3 year old constantly tired.

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    Hello. I am new to this board. I have a 3 year old son that is reasonably healthy and happy. His only complaint is that he is always tired. He wakes up tired, wakes up from naps tired and goes to bed tired. His only other compaint is that his "hair hurts". He is a happy boy. We went to the doctor and had his blood tested and it came back at 12.5 was fine. I think they were testing the red blood cell count. Any advice? I don't believe he is doing this for attention. Does this sound like CFS?

    Thank you!
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    At that age.. I would think it is probably not CFS.. I went through that with my step daughter and she had an abnormal blood count. The normal tests came out fine but when they seperated her white blood cells the count on those was wrong. For a young child it could be so many different things. How is his diet? You may want to wean him off sugar if he is eating alot of sugar.. sometimes their blood sugar will crash and cause fatigue. Trust your gut if you think something is wrong and continue to work with the doctors. If you think something is wrong there probably is something. The other thing is make sure he has an appropriate schedule. Going to sleep at a designated bed time.. naps at the same time everyday etc. Young children do better with a schedule. Good luck to you!!

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    Like all day long, if it's just when waking up or a normal tiredness at bedtime, definately not CFS. At 3, I'd be thinking more of allergies.
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    Was reading your message about your son. I have this problem with my 4 year daughter. You might want to have his thyroid gland checked. I took my daughter to a specalist.They done blood work to rule out diabetes because it runs on both sides of our family. Then checked her thyroid gland and that was the problem. It can be treated with medicine. Good luck.
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    It can be one of th main symptoms. If you don't already, get his diet as close to nature as possible...no processed stuff, white sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives...you could also try gluten-free and dairy-free. Do this for 3 weeks and if the fatigue diminishes greatly add the things you've removed one at a time..after each new thing, leave it four days to see if he reacts with tiredness...if he doesn't you know he is ok with that particular thing. I personally would leave out the high sugar foods like sweets, chocolate and artificially sweetened, coloured and flavoured stuff even if he seems ok with them.

    Encourage lots of fruit and veg.

    If you still have no luck with reducing his tiredness, I'd definitely go back to the doctor and demand a referral to a specialist as this fatigue in a child so young is not normal.

    HTH and let us know how he goes on...bless him.

    Love Shelbo
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    First of all, welcome to our board/support group. It's really nice to have you, and I'm glad you found us!

    I'm glad that you took your son to the doctor and that the doc did some blood work, but is the ONLY thing that he tested for was his red blood cell count?

    I would think that he should do more extensive testing on his to see what type of other problems could cause him to be so tired.

    I would not think that a 3 year old would have cfs.

    If you have any spare time at all, I would start researching pediatric illnesses on the internet and start running searches on his symptoms to see if you can find out anything that sounds like it mimics your son, then get your doc to run more tests.

    The next time that you go to your own doc, ask him/her what would cause this in your child. Maybe your pediatrician isn't taking you seriously.

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    Welcome to the board.
    Maybe your son could have a sleep disorder, check on his breathing when he is asleep, he could have sleep apnea or maybe or some other sleeping disorder? Just an idea, my 3 year old says she is tired when I ask her to clean her toys up, so it could be a 3 year old thing. If you think something is definately wrong...do not let the doctors brush you off. Good luck
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    Thank you all! You have given me some things to try (limiting sugars/watching for possible food triggers, and keeping track of his schedule) as well as things to talk to the doctor about (thyroid/sleep apnea).

    I'm still not sure what is happening with my sweet boy, but you all have helped me feel less in the dark. He looks healthy, happy and well, but as his mommy I have to believe him when he tells me something is wrong. I was just feeling frustrated on how to proceed after getting the wait and see speech from the doctor. Thanks for your help!

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    I agree whole heartedly with the others who posted that you should listen to your 'mom instincts' and move forward with this.

    As an RN, I have scolded many interns and docs for not listening to the parents of sick kids. The parents know their kids best, and the docs need to listen.

    There have been many good suggestions here already. I encourage you to keep your son's diet as clean as you possibly can. If his little body is dealing with an illness it needs all the help it can get from superior nutrition while not needing to detoxify the rest. You might want to check out JuicePlus on the net, might try cafe for health. (add the usual ending, take out the spaces between words)

    One more bit of advice... be a momma bear! jump up and down and yell if you have to, to get the docs to listen. Follow your heart and your motherly instincts. We are all here to support you, so keep posting, ok?

    Hugs to you and your son,
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    I agree with further testing.
    And you are the expert with your child.
    symptoms of cfids in small children are very dificult to pinpoint.
    I hope it is not cfids and wish you and your daughter all the best.
    there is good info on the uk web for ME/CFIDS in kids.
    www.tymetrust.org and Dr.Bell is a good adress.

    Mother of a child with suspected cfids and myself diagnosed
    with cfids.