30 Month Wait for Appeal Committee

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by luv2float, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. luv2float

    luv2float New Member

    My wait for SSDI is now over 5 years!!!

    I have been denied at every stage. Now my case is in Falls Church, VA at the Appeal Committee level. I filed for this in August, 2007.

    I got in touch with my congressman and they responded that the normal waiting time for appeal is now 30 months!!!!!!!! Can you believe this. In the meantime, while I've waited all these years, I have lost everything.

    Please say a prayer that I get approved and soon, I am desperate.
  2. emmally

    emmally New Member

    That is such a shame. Do you have any medical labs or tests to help your case or is your self reported?
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    It's true what your congressman said.... The longest I've heard is where someone had to appeal 2X and it took 7 years.

    And even tho you'll get 'back pay' it won't replace what you've lost sadly, especially in availability of health care. It's a very messed up system. More of us should complain to our federal reps... if my son hadn't had our supportive loan, he would've been homeless as he was denied everything by our state.

    Worse is I've heard that back 'pay' may be made in payments instead of lump sum - not sure if that applies to SSI and SSD or just one or the other. And there is now a 2 year wait for MediCare... so you can only backfile and pay premiums for up to then when you do get approved.

    My prayers are with you!


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  4. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    and got denied at that level as well. My case is at the federal level now and waiting. I have a second claim going that I was denied on as well and fixing to appeal it.

  5. petemora

    petemora Member

    Let's see, I applied for RSDI in November 2005; was denied; requested reconsideration; was denied. Had an ALJ hearing in January 2008. Lost. Case appealed to Appeals Council.

    For my own peace of mind, I did contact one of our Senators and asked her to monitor this so that my file does not get "lost" or "misplaced". They have marked my file, "Congressional Inquiry", so at least they know someone "important" is interested in my case....

    Janice P.
  6. lois1023

    lois1023 New Member

    I filed in June of 2000. Almost 9 years ago. I also have lost everything. My house would have been paid off this year but I had to walk away from it in 2002. At a hearing in 2005 the judge was a total jerk and really screwed up. Of course I was denied. My attorneys appealed and the judge was reprimanded and ordered to rehear my case. The judge reheard my case in November of 2007 and in August 2008 turned me down again. He did the same things he had been reprimanded for the last time.

    Now it is in Falls Church. My attorneys tell me there are 3 ways this can go now. Either they can turn me down which is unlikely according to my attorneys or they can order a hearing with a new judge. We are hoping for the third option however. They can just find me disabled and order it PAID.

    MY attorneys have promised that if I were to get denied again at this level they will take to Washington.

  7. momof27

    momof27 New Member

  8. petemora

    petemora Member

    I appealed the ALJ's decision in my case, and it was sent to the Appeals Council in the State of Virginia in February, 2008. I got my decision from the Appeals Council this past week (I was denied again), about 12 months after I appealed.

    I had asked a Minnesota senator to make a congressional inquiry about it and they did.

    Didn't seem to help my case (oh, well), but at least I got a decision fairly quick.

    Now, on to my second application...

    Janice P.

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