thing. After 25 years of marriage I called it quits. That was 10 years ago and my life is so much better. It is hard at first, but with God you can do anything.
    I would not want some woman bringing my husband home from work, especially on her day off. Something is not right there. I would put my feelings on the table and let him know that you will pick him up from work. If she is single I would let her now she is to stay away from your husband or you will take further action.
    You will be in my prayers and please let us know what happens.

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    I will definetly pray about this. I am a strong believer in prayer.

    Thank you so much for your responses. It seems like today I am so overwhelmed about thinking about this I can't think at all. I have people calling me back on requests I made to them yesterday and I am at a blank. I am usually so organized and today nothing is organized. I am so out of order today.

    thank you for the prayers,