3 years old 6 cavities

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    I am completely blown away I took my daughter to the dentist for her first visit. I have been brushing her teeth since her first one.

    They asked if she eats lots of sticky candy I said no she also has only been getting water at bed since one

    They said it can be genetic my mom had dentures b4 she was 30

    my bf(Her dad)has osteoperosis and osteopenia in his family his mom has it his 19 yr old brother just found out he has it, two of his cousins both under 25 have it his granfather also This is all on his moms side

    Now I am worried this could have something to do with her teeth

    I looked in her mouth u can not see the cavities yet so they must just be starting which is good less pain when filled

    They also want to clear coat them to avoid more problems

    she is almost 4 she is a nervous child she did well IU went to kool smiles they do not let u in with them which makes sense it is same at dance teacher said it makes it easier

    I know filling them will be different.They do not put them down and I am not sure I want that done anyhow

    they will use nitrous to calm them which if it will help I am ok with I guess. I read online others have used anxity meds or valume with the nitrous

    I dunno what to do I just know if this scares her it will be impossible to get her back there

    anyone have this happen any advice is appreciated thanx soo much-Kim
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    ahhh, poor little thing.
    I'm sure that if you're going to a dentist who is used to caring for little ones, they'll be extra gentle. I'm not sure I would give my child anti-anxiety meds the first time. It may put a fear in her that is unnecessary. She may do just fine, you never know. My youngest was an anxious child as well. I was surprised at how well he did at the dentist. He actually started asking when he needed to go back. Loved the fluoride treatment - it tasted good.
    Sealing the teeth will help with future cavities. It's such a shame they have to fill baby teeth since they're going to fall out anyway - but she does have a few years until that happens.
    Unfortunately some of us have 'bad genes' that we're stuck with. :( in her case looks like she may have teeth problems.
    Again, I wouldn't put any fear on her until you see how she does - she just may surprise you. Reiterate to them before you go in to take extra 'care' with her and I'm sure they will. They want to have repeat patients and I really think that most dentists try these days to help alleviate people's fears since it's such a common one.
    Good Luck to her!!
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    I'm so sorry your little girl has cavities! My four year old granddaughter has one too! It's a pretty good sized one too!!

    One thing I would advise is to avoid those mercury fillings. You may have to pay extra, but the white ones are much healthier.

    Mercury exposure at any age is not healthy, but for a 3 year old it's especially not good!

    I hope she does well with the procedure. A safe anti anxiety would be a good thing!!
  4. mylilcherub428

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    are not metal ones they said they were white can't remember what they are made of. So I know that is good-Kim
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    Hi. My son had to have alot of dental work done when he was quite young. He had 4 extra incisors with the baby teeth. All four had to be removed.

    After I found out that my son required surgery, I took my son to the dentist's office a couple times so he could familiarize himself with the room, the people, and the general atmosphere.

    I bought him something that I new he wanted and wrapped it up in a brightly designed paper.

    He carried it into the oral surgery room with him on the day of the 4 extractions. He got to open the present as soon as they were done with the procedures. You want the oral procedures to end in a positive way. This is how I did it.

    If they are going to deaden the area with a needle, tell her it will hurt, but only for a tiny bit of time. DON'T lie to her. You don't have to go into gory details, but don't lie. Your child needs to know that she can trust what you tell her.

    She may want to take along a favorite stuffed animal to hold while they are doing the procedures. Some dentist offices have head phones and a tv show going on.

    Your daughter will align her emotions to whatever you are projecting. If you seem relaxed, she will be less apprehensive.

    You cry after they take her back, you don't cry in front of her.

    Has the doctor shown you these cavities that you can't see?

    Are they doing fluoride treatments on her to help harden the teeth?

    If you have even a hint of doubt, get a second opinion.
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    Air Abrasion? It abrades the cavity to remove the decayed or demineralized tooth. It requires no freezing, there's no big vibration... and she should have no discomfort with cavities so shallow that you cannot see them.

    You got some great advice. I love the idea of making visits to the dentist that do not end in trauma. I do that with my dog and the vet. :~)

    Best of luck to you both.