3 things that made me sick

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  1. faithinlove

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    I really believe I know what has made me sick.
    Extreme reactions to stress. I get sick when I am stressed.
    Emotional trauma due to a car accident when I was 17.PSTD and physical and mental abuse from a person.
    Some traits of this dd seem hereditary.
    If there is anyone that feels any similarity as to any of these three things that I have described please tell me some about this. I am going to tell my doc and rhuemy to read some of these stories if we do have something in common about what could have caused us to be sick.
    If they can find a cause then surely for us they can find a cure
    Faith :)
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    I believe that Stress has a lot to do with it also!! how we were treated as we were growing up makes us prone too(IMO)

    i Get terribly sick from stress, always have even as a small child. the abuse( all kinds) didn't help my situation either. along with all that, and probably Genetics.

    When my Grandmother took me to raise at 7 i spent a week in the hospital, the doc said i wouldn't have lasted much longer under the conditions i was living in.

    I haven't been healthy since. at the moment im being tested for Lyme, i can remember being bit by ticks as a small child & getting really i'll & was Not taken to the DR.

    Sorry to ramble, but yes i do agree with what your saying!!! it's all connected.

  3. Empower

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    I was under a great deal of stress for a very long time

    A surgery that I didn't want to have (but knew I needed to) was the last straw

    That is when THE CFS developed and never went away

  4. faithinlove

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    Thanks so much to those that posted. I see we all do have the stress thing in common.
    Thanks again and gentle (((hugs)))
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    My doctor told me that over 80% of women who were abused as kids have FM. I believe it! Mine started at age 2. My father was a pedophile who loved to torture. He really hated women, and felt power over me and my sisters. My mother thought it was more important how we looked as a family to the outside world than to protect her 3 daughters. I can't remember sexual abuse or torture past age 6, but the physical and mental and verbal abuse continued until I married at 19, and some past that. I was lucky to marry a great guy 41 years ago. I have learned from 30 years of therapy that certain things can be a trigger to a memory from long ago which you may not actually remember in your head. But, you remember the body feelings, the fear and pain. If you can't handle stress, maybe it is because certain stressful situations trigger the stress you felt once before. A good therapist can help you to recognize if this is the case. I am at a point in my life now where I can do that. Recently, I was barefoot and hit my toe against metal. It bled and I wrapped a paper towel around it and continued with the bar-b-q and my guests. After they left, I unwrapped it and saw my toenail was coming off. I reverted back to a child and told my husband to take my hand as he would a little girl and help me into the bathroom and take care of it for me. I was terrified - of what, I know not. I kept repeating "Please don't hurt me." My FM began as a small child and migraines before elementary school, and has worsened with each terribly stressful situation which I have had to face, but I think we both have something in common, and you should find a good therapist and have that part of it checked out. The worst possible scenario for FM or CFS is a good dose of stress, and not knowing why.
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