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  1. blondieangel

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    Today marks 3 years since i was rear-ended ~ 3 YEARS of non-stop never ending severe PAIN, despite strong pain medication...how do we DO it?

    Yesterday I wore some sporty nylon pants w/ elastic...I had them on about maybe...4 - 5 hours (can't remember) well, my pain escalated to unbearable!!!!! I thought it would be gone today, but NO! I have left sided soft tissue damage that wraps around my rip cage, joint pain, and all over body pain plus crushing exhaustion. (FM, CMP). What a mistake! I stopped wearing a bra, ANYTHING tight long ago...as soon as I realized it made me worse. Today I sat with a warmed rice sock on my knees (I have a 'bump'in the muscle above my kneecaps) and it helped my pain! Weird! Then I tried to nap and had racing thoughts...which hasn't happened since I went on xanax.

    Monday I see the doc for thrush..i discovered it after reading one of jellybelly's posts. I feel like it's making my ears hurt. I hope I will get some energy back. I have been SO EXHAUSTED for weeks. Slept all last weekend and the one before.

    Oh well...just though I'd mention the warm rice sock on tenderpoits for pain, in case it helps anyone else!

  2. Mom2Two

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    I hear your pain and wish it would go away. I wish we could just get an hour of complete pain relief. Heck, I guess I would settle for a few minutes... Anyway, you are not alone. Here is a big cyber hug for you

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    Well, after reading your post my 3 year wreck anniversary is 5 days away and I quit wearing anything tight too. My question is when you wear a bra and/or tight tights does your pain begin in the waist area and all around? It's like it restricts the area and starts other pain that will go up or down. Just wondering...it's scary as I have never had this until the FMS kicked in. It's like in my right side rib cage area and waist. Like under your skin and the muscles hurt and get sore. Thanks---Pamela