3 things to ALWAYS use

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    Again, this is my humble opinion (and also based on personal experience):

    1. Water water water
    2. Acidophilus (and other probiotics)
    3. Vegetable juice

    1. Water cleanses you of junk. If you're taking medication, it's especially important to drink enough to flush out your liver and kidneys, etc. Check w/ your doctor, though, to make sure you're not diluting the medicine!!! Water also boosts your circulation. Drink it at room temperature. Drink A LOT. Do not substitute juice/coffee/milk for water.
    2. Acidophilus and all those other "dophiluses" very gently clear your colon of candida. You don't get the drastic "die-off" effects of candida-killers and other colon-cleansers. Clean your colon and everything else gradually gets "cleaned up" as a result.
    3. Juiced veggies (extracted, not blended) are a truly amazing source of vitamins, nutrients, and ENERGY. They deliver the goods straight to the bloodstream without taxing your digestive system with all that fiber. Yes, you need fiber, but you can get it from other sources.
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    Thx 4 your humble opinion. Bump