3 new antibiotics for me to try......

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by kellyann, May 16, 2006.

  1. kellyann

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    Just had an appointment with my doctor from the FFC. She gave me prescriptions for 3 different antibiotics to try. Flagyl, mepron, and zithromax. Has anyone had experience with these drugs?

    I think my next step is I.V. antibiotics if this doesn't work. I haven't gotten any better, probably have gotten worse in the last six months or so since I found out I have Lyme and started treatment.

    I am going to a different thyroid medicine too, doctor said it is T3. I had been on armour thyroid for years which is T4 and T3. I hope this helps. I am going on vacation to my mother's house in Florida for a couple of weeks. I'll have to pack a suitcase just for my medicines, jeez!

    I have to start a cream form of estrogen and testosterone, adrenal gland support, and a liver pill. This on top of all I already take. There is no end.

    I have felt awful all day....fever, headache and extreme pain in all joints. I have cold sores on my face and up my nose, and my teeth hurt. I have trush from so many antibiotics. Life is wonderful some days, not!

    Thanks for listening!
  2. jarjar

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    Slowly work up with Flagyl as it can be one of the toughest lyme abx to take. I ended up having to pulse it to get out of my misery. Some don't have a tough reaction.
    The Zith and Mepron combo are used often also. Some have dramatic improvement with it. I've only worked with Zith. Plan on doing the combo in future.

    Keep it posted on how you are doing.

  3. morningsonshine

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    My LLMD told me i had to start with the full dosage of abx. He said if i didn't i could make the "bugs" stronger.

    I haven't been able, I'm up to taking three of my four pills, I have so much anxeity about taking meds.

    Just hard for me to do, I'm afraid when i go back next week he's going to be upset with me.

    So now i'm worried i could be making myself worse, instead of better??

    KellyAnn, good luck, and enjoy your vacation.[This Message was Edited on 05/18/2006]
  4. victoria

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    the same exact ones.

    He doesn't have a problem with flagyl or so far with any of the abx he has tried, altho there is always a herx to some degree.

    This combination was for suspected babeosis, since he does break out in sweats. Mepron is also used for malaria, babeosis is also a parasite that also causes similar symptoms.

    Son had some herxes to this protocol but not much obvious symptom resolution - just said his brain felt 'different' altho not in a worse or better way that he could quantify...

    In another week he will try protocol for bartonella, since cognitions/mental symptoms are one of his prime difficulties... well, so are the physical, hard to pick just one area....

    It has been one year since he began abx for lyme.

    We were also told that starting treatment for lyme then switching to treating obvious or possible co-infections, then back to lyme, is a common way to treat...

    We are holding off on IV abx since the research published in Townsend Letter Feb/March '06 said it can take 18 months for IV OR oral to penetrate the cell wall form of lyme anyway.. . doctor did not disagree.

    hope this helps,

  5. victoria

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    My son also used artemisinin with these abx, supposed to really help especially with babeosis infection. as this is the first/only time so far he was told to use it.. altho I saw you used it and herxed.

    Where in Georgia are you? I'm in Athens... but I take my son up to Charlotte NC.


  6. kellyann

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    I live in Bremen, Ga. It is west of atlanta, near the Alabama border, off I-20west.I see Dr. Bullington at the Marietta FFC. She is great! I couldn't afford the mepron, it was over a thousand dollars! My insurance would not cover it.
    I am getting excited about my trip, two and a half weeks in Florida, yay me! I know I will have to be very careful about sunburns.
    Take Care!
  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    hope you have a good time! -sounds wonderful.

    I do have a question - do you think you got Lyme while living in Georgia, or elsewhere -- any idea?

    Have fun!

  8. Countrymom

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    I just also saw DrB in Atlanta and am not responding as well as she would like. I just started the zithromax and flagyl too and if this doesn't work she said IV is next.

    I really need to find you on lymenet and pm you. We are so much alike in treatment.

    How often are you taking the flagyl? I just take 1 every 2 weeks, doesn't sound like much to me.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    All I can do is compare to my son's doctor's protocol - 5 days of Flagyle the 3rd week of every month. Sounds reasonable to me - ie, I had trichomoniasis (a protozoa) years ago, and it took more days than that to get rid of it then.

    all the best,