3 Ways To Manage Anxiety w/out Drugs

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    Lot of good advice here...personally I take NOW 1500mg Magnesium Complex thru the day and other anti anxiety remedies as well...in the Fibro state one's nerves are always in a state of FLIGHT, that's what I've found anyway over the years. I've actually won over my daughter on taking ENOUGH magnesium as she claims she took some daily, but I KNOW not enough....so she takes my product now and has her 17 yr old daughter taking mag too....I'm forever attempting to lead her to all I've learned over many years and she's now open more and more to alternative healing. I know she is feeling a "change" as she's asking for more of the mag I bought her initially. Her mind was closed for a long time, but things do change....we make change...


    After searching for non-pharmaceutical treatments to help manage anxiety, I've
    found a few methods that have made a big difference for me.
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    My computer won't let me into this site.

    Magnesium is a drug isn't it? Guess it depends on the definition of drug, huh?

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    Barry, Magnesium is a mineral and there is a lot of info on Magnesium Deficiency in the population.

    If you can't open the link, just google "3 Ways To Manage Axiety Without Drugs"....It's Chris Kresser's site...and he/she also mention Magnesium Oil Spray which I use and am using MORE these days, and now on my feet with are arthritic.....spray my feet and then put my socks on....I can feel more comfort for my feet....
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    Oh, I just clicked on Cached and it does not open....just google the heading. And you will find it. Good info from Chris....

    Sorry this link does NOT open, this happens so much to me when I try to copy/paste a link to share. If someone else can do it, please do. There is an informative blog attached to this article on Anxiety. jam
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    Just rec'd more info on this anxiety issue and Chris talks about BREATHING.....

    Just Breathe!
    This is the easiest, cheapest (it’s free!), and most immediately accessible way to reduce anxiety in any situation, whether at home, at work, in the car, or any other places that seem to trigger your feelings of anxiety. It’s a strategy that is used in mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation that is an effective tool to have in your arsenal for dealing with stress and anxiety.

    Deep breathing, also called “pranayamic” breathing by yogis, has been shown to activate the PNS (rest and digest!), decrease blood pressure, reduce cortisol, and slow the heart rate...I've been doing deep breathing work for years two times per day when I first attended the Art of Living breath workshop.......
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    Hi jam and everybody!! I have not been here in some time, but had to add my two cents on the magnesium....I have had less anxiety since incorporating magnesium into my supplement regimen, although anxiety was never a major problem for me. I take my magnesium at dinnertime, and in addition to it helping with joint and muscle pain, it really helps me sleep. Would not be without it!!!
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    I tried some magnesium.. the Nature Made.. I only tried it the two times but it just give me the runs.. to the bathroom .. and really bad.. so.. I haven't tried it again.. I do try to eat foods that contain magnesium.. but I am sure it would help if I took a pill form too.
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    Be aware of the FORM of mag one takes, Oxide is the worst and will cause the most runs.....it seems to be the cheapest but is not superior. I like LifeExtension which contains some oxide, citrate, succinate and glycinate, 500mg per cap and I take usually 3 per day. Keeps me regular without runs as I need to be on top of keeping regular. I've dealt with a history of constipation and don't need that issue to deal with...so mag is vital in my life. But again, the correct form. jam

    On the above mag product, instructions are 1-3 per day and this depends on one's constitution....my daughter and grandgirl are now taking this mag and they are very happy with their results....
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    You thought right, I talk a lot about meditation but I get lazy on my meditation practice...I did some yoga for many years and still do a little, but many older people and even young folks have a hard time getting up and down with yoga work....People have been known to hurt themselves with yoga too.....

    So for me, I like some the anti stressors I can "take"......
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    I am really appreciate of this information. I have had issues with anxiety before, but considering that I know my body and my mindset, I refuse to accept anything that is going to placate the mind instead of dealing with the actual issue. So I am going to have to look into these three options and hopefully it can make a difference in my life – thank you